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  1. S.D. Ice Angular

    Tires at Walmart?

    Has anyone purchased tires at Walmart with good luck? All my life I have been buying tires at so called authorized Goodyear, Bridgestone, Firestone, Michelin dealers etc. But lately I have had just terrible service from these type places. I priced some 195/60/R15 tires out today at Walmart and they are incredibly cheap for a set of Bridgestone and Goodyear tires with lifetime balance and rotation. What are you thoughts?
  2. S.D. Ice Angular

    Fish House Build!

    I did not see your lifting / lowering method, it looks like your tongue is controlled by an electric screw jack. Also at some point in the pictures it looks like there is a door on the rear. (Which, personally I would never build or buy a house without one. But it does not look like you pursued that option. I also disagree with a previous comment about cabinets / storage in the middle are unnecessary. Any and all storage is great plus. Keep up the great work
  3. S.D. Ice Angular


    I have seen this as well, I have my doubts myself.
  4. S.D. Ice Angular


    I just started taking Gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day for it and it does not seem to be helping at all. Going in for a whole bunch of lab work tomorrow. I guess all I have to do is give some blood and urine samples though. This sucks I can barley walk at times due to so much foot pain.
  5. I think most will be gone by Sunday
  6. S.D. Ice Angular

    Mattress help needed

    My only advice is if you do not like it. Take full advantage of the return policy don't think you are going to get used to it and then be uncomfortable for the next years to come.
  7. S.D. Ice Angular

    What are Lowrance guys supposed to do?

    Harvey, Is one of them for South and North Dakota? I have a LMS 337 and HDS5
  8. S.D. Ice Angular

    What are Lowrance guys supposed to do?

    What map chips/cards are out there now for guys who have several Lowrance units? Now that Hummingbird has taken over Lakemaster?
  9. Can I still buy a Lakemaster SD Card for South Dakota that will work in my 2008 LMS-337 or my HDS-5?? I have heard that NEW SD Map cards only work with Hummingbird units?? Truth??
  10. S.D. Ice Angular

    Kicker for 2007 Sylvan 1700 Expedition

    Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies; I guess I should set a few things straight. I am not really concerned what it will add to the value of my boat as much as the $4300 is a decent price? I did talk to another dealer again today and they were right at the same price as the others $4100 - $4300. I do troll about ½ the time I am fishing mainly mid-season. I do have a 55 Lbs. Terrova on the bow but into the wind it just cannot pull my boat fast enough. I could maybe jump up a size on the trolling motor and hope that would do the trick. Coryy, Do you have any pictures you could post or send me on how yours turned out? I am pretty sure I could do it myself but not sure where to tie into the fuel lines and stuff like that.
  11. S.D. Ice Angular

    Kicker for 2007 Sylvan 1700 Expedition

    I have a 2007 Sylvan Expedition 1700 with a 115 4 stroke Yamaha on it. I actually love the boat, I bought it brand new. But it never would troll down to a speed I liked with the 115 Yamaha. I am looking into getting a kicker 9.9 Yamaha completely controlled from the drivers seat. Start/Stop, Throttle, Fwd./Rev, Tilt/Trim all controlled from the cockpit. I am getting prices that are all over $4300.00 installed to do this. Does that seem in line with what it should be? Anyone have any recommendations on where to get a quote to this addition to my boat? I am not even sure it pays to add this package to the value of my boat, I don’t know if it would add $4300.00 to the value to my boat or not. What are your thoughts guys??
  12. S.D. Ice Angular

    HI-Standard Dog Food

    Has anyone tried HI-Standard Dog Food? Does anyone have any experience with it or know anything about it?
  13. Thanks Guys! Yeah I knew the original was 2013 Could anyone recommend a decent Hotel/Motel other then the big red roof one across the river?
  14. S.D. Ice Angular

    Chamberlin Area

    At what date does the river normally open up to run a boat up and down the river?