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  1. anyone ever fish in idaho

    Years ago i seem to remeber traveling through idaho and stopping in some little farm town and seeing a creek running through downtown no wider that 2 feet nor deeper than a foot but it was clear COLD water and low and behold there were a couple 20+in. cutties sitting right next to the truckstop! If i dig through some old info and find the name of the town ill let ya know...
  2. Good eating sized keepers...

    If its over 7'' it hits the pan!!!
  3. snow???

    good thing all the sleds are in the shop, no ridin for me!
  4. Fishhouse cooking ideas

    Omlets in a ziplock, quick easy, no mess, no cleanup, tasty, and filling for those cold winter days!
  5. best lake trout lures & techniques

    Just got a bigger jigging rap today in white with a hint of chartruese. For seven bucks my knot better hold! How you guys do using them things any way? Tip em with smelt/ciscoe or plain???
  6. 600 polaris

    yea the ves valves had rocks in them! tore the doughnut looking gaskets inside of them all to shreds, no wonder why it was spitting oil! now i just need to get the right peice for the 700's exhaust and we should be set to go on our annual ride!
  7. 600 polaris

    got a major oil leak! been told it might be coming from the variable exhaust gasket deals on the top of the block?? or maybe the oil lines running to the engine? definetaly leaking from that general area though, front of the block ish area... any suggestions to check?
  8. gunflint lake

    i was out there and up until a couple days ago the feds had a thin ice posting at the landing that someone messed with. at the spot i was fishing i had around 12ish i would say but thats a guess. snowmobiles and wheelers would be highly advised or walking cause you dont really know how the ice is or the slush after the cold snap, because i found lots more slush and huge drifts on saganaga today... thats just my opinion but i guess ive seen guys on less than 12!
  9. Opening Trout Thursday

    I guess im really confused what the fuss is all about??? Openers opener! I dont care what date or day of the week it is ill be there! Having a universal date is really helpfull because now i can say to everyone "Dont bother trying to get ahold of me cause from 4:30am 1/15/09 to some time friday night i will be out laker fishing all alone on my favorite lake with no one around"! Then i can take the rest of the weekend off and let the weekend wariors go at the trout while i chase monster greenbacks-south or yellowbellies-up here!