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  1. I have to be in Alex today at 4:00pm to pick up my grandaughter I will bring the refletik with me. Anybody intrested give me a call 701-799-0280 will be leaving Fargo around 1:30. I have 11ft of the 4ft still in the roll never used and a fitted piece that came out of my Voyager all free first call takes it.
  2. Free Refletix

    I have to be in Alexandria Sunday at 4pm to pick up my grandaughter. Anybody that way interested ??? Leaving Fargo around 1:30 Give me a call 701-799-0280.
  3. I have 11ft of the 4ft still in the roll never used that I have no use for FREE to anyone who wants it. This is enough to do a Voyager or smaller porty. I may also have the fitted piece that came out of my Voyager also FREE !!!!! I am in south Fargo. Did I mention it's all FREE !!!
  4. 190 views not one response,guess I'll figure it out on my own.
  5. I have an eight year old science geek grandaughter who will be back in Fargo in July. She loves rocks so I thought agate hunting could be a cool activity for us, unfortunately I know nothing about it.Where do we look in say a 100 mile radius of Fargo. Any local groups or clubs we could contact or tag along with. Any help or info is greatly appreciated.
  6. Time to start my shopping. My daughter has a Canon T3 and wants a better flash any recommendations in the 200.00 range ?? I am clueless.
  7. 95 xlt head cover

    Anyone know what the torque spec is on the head cover bolts on a 95 xlt. I have coolant leaking around the plugs. We plan to replace the o-rings and the book I have dosen't give any specs for reassembly
  8. 95 XLT Flickering Headlight

    Is the fuel tank and the seat all one piece ???
  9. 95 XLT Flickering Headlight

    Picked up the new seat cover after work today.Any tips from anyone who has replaced one..which end to start with ??? Also picked up all new headlight bulbs. Big birthday party for my grandson Sat so hope to work on the sled Sun.
  10. 95 XLT Flickering Headlight

    Talked to a parts guy at Wheels today about getting new bulbs and he said a common problem is pinched wires under the seat. I'll check that out also as I ordered a seat cover,should be in by Sat. Next is the seat attached ?? If it's not bulbs or wires I'll try the regulator.
  11. At the end of last season I had a flickering headlight problem we checked for loose wires or connections and found none.Could the voltage regulator be the problem ???? I just pulled it out of storage fired it up and noticed the same problem. Any help apperciated.
  12. Seat Repair

    The seat on my 95 XLT 2up needs replacing. I found a place online to order a cover for 195.00 plus shipping and am wondering how that compares to taking it to a shop.
  13. Lindy Giveaway Sunfish Package!!

    Ya can't win if ya don't enter.Count me in.
  14. Non -oxy Gas

    I'm not really worried about the cost I'm more concerned with keeping my ice fishing workhorse running strong.I get out as much as possible but didn't put a 100 miles on last year.I understand the ethanol can be hard on rubber parts and gas lines.