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  1. I've had a Lowrance Elite 7 for two seasons now. Admittedly, I've mostly only used sonar for depth and temperature. I'd like to get better at learning the intricacies of telling bottom structure, marking schools of bait fish, suspended fish, etc. Is there a consistently good source for tutorials?
  2. Probably something on the smaller size 300-500cc so that it's maneuverable and easy to deal with.
  3. Thanks for the additional advice. I had been thinking that I didn't need the fancy EPS, ESP, etc.
  4. Best advice right there. Go with the best deal you find on a Merc, Yamaha, or Suzuki along with what Delcecchi said above. I've been running a 90hp Suzuki on a Alumacraft 165 since 2009. It's awesome, dependable, and quiet.
  5. It's sounds like mostly the choir is answering this question. I too already pull it all off before leaving the ramps, so a camera doesn't scare me.
  6. A little late to this one, but I'll throw in my two cents. Vinyl is nice and I'd lean that way. The only thing that I like better about carpet are the times in the summer when I use my fishing boat more like a cruising/ski boat. Carpet feels great when you're barefoot on an 85 degree day soaking up the sun. I haul supplies to my place using my boat, and it's now got stains and discolorations in the carpet to prove it.
  7. Mice, corrosion, bare wire grounding. Lot's of thing move around and can chafe when boats pound through waves or are trailored around. As Sledneck said, check the continuity of the wires using your multimeter. You'll likely find a bad wire. Connect new wires to the old wires and pull through. If that isn't feasible just run new wires in a discrete way up to the trolling motor and make sure to use an inline fuse.
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I'm starting to monitor the market so that I know the going rates and deals.
  9. I just stand near my wife sipping beer and making comments, while she's using her work laptop on winter weekends. It feels the same for me.
  10. BoxMN - It sounds like you have my ideal ATV. Sold! When not in use I'm going to park this in my storage shed on whatever trickle charger is recommended. I hear you on the dual start. I've just gotten to the point in life that my old shoulders and back don't do well pull starting motors.
  11. I'm just looking for a utility 4x4. I'm not necessarily picky as long as it's a dependable machine. I don't need a plow, I can add a winch if it doesn't have one, and all of the fancy amenities such as EPS and ESP are nice but not required. Electric start is preferred but I think most of them have that these days. Manual or automatic tranny will work. This thing is going to do slow rides on rocky/swampy trails during the warmer months, hauling firewood from the back woods to my cabin. There are no straightaways or flat areas to go much beyond first or second gear so no real trail riding - we are locked on a big forested island. In the winter is the only time the machine might stretch it's legs, traversing the 1/4 mile across our bay to the access road if the snow isn't prohibitively deep. I'm trying to finagle my first ever Canada fly-in trip this summer, so I can't break the bank on an ATV. If anyone has a decent rig that is in that 5 to 15yr old range I'd be interested in hearing what you've got!
  12. Thanks for the advice. As this is my first time owning an ATV, I've been doing a lot of reading up on what to check out. I've bought quite a few cars and boat motors so just need to make sure I'm looking for the ATV-specific stuff. This will be a utility purchase, need something for hauling gear and logs up north plus transportation across the lake in the winter - i.e. 4x4. I'll keep my eyes open for decent options. Unfortunately my wallet says this will not be a new ATV, so something on the used end of the spectrum.
  13. My snowmobile died and I'm now going to switch over to an ATV. When is a good time of the year to find decent prices and selections on used ATVs? I've been scanning the clist and atv trader but am new to the market. Is this a good time or wait until late summer/fall when guys are dumping their old ones to buy new for deer season?
  14. I gave in and took it to a local Stihl repair shop in town. I'll see what they say. On the flip side, my newer Husqvarna worked like a champ this past weekend, making quick work of a massive white pine and bunch of skinny birch.
  15. It's still not running well. That's the problem. Good compression. Carb rebuilt with new parts, blown out and holes cleared. New fuel line. New fuel filter. New air filter. Mixture screws set to spec. I'll probably take it somewhere soon and just pay the money.