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  1. XBox 360 or PS3 ?

    I just bought mine Friday off craigslists, got the $300 system for $250. I am kinda regretting it now as video game time is really cutting into my fishing time!
  2. XBox 360 or PS3 ?

    I am debating this too, I think I might go for the xbox if only for the exclusive titles such as Halo3 and Gears of War. I also tend to prefer the xbox controller to the ps3.
  3. Annoying commercials

    Hi! It's Vince from Shamwow here. You'll be saying wow everytime you use the shamwow. This guy needs to be buried in a snowbank in Siberia.
  4. I actually catch a lot of them fishing the backwaters of rivers. Though I am targeting pannies and crappies, the carp seems to like small plastics that imitate larva stage insects, such as ratsos and shimpos. Just make sure to use a big enough hole, I have had carp get stuck in a 6" hole!

    I have family that works for the Wolves (he actually sits on the bench) so needless to say I have gone to a lot of free games. I just can't believe that they are making any money this year, the target center is just empty. I hate to say it but I go to game to be with my family and rarely watch the actual game. If McHale doesn't leave, the T-wolves will never get better, it's as simple as that.
  6. Getting Organized for Winter Pannies

    If you are looking to support local business, I just looked at Rose Creek's HSOforum and they are based out of Roseville, MN. The Polar Box looks really high quality too. I know something that is going on the Christmas list!
  7. Winter trout

    I caught a couple last year during the winter on tiny (size 0 and 00) inline spinners. This winter I plan on trying to drift some small nymphs, scuds, and muddlers. I imagine those would be the primary diet for Minnesota trout in winter. If you get to using a flyrod, I have heard that a "pink squirrel" nymph can be killer on brookies in the winter. Good Luck!
  8. How Cold is too Cold

    I've caught carp ice fishing the backwater of the mississippi. So I would say it never is too cold for roughies, if you know where to look.
  9. It only looks like that because it is a vertical jig, not a horizontal one. I think it was a "glitter glows" from jb tackle or a moon glow from jr tackle, both quality jigs
  10. Making Bucktails

    Searching this forum may be helpful in your quest, especially page 3. Gooogle "making bucktails" lots of helpful stuff there
  11. Either T.H.E. jig (1/80 oz) or a white maki (from lobybaits or makiplastics) on a short (2-4") dropper from a tiny spoon. or maybe a nuggie oooo, I am ready for ice!
  12. whats working now

    Targeted largemouth for the first time this year this morning and found a nice piggy on a black and blue jig with a blue trailer. Fish came on the outside of a weededge in about 10ft of water adjacent to a 40ft drop
  13. Easiest line to learn baitcasting?

    Thanks for all the replies! Last night I tied on new 14lb mono and tied a catnip mouse on the end of it. I spend most of the night casting around the yard and having my cat chase the for both of us. I think a lot of my problem was that I was trying to cast lighter cranks and should start of with a jig or something a little heavier.
  14. Easiest line to learn baitcasting?

    Hey all, I am looking for recommendations for the easiest line to learn how to use a baitcaster. I have tried a fairly stiff 14lb. Stren mono and 20lb. PowerPro and have had it with the birds nests and am about to through the thing in the garbage. I was thinking I should get a fairly thick and limp mono, something like Berkley Triline XL in 16-20lb test. Any recommendations on a line would would be fairly forgiving while I am learning to thumb the reel and set the tension. P.S. the reel is a older version of bass proshops extreme baitcaster on a 7ft m-h IM7 rod.
  15. California

    Anybody else watching the race? BORING!! How the heck does this place get two dates???? Attn Nascar: Bring back the Southern 500