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  1. How much to reside my house????

    Sorry to bring the facts, but I thought you would like to know. I really can't think of anything natural that will withstand our weather.
  2. How much to reside my house????

    Here you go...........
  3. How much to reside my house????

    I have pics of cement board that has mold on it sitting on the pallet. After using it, I would would never put it on my house. You will be looking for mold, cracks, etc, and depending on caulking to keep out the elements. Not a good product IMO. Steel is a good choice, but most find it hard to pay for good vinyl.
  4. sewer gas vent pipe freeze up

    The other option is to replace the pipe flashing with a lead capped one, but they are ugly. They are usually used on old cast pipes.
  5. sewer gas vent pipe freeze up

    It works, try it. Have done it to many homes. That pipe only decreases the volume when it is frozen. Otherwise it is very minimal. The pipe must have an air space between it and the bigger pipe, otherwise it doesn't work.
  6. On a Griz, I would skip it. Spend it on wheels and tires. That is what the Griz really needs.
  7. sewer gas vent pipe freeze up

    The fix is to find a way that you desire to hang a smaller pipe (1.5")inside the bigger pipe. Make sure it's long enough to get into the warm air area. This will insulate the pipe and it will breathe through the smaller one when it is frozen. While you are up there check for ice in other critical areas. Maybe even hire a roofer to shovel it off for you. We have shoveled off a few roofs already because of ice dams. Good time to do it also with warmer temps.
  8. sewer gas vent pipe freeze up

    On the roof?
  9. winter riding

  10. GM 2500hd vs 3500HD

    The difference between them is the 2500HD has one less leaf spring in the rear and the wheels/tires are different. If you want to plow, I wouldn't suggest that new of a vehicle, but that's my opinion. With the IFS in the Gm's use the Timbrens (do a search) and you will be fine. With a diesel truck of any kind, none of them are made for plowing. The engine is just too heavy. Not saying you can't do it.....many, many people do, but it isn't recommended. There may be some truth in needing the 3500HD SRW for a plow prep package. I'm not sure right now. As far as a Ford diesel or a GM, take your pic. My father inlaw works at the Ford dealership.....that being said, I will stick with GM if I want to keep it out of the shop. Even though, if I had a Ford or Dodge he could fix it for would just be too often like our 2000 F550. My 2002 2500HD Duramax has been VERY good to me. My recommendation would be to find one pre-07. That is before all the new emmissions junk that just costs you money.
  11. How much to reside my house????

    It all depends on the quality of workmanship and quality of materials you want. If you have big overhangs it might be a bit more also. Ballpark will be 10-15K. It looks like glen got a decent deal, depending on materials. There are new rules with contracting, so a lot of things may change. Siding is one thing a company can do without a contractors license, so that is one gamble you may have.
  12. winter riding

    I haven't seen enough snow yet this year that I can't get around in with just my stock tires. Even out on the ice isn't bad, but I don't have as much experience out there. Yesterday I got hung up on a snow pile along the edge of the road. It was over 2 feet deep and ice chunks in it from plowing the road. I just dug the snow out by hand and pushed it out. I know that wouldn't be the case on the ice though. If I was going to be on ice, I would put some studs back in my tires. Have the tracks been floating good in the snow this year fishy? Or has it been too cold and the snow is still light?
  13. Arctic cat Prowler vs. yamaha rino

    Most salesmen are not smart. End of story. The salesman never means anything to me. I usually know what I want before I leave my house.
  14. winter riding

    I agree. The only things close are St.Croix, which is mostly snowmobile trails, and Spider Lake, which has a few more trails for atv's than snowmobiles.
  15. winter riding

    Are there any opportunities to ride this winter? I would like to get out in the snow before the trails close in the spring. At this rate, we will be lucky to have 2 months of open trails.