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  1. Home TV antenna

    Thanks for the replies. Is there a specific brand and model of antenna anyone would recommend?
  2. Home TV antenna

    Well, I have had about enough of the continually rising cost of cable Tv so we are looking to drop cable and pull a few basic channels using an antenna. I know very little about antennas and research shows about a billion options. Is there anyone north of Alex that could give some info about what you might be using, the number of channels, and the quality of reception? Thanks.
  3. Archery Hunting Photos

    Congrats to all those with recent archery success. Any archery deer is an accomplishment to be proud of.
  4. DYI Colorado Elk/Mule deer hunt

    Experience of a lifetime. Great deer and great story. Sounds like a story that could be published in one of the hunting magazines.
  5. Archery Hunting Photos

    Thanks guys and congrats to all, whether you posted or not, who have filled tags with early season success.
  6. Archery Hunting Photos

    Tonight was my first night on stand this season. After passing up so many last season, only to end up having lots of tag soup during the off-season, I decided I was going to shoot the first nice doe that presents a shot. Well my season lasted all of 1 hour and 45 minutes this year when this guy came by. He came along with a fork and at 10 yards I couldn't resist. Not big on the antlers but a good size deer nonetheless. Severed the aorta going into the heart and he piled up 10 yards from where I shot him. Never had one pile up that quick but it sure makes tracking easy.
  7. No Oil Alert

    After replacing all the fuel lines, including the primer bulb and filter, I still get the alarm and a soft primer after about 1 minute. As expected I am now down to replacing the VRO. Has anyone purchased these from the bay? They are $360 on the bay and $536 at the local marine dealer.
  8. No Oil Alert

    I have a '96 Johnson 90hp outboard and the No Oil Alert came on Saturday evening. At the same time, the engine became sluggish until I pumped the fuel primer bulb. My wife had to periodically pump the bulb all the way back to the launch to keep us going. I'm not certain the fuel gauge is reading accurately and I may have been running low on fuel. Is it possible for the No Oil Alert to come on if you are getting air in the fuel system? I added fuel and put the boat back on the water. After several minutes the alert will come on again. At the same time, the fuel primer bulb will become spongy so maybe there is still air that needs to be purged out. Just wondering if removing the fuel lines or inspecting to make sure they are tight could possibly remedy the problem, or will I need to replace the VRO (OMS) module?
  9. Creating "Structure"

    The last two years there has been a bunch of Christmas trees placed on the ice on Eli lake by Clinton. Anyone know what the story is there?
  10. opinions on trail cameras

    Does anyone have experience with Moultrie Game Spy A-5? I'm looking for an entry level camera that is economical and show me what is out there. Nothing fancy needed.
  11. neighbors dog in heat

    I agree with Todd 100%. In season or not, I have a couple of neighborhood dogs that continually use our yard to do their business. I've talked to the owner of two of the dogs and he thanked me for letting him know. Got better for a few weeks but then back to the same. It gets old cleaning up after everyone else's dogs, stepping in it, or running through it with the mower. Thanks for the tip Todd, maybe I'll see if I can catch them, except they usually take off running for home as soon as they see us. If only people would take responsibility to monitor their pets when they are off leash or out of the kennel.
  12. Graden Tiller

    I am looking to purchase a garden tiller and looking for opinions on which of the two to purchase. Troy Bilt Bronco 208cc engine 10" tires 14" tilling width 6" tilling depth Price $450 Earthquake 6015V 212cc Viper engine 13" tires 16" tilling width 10" tilling depth Price $379 These are the advertised specs. Based on these specs I would tend to lean toward the Earthquake but I have read a couple of bad reviews. Troy Bilt has always had a good name in the past but not sure that is still the same. It will be used on a small garden approximately 15ft x 30ft. Which would you buy and why? Thanks in advance for responses.
  13. AIS laws

    Thanks for taking the initiative on this harvey. In regards to the current regulations, at what distance is it defined as transporting water? I live less than 1 block from a busy access and I would bet more than 70% of the boats are still draining water as they pass my house. And a fair amount of those are still draining water at a stop sign 3/4 mile from the lake. After loading, how many of us trim our motors all the way down to drain prior to placing them in the trailering position? I know mine will drain more than a cup full when trimmed down. I'm sure most of us have good intentions but at what point are those intentions not enough? The extent of sponging residual water is a bit ridiculus.
  14. Livewell pumps

    My pumps quit working and I can't find anything wrong electrically. I run a separate jump wire to the switch and they will then run on the manual setting. Could it be the auto timer module that is the problem? It appears to me that the switches receive power through the module so if it has failed there is no power to the switches.
  15. First Build!

    Here are some pics of my first build. I'll definately do some things differently next build. Batson Rainshadow RX7 6'10" XF blank; Mudhole Raptor Unibody reel seat; Color matched winding checks and buttcap. Pflueger 6930 spinning reel. Complete setup weighs in at 13oz. I like the feel of the contours on the reel seat.