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  1. Tuffy boats

    I like the 1890 model the most
  2. Tuffy boats

    good to hear. If anyone has some pictures please post them I really would like to see some
  3. Tuffy boats

    Who on here has got them and what do you like about them?
  4. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! which boat to buy????

    well the ranger is between 19,000 to 22,000 and the stratos is just a bit more
  5. 2000 Ranger 619 VS 175hp vmax 8 hp kicker some older electronics on it and prolly a 7-10 rating for quality. 2011 Stratos 1760 dvs, Ipilot, 80lbs vantage, 2 hds7 115hp etec I wanna fish Mille Lacs more and maybe in a couple years start guiding. Which boat do you think is better? I know the ranger is bigger and has a bigger engine but no warranty and 10 years old? Kicker 8hp or vantage? I love pulling lindy rigs and using jigs. As a side not the dealership that has the stratos has been very good to me and I really enjoy my time there
  6. 2003 lund prov 1800

    hey guys I kind of like these boat does anyone have any pictures to show and extra info? beam width? Im looking at one for sale it has a 150 hp yammi how fast do you think it will go?
  7. Lets see your boat

  8. used boat financing questions?

    Hey guys just a couple quick questions on finacing a used boat. Ive looked at a lot of really nice used boats in the 15,000 to 23,000 range but i want to keep the payment low is there any place where a person can get a 10 year loan on a boat in that price range? I understand a brand new boat can get this financing but there are a lot of nice boats that are less than 5 years old with all the goodies for a lot less than a new boat
  9. stratos 1760 115 etec

    hey guys just wondering if anyone has a boat like this? If so how well does it fish, take waves? also can you put a kicker motor on it?
  10. 2011 Stratos 385XF questions

    Hey guys been looking at this boat and wondering what you guys think? Looking at a 150hp motor for it and maybe a kicker. How fast would it run, whats the ride like also if you have one your self post it so I can see what yours looks like. (Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you)
  11. Evinrude E-tech reviews

    All the motors are great these days. Customer service is huge if you do have a problem you wanted to know your going to be taken care of. If you really wanted to know who has the highest quality maybe someone should look into how many quality checks and tested they go threw before they send out a motor? Example say yamaha test there outboards in 30 testes and merc does 25? Just my two cents. I work in lab the sell products all over the world and we test everything.
  12. Boat grounding question

    Hey guys I have a quick question for you and tell me if this is right to do or not. I have a 17' alumimum bass boat and I run 2 batterys. 1 starting and 1 trolling battery. The starting battery only powers the engine the other powers lights, bildge, bow mount, radio and locator. I grounded the negitive on the trolling battery to the boat with a big black wire so I only have to run power wires to my lights, bildge ect. Is this smart to do or should I run black negitive wires back? My next question is I just purchased a cabelas Prosport battery charge a month ago and I screwed the unit right to the grounded boat and connected the cables and I worked fine until now the unit wont turn on? Being that my boat was grounded do you think it shorted it out?
  13. P-Line

    I actually have a machine at my work that could test the max strength, the yield point 1 and yield point 2 and the amount of stretch of any line on the market..... hmmm I could post real strength numbers then!
  14. 2001 johnson jet drive 30hp

    ok i will try that, on the back of the tach it says 1 2 3 4 5 6 and your right that is pole sets
  15. 2001 johnson jet drive 30hp

    i have the switch on the back of the tach and its set on 2 cylinder, maybe something is messed up with the tach..... but your right i didnt think about it 2800 x2 5600 rpm which is about right i would think