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  1. Minnetonka Water Temps?

    Current water temps? Any evidence of turnover yet?
  2. I've already got a CVA .50 cal Kodiak, and I like it, but I'm looking to purchase a second muzzleloader. I do a lot of hunting in Nebraska which allows for a scope, and the potential for long range shots. I've been considering getting a .45 cal. I've also noticed that .45's aren't very popular in stores. Any thoughts?
  3. Minnetonka Water Temps?

    Thanks for the info guys!
  4. Minnetonka Water Temps?

    Thanks for the info.
  5. iPilot link problem

    I just purchased and installed my Terrova iPilot link and Humminbird 859 unit. I thought I had it hooked up correctly, but the "follow the contour" feature isn't working. I select the depth contour I want to follow, then select the direction (color), but the trolling motor doesn't engage. The "spot lock" feature does work however. Any ideas what the problem is, or can someone point me in the right direction to someone who might know?
  6. iPilot link problem

    I've tried everything above, and then some. I even uploaded the most current software updates from Humminbird, and it's still not working. That is what customer support advised me to do. Can someone recommend a repair shop that's good with electronics?
  7. iPilot link problem

    Igor Honestly, I'm not even sure about the remote. The first time I tried it, I actually forgot the remote in my truck. The second time I tried, I did have the remote, but I can't be certain the prop was "on" on the remote itself. I know the trolling motor was "on" otherwise, because the spot lock feature was working.
  8. iPilot link problem

    Thanks for the ideas...
  9. iPilot link problem

    Yes, I have the latest Lakemaster chip.
  10. Draw weight???

    I'm relatively new to archery, and just increased my draw weight from 55 lbs to 70 lbs after I felt I got the form and mechanics down. My shot groups weren't as consistent as they had been, and I'm wondering if the lack of consistency is most likely my error, or if my arrows could be too light for the higher draw weight? As long as I can comfortably draw and hold, is it recommended to max out the draw weight?
  11. Draw weight???

    Thanks for the input.
  12. Halibut Recipes?

    Anybody have any good recipes for baking, broiling, or frying halibut. I checked the food network, but nothing caught my eye.
  13. Halibut Recipes?

    Thanks Del, I'll let you know which recipe I use, and how it turns out! John
  14. Halibut Recipes?

    Thanks everybody for all the input. I too prefer halibut grilled, but I won't have access to a grill where I'm making it. Del, If you could share the pan seared halibut and steamed halibut recipes, I would love to check them out. John
  15. Minnkota and iPilot Link

    I'm looking to purchase a Minnkota Terrova with the iPilot Link. According to a Cabelas employee, in order to set a course based on the contours of the Lakemaster maps, I need an 800 series Humminbird sonar/gps unit no more than two years old. I can't find anything on Minnkota's or Humminbird's websites that indicates this. Can anybody confirm this for me?
  16. Minnkota and iPilot Link

    Thanks Del, I'll check that out.
  17. I'm interested in getting into archery, but I know very little about it. What are the best bow shops in the Metro with a knowledgable staff, indoor range, and variety of bows?
  18. Best bow shops in the Metro?

    I ended up going to both Schaeffer's and Cabin Fever. Apparently, I must of lucked out when I got Roger at Schaeffer's, because he was very nice and eager to work with me. I was able to shoot four different bows, and I had a pretty good idea what I liked. I figured I would be doing business with Roger at Schaeffer's in the near future. Since my buddy and I had really nothing else going on, we decided to head over to Cabin Fever just for the heck of it... And I'm glad we did! I dealt with Jeff, who I think is the owner, and what a nice guy. I gave him my price range, and he picked out a bow for me (Hoyt Charger, which I was already partial to from shooting at Schaeffer's), and he set it up to my draw length and put a rest and sight on it. They had league tonight, so he told me he would take me in the basement if I wanted to shoot it. I was up front that I wasn't buying anything tonight, but he still went out of the way showing and explaining all of the extras to me. It was obvious to me that Jeff knew what he was talking about, and loved his job. It was an all around great experience, and I will be going back to purchase it once I decide what I want for all the extras.
  19. Best bow shops in the Metro?

    Thanks for all the input so far!
  20. The breech plug is seized tight, and won't budge on my CVA Kodiak. I either rounded the edges of the plug, wrench, or both trying to pry on it. Any suggestions how to get that SOB out?
  21. Breech plug stuck

    I let WD40 penetrate into it for several days, and used an 11mm socket wrench and a vice to get it out. It wasn't easy, but it came out.
  22. Breech plug stuck

    That's interesting. When it was hard to get out in the past, I figured I didn't have enough grease on the plug, and have since applied it quite liberally. Well, it's soaking in WD-40 right now...
  23. Breech plug stuck

    Thanks for all the good info. I had already tried the hot water thing prior to posting this. I think I'll try letting some WD-40 soak in for a while and give it another try. If not, I think I'll take it in to the gunsmith. I always clean my muzzleloader after a day of shooting, and thought I used enough breech plug grease. Maybe I'll try the bore butter or anti-seize on it from now on.
  24. Gas vs. Electric Smoker?

    Thanks for all the respsonses. I had borrowed my friend's gas smoker for a few years, and I liked it for the most part. However, I ended up buying the Masterbuilt electric 30" on sale at Gander. As a couple of you suggested, why just have one smoker! I think I will purchase another propane or possibly charcoal smoker down the road.