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  1. Ha. I'm sure that helps...
  2. If I catch myself saying how next year is their year, and we will finally gel with all this new, young talent, I am going to slap myself. (slaps self) Next year, I think we put it all together...maybe. We do have some light at the end of this tunnel: We will get a decent draft pick. We will pick up some veteran help. We will find a little more consistency on D in year two under Thibs. BUT...Is that going to be enough? Enough to crack the bottom of the West maybe, but there is no reason a team with Kat, Wiggins, and Rubio shouldn't have done that already this year. Even if we win tonight, that is only a 3 game improvement over last year, and that is not acceptable after improving 13 games from the year before. I just can't believe we are not at least a .500 team this year. I am on the fence about LaVine. I think he is so athletic, still young, and has so much upside...but I can't disagree with the fact that we seemed to gel a bit better without him. Bazz is a spark plug off the bench and can help win games in that capacity, but he can be streaky and shoot happy at the wrong time, too. His value might be about as high as it's going to get, and he is not a key cog in our future, so if we can get some value from him, I'd pull the trigger. Meh. So much "meh" this year (every year). My only silver lining is that for a guy that hates change, I immediately liked the new logo. I guess we have that going for us
  3. Positive sightings in Luverne, MN! April 12... Might be sooner than you think for you southern folks
  4. Here's the "progression map" if you're into that kind of thing:
  5. Smoked Stuffed Pepper Recipe * 1 lb ground beef or venison sausage (I prefer sausage) * 1/4 cup diced jalapenos (optional) * Half pound diced, crispy bacon * 2 cups of cooked white rice (instant is fine) * 1 regular can of petite diced tomatoes, drained * 1 small can of tomato sauce * 2 eight oz bags of finely shredded cheese (Monterey Jack) * 1 tsp onion powder * 1 tsp garlic powder * Cajun seasoning to taste * 8 large yellow peppers, halved, stemmed, ribbed and seeded (I cut these from the top straight down into two equal halves that smoke more uniformly) Brown the beef/venison and add jalapenos until softened. Drain extra grease, then add in bacon, cooked rice, tomatoes, tomato sauce, and spices. Mix well. Layer mixture in peppers with alternating layers of cheese. Hold off on adding the final layer of cheese until the last 20 minutes. Smoke on an upper rack (with foil under the peppers) at 225 degrees for 2-3 hours or until pepper are soft and mixture is heated through. Alternately, you can smoke for 1.5 hours and cook 1 hour in an oven at 375 degrees if you're short on time. ***I like yellow (or orange) peppers as they are milder and pair well when smoked. You could use green peppers and skip the smoker and just cook in the oven at 375 until tender. I find green peppers get too bitter when smoked. ***This is obviously a larger batch that you can cut in half for just a few people.
  6. I have the 1989 classic "License to Kill" on VHS cassette tape. Does that count? MINNESOTA: Sports Trout Stamp Spearing F/A Deer Duck Stamps
  7. I think Rick may have morphed from "upstanding Police Officer" to "routine bad guy," but he has done so over such a long, slow period that maybe we tend to still see him in a mostly positive light? I wonder, though, if we'd just been introduced to him now, would we feel the same, or just see him as another villain? On this current trajectory, if it keeps him alive and his group thriving, how long before he's a flat out Negan type? For that matter, he may already be more morally compromised than the Governor was. Unrelated... Does Negan get his own bat to the head this week, or do they draw this out into next season somehow? WD loves their cliff hangers.
  8. I don't think there'd necessarily be a loss of flavor...with a pork jus, as you mentioned, perhaps it might even enhance the flavor. What I would be more concerned with is a loss of texture. Canning anything tends to run the risk of overcooking, and the beautiful thing about a sausage (any variety) is the natural juices created when your product is cooked through the first time. Cooking it down again might over process the fats and fibers in your fatties...just wondering if it would get a mealy texture? I could be wrong, and I agree it never hurts to experiment, but as someone who dabbles in many home processing and meat processing activities, I just think it's a lot of extra steps for something that freezes very well to begin with. I'll stay tuned, however, to see what you come up with. After years of reading your recipes on here, I imagine you will find a way that works!
  9. ^^^This... I do have some recipes that I created that I enjoy, but it's always been after a lot of tinkering to get it just right. I also use Curly's seasonings as a base to almost all of my sausage, and it gets rave reviews. I often add more heat, more garlic, etc., and I think adding NFDM (nonfat dry milk) at a rate of 1 cup per 5#s makes a HUGE difference in the texture of any smoked sausage (wieners, polish, summer, etc.). If you do go with a book, make small batches first (5#s or less), then taste test and add whatever else you like to personalize the flavor. Honestly, there is so much info online (like Reinhardt's page above), that you may as well save the book money and buy some seasonings instead.
  10. It seems Eugene is the only character in this show that has stayed consistent. He's smart, he's a coward, he's resourceful, and he will do anything for self-preservation. We are seeing that again now, as we did before. He doesn't care what side he's on so long as it keeps him alive. As for everyone else... Meh. I really don't even have a rooting interest anymore. Kind of hoping the Walkers take everyone out at this point.
  11. ...assuming you can still drive it, that is... You can get a voltmeter for about $20, give or take, and if you aren't comfortable testing it yourself, you might find a buddy who can? There's a lot of info online to help, too.
  12. Yeah, don't do that... You can end up doing some serious damage to your car. Lots more computer "stuff" in newer cars to fry out. Bring it to a part store...almost all of them can grab a voltmeter and test your alternator. Most will do it for free. I just replaced my battery a couple days ago for a similar problem and it turns out the alternator was shot, too. One can kill the other, and vice-versa, too. Their fates aren't always tied together, but I agree you'd be wise to get your alternator tested.
  13. Vikes to sign Reiff from Detroit. Solid move--there will likely be some sticker shock, but you have to (over)pay to playin FA. I like the move. Still need OL help, a RB, perhaps a receiver, too. They made a play for Alshon Jeffery but he chose to go to Philly. Kalil now in Carolina on a (if you can even believe it) 5 year/$55 million deal with $25 million guaranteed! Don't they have access to game film? My word... Apparently Lacy is coming to town for a visit. Pass. Locke is punting in Indy, Rhett Ellison to NY Gs, and apparently Jarius Wright was traded...somewhere Wouldn't mind an offer for Murray from Oakland. Three down back. Lots of pieces moving and we are just getting started! What do you folks want to see?
  14. I felt like this half-season was off to a pretty good start, actually, considering my growing disdain over the past few seasons... I didn't even mind the slow down episode with Eugene. But last week... Ugh... Hello, Disappointment. I've been expecting you. Too much to tear apart in one thread, but these "happy accidents" are getting beyond ridiculous. In a world where Negan owns everyone, and tons of groups are out scavenging the hillside for ANY speck of loot, what DO you suppose the odds are of finding crates of MREs in a high school along with 63 military grade guns laying around the yard, all because you stopped to chase a deer into the woods? Maybe about as good as the odds of Spencer going into a patch of woods totally randomly last year and finding a deer hunter with a note in his pocket, in Latin, with the coordinates of a warehouse full of goodies...and it just so happens that Spencer knows Latin? Remember that little gem? I swear, they bring in a guest 8 year old to pen scripts now again.
  15. I did a lot (meaning 50-60+ hours) of walking each fall/winter for many years with a .22 through jack pines and cedar swamps, and I still go a couple times a year now, but the population is way down in my area. I attributed this to the cycle at first, but they have simply never cycled back. I can't count how many double digit days my brother and I had over the years, and now a hard day of hunting seldom produces more than 4-5 hares.