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  1. Thanks, Bobby. I just called Metro Transit and they informed me the Northstar Line is running per usual. I'll keep your info in mind for a Plan B in any event.
  2. Hoping someone smarter than me can offer some help... Coming from up north to see the Twins on Thursday. Would normally drive to Elk River then take the Light Rail to Target Field, but starting Thursday the Light Rail goes down for 11 days, or so I just read. So... What's the best way to get there now? Drive to the stadium and park where? We're on the 3rd base side if parking lot / entrance makes a difference. Normally I'd just hoof it from wherever, but I am bringing my old man and walking a mile is not ideal. Thoughts?
  4. This site has it, but it's spendy... And this isn't quite what you were asking for, but maybe something to look at... My two cents, get a marinade that replicates the jerk flavor, then smoke with your favorite (cheap, American) wood.
  5. I think we did enough in FA and the draft to improve on O. Will we be a top ten O? No, nothing so drastic, but I think we move from near the bottom to closer to the middle, continue to get better on D, and that makes us a playoff threat. All of this, as always, hinges upon health, health, health, but I like our moves and the way we are fielding this team: Develop through the draft and use FA only as a way to find role players, not superstars. Sounds like Cook is everything we hoped for upon first inspection. Obviously he needs to do it with pads on, but I think he was a great value in Rnd 2.
  6. Sure thing! FYI, I skipped the netting and just put the ham on a rack. Worked just fine. Good luck!
  7. Mike, I have used the brown sugar cure from Curly's to cure a hind leg and it made the best ham I've ever had. They have very detailed instructions on their site, too. I cured it 8 days and it took 18 hours to smoke. Worth every second! Ham or Picnic Recipe(1).pdf
  8. What river(s) are they in down your way? No white bass (or white crappies, drum, most sucker varieties, carp, etc., etc.) in my neck of the woods.
  9. Thirdeye, can you post your process for both buckboard loins and butts? I've made Canadian bacon, but am curious about your methods for these other two. You already changed how I smoke fish. I may as well up my hog game, too.
  10. 160-170 is a common stall point. It can shoot right past it okay on some smokes or linger there for hours... I say don't rush it! In other words, don't crank your heat real high to compensate and just let it run its course instead. It'll get there. You are looking for connective tissue to break down, and that happens around 185 or higher. Pork, for the most part, is tender under 150 (loins, steaks, etc.) or after 185 (butts). Anything in the middle is frustrating.
  11. You could always just toss out some catnip in your desired area and after 3-4 nights of strays being around, you'll get that authentic cat urine smell I associate with spruce. #TeamBalsam
  12. This is why I only plant soft woods around my house...keeps the activity down. I also had various woodpecker jokes to throw around, but I'll refrain. But yes, I can echo what others have said--miserable spring allergies this year! Rain in the forecast tonight for us, thankfully.
  13. Not your place to feel bad...I promise you aren't hurting their bottom line by bringing back rotten meat. They'd rather make it right and replace it then ignore the problem and lose a customer.
  14. Ha. I'm sure that helps...
  15. If I catch myself saying how next year is their year, and we will finally gel with all this new, young talent, I am going to slap myself. (slaps self) Next year, I think we put it all together...maybe. We do have some light at the end of this tunnel: We will get a decent draft pick. We will pick up some veteran help. We will find a little more consistency on D in year two under Thibs. BUT...Is that going to be enough? Enough to crack the bottom of the West maybe, but there is no reason a team with Kat, Wiggins, and Rubio shouldn't have done that already this year. Even if we win tonight, that is only a 3 game improvement over last year, and that is not acceptable after improving 13 games from the year before. I just can't believe we are not at least a .500 team this year. I am on the fence about LaVine. I think he is so athletic, still young, and has so much upside...but I can't disagree with the fact that we seemed to gel a bit better without him. Bazz is a spark plug off the bench and can help win games in that capacity, but he can be streaky and shoot happy at the wrong time, too. His value might be about as high as it's going to get, and he is not a key cog in our future, so if we can get some value from him, I'd pull the trigger. Meh. So much "meh" this year (every year). My only silver lining is that for a guy that hates change, I immediately liked the new logo. I guess we have that going for us