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  1. Lakemaster software?

    That is a product made by Garmin, so you need to pose that question to their customer service.
  2. Hello, Kyl, Curious about your observation that Navionics has more contours on Mille Lacs. I've only seen 1 foot contour intervals on both cards.
  3. navionics vs. lakemaster

    401TE LakeMaster's compatibility list indicates that both the 520C and LCX27C are compatible. Perhaps you need a Lowrance software update? Moccasinboy
  4. Voyageurs National Park

    Explorer, remember that the LakeMaster digital chart has both US and Canadian water, shore to shore, on the Kab chain. The entire Kab chain is on both the Woods/Rainy card and the Minnesota card in high defintion.
  5. Lakemaster 2009

    LakeMaster will begin shipping to retailers on Friday. You should see product on shelves the week before the opener. On the LM HSOforum, click on any of the icons at the top of the homepage and you'll be able to seek the 2009 lake lists.
  6. Lowrance XOG? or Lowrance Endura Safari?

    I'm pretty sure that, initially, the Enduras will not be able to read lake data cards. They will use a micro chip, and there are still software issues re: lake data to be worked out. Eventually they will read lake data.
  7. Lakemaster 09

    Yes, Garmin will be releaseing new LakeMaster data cards, and cd's very soon.
  8. GPS / Chip Question

    While there often is some empty space on a map chip it is just not a good idea to save onto that chip. Blank chips are very inexpensive. Using your map chip puts you at some risk to reformatting or doing something else that could ruin your chip.
  9. H2O Lowrance

    Navionics zoom levels are in nautical miles and the scale is 1/2 the horizontal screen on my LCX 28. At the tightest zoom, 1/63nm, thats about 192 ft across the screen. LakeMaster zooms to .04 miles and the scale is the full width of the screen, thats about 211 ft. Navionics has 11 zoom levels that show lake data, LakeMaster has 26 zoom levels that show lake data. Navionics has virtually no dry land information, LakeMaster has a complete background land map. I was using a LakeMaster Woods/Rainy chip and Navionics Premium '09.
  10. Lowrance H20 & I-Hunt discontinued?

    Most likely the micro chips will come in an SD adapter. This is what Garmin does now with their micro chips. The micro chip pulls out of the adapter for micro units, it's left in for units that take SD size chips. LakeMaster will continue to produce SD size chips for the foreseeable future, in addition to the new micro versions.
  11. If you have Micosoft Vista on your PC, only LakeMaster's Contour Pro Minnesota, released Fall of 2008, will work. Owners of older versions can upgrade for $50. Anyone having install or other problems should email LakeMaster from the LakeMaster HSOforum. After using all installs, more installs can be purchased.
  12. Garmin GPS

    Hi, guys. Garmin does license LakeMaster data and produce micro and data cards as well as a MapSource CD for LakeMaster's various regions. They were revised 4/08 and so are very current. I believe Garmin upgrades their digital map cards and CD's for a fee. They currently produce: Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Woods/Rainy. They are available at many retailers as well as from LakeMaster directly.
  13. LakeMaster LKPM-MN

    Sorry, I just happened to see your question or I would have responded earlier. "Updated" means new lake information has been added. Often this means a lake that was formerly based upon DNR data is now a high definition (eg LakeMaster surveyed) lake map. Updates also may include new lakes altogether, corrections to previously shown lake maps, changes such as 1 foot contours from 3 foot contours, changes in graphics, etc. Anglers can have updated data added to their Lake of the Woods chip (now labled Woods/Rainy) or their Devil's Lake chip for a fee by contacting LakeMaster. MN, MI, and WI chips do not have that option--you have to buy a new chip.
  14. looking for an adult Springer

    I recently lost my English Springer and am looking for another. My job requires lots of travel, and most of the time I can bring my dog. But, I can't bring a puppy. Anyone know of a young adult Springer available? This will be a hunting dog. Thanks.
  15. lake master chip

    DMC, The darker the contour line the deeper the water. The depth at which the color changes is not the same from lake to lake.