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  1. hey don when i was up there for the 4th i hooked into one while walleye fishing and i fought it for about a hour and a half then it broke my line i was 10 FOW if that helps any it was crazy i had my lindy rod and 8lb test my uncle has video of me fighting it and you could just hear it rippinbg line out lol i still havent got the video though ill have to talk to him about that soon. havent checked this forum for a while or else i would have posted sooner good luck! zach
  2. i need a detailed how-to...

    i was also thinking about getting those but it says that it is 12ft of led lights and 7 ft of lead wire so a total of 19 ft long.
  3. nice fish Don! good to see you got on some fish. I think i am going to go back up there this fall sometime.
  4. the walleyes were all caught from 11-14 ft on leeches and lindys. the wind was a challenge a couple days there but still managed.
  5. Bass Photos

    yah i know i was excited when i caught em i just wanted to get it back wasnt thinking sorry.
  6. Bass Photos

    couple smallies from last week
  7. did good on yellow this week. got a couple nice smallies and got about 20 walleyes my self and my cousins got about 20 also and about 20 more with my family. Thanks for showing me around the lake Don. Leeches and lindys were the key this week and it caught all of my fish. here are some pictures of the smallies. the biggest walleye was a 22 incher but my cousin has the picture or else i would post it.
  8. eagle 502ci

    i have a similar model and i also installed the upgrade and it didn't do a thing. If you have a spare hand held gps turn it on and try putting it under the eagle. i don't know what it does but i found it out on accident and my eagle picked up all the satellites now when i put my old hand held on under it.

    i was also on West Rush Saturday and Sunday and good luck on drop shot rigs and a couple on swim jigs. Not huge fish but same as twister with bass around the 14-17 inch mark.
  10. nice fish there Grey! hopefully i can get into some of those bass when i am up there. if you dont mind me asking what were you catching those smallies on? or just the depths or any tips. you can email me at sgs1919 at yahoo dot com if you want.
  11. i am up there for a week during the week of the 4th i think the 4th through the 12th. i am staying at the ike waltons place and i am bringing up the boat for some fishing. i am new to the lake and would be interested in finding some fish and i would be interested in that if you are doing it on one if those weekend days.
  12. My new Puma!

    very nice Deitz! very clean
  13. Deadliest Catch

    could be Phil's heart condition coming back again? i hope not though that guy needs a good luck streak. he goes through to much stuff like all the repairs he did to his boat right at the start of the season. and now he has the cracked water pump thing for the holding tank. Come on Phil!!!
  14. How's this setup?

    ill have to disagree with you there because i bought triple fish flourocarbon line which i got for 7 dollars a spool and that's the cheapest i have seen for flouro and it is working just fine for me on drop shot rigs and senko rigs.