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  1. Well All I could find for jiffy blades were some limited supply of "new" old stock on bay or the e. At least they were in the 8in. So I gambled and bought two sets. Now If I could just find another one of these sweet jiffy jet covers.
  2. That is what I'm wondering.......I found some 8in "jiffy" blades on the bay of e. However it doesn't say anything about them being jet blades and couldn't tell on the pictures if it looked like a slight curve in them..........they were in the package so a decent side view was about impossible. Somebody has to have had one...
  3. Well just in some of the data and articles I read, which might be fake news I don't really know. It looked like the amount/lbs of walleye were in the lake just that there are a lot of large ones and not many small ones.......The data also showed that the bait fish were really dropping in amounts/numbers..... Interesting to see that a report from someone like yourself is just like what I had heard from the guy I met at upper red who was from the area. Thought maybe he was pulling my string or something when he told me the fishing was great, then seen the DNR shut the lake down.
  4. Thats the thing, I can't find really any good pictures of one. I was given this auger a few days ago buy a guy who didn't use or want it. He only used it once when he forgot his power auger. There is a string with a price tag on it for $89. It was sitting in his machine shed in a corner collecting dust. I cleaned up the auger and touched it up. There was a slight ding in the auger flighting up a turn or two from the bottom. That I fixed. However, the mounting head for the blades didn't have any of the original powder paint damaged, none had flaked off, and there was no rust spots. The blades where rusted up but not damaged. I assume if they were bent the powder paint would have expanded & flaked off. The two blade angles seem to look like they are how they should be. So I'm really kinda leaning that the blade mounts might not be bent with the way it looks. If I look at the shaver blades from the top or bottom they look like a normal shaver blade. However, when looked at from the side they seem to have a very slight curve that matches the blade mount. Did jiffy have a design like this different from the others? So I'm confused.......what would be the odds of both the blade mount sides being bent to what looks like exact angles.......if they were bent what is the odds of both blades seeming to conform to the bends without cracking or breaking........I measured from one outside blade edge to the other and got 8in......but I know 8in augers can go from a range of 7.5in-8.5in depending on brand and other things......If the blade mounts were bent I would think some powder paint would have flaked off.......I'll do the ice bucket trick.....was hoping someone had one or could chime in. It looks a little like a design between a flat shaver and a curved blade if it's not bent......I do really like the design if that is what it is meant to be. I also love the blade cover being a rubber that is tight and doesn't fall off. I just really don't know if they are bent or not bent. Confusing.....Also wondering if flat shaver blades would work on it or if I would need to find a set of Jiffy blades that had a slight curve to them.....
  5. Well after inspecting, I'm really starting to lean that the blade mounts are bent. I can't find any pictures or I'm not sure. If these just take a normal shaver blade.....then they gotta be bent.....Anyone have any insite?
  6. Not in disagreement....most Ice gear is though. Just trying to find some feed back on if it works well and lights up like it should.
  7. Not a bad idea or product. I just think I'd be worried about the well freezing into the ice.
  8. I've fished it once about 10yrs ago Ice fishing from fishermans wharf....caught one perch in 3 days. I was thinking about trying the lake once again with my wheel house..but it looks to be shut down. I talked to a guy from the Mille lacs area last winter at upper red, and he said the lake was great and it was the best he'd had for large fish ever on the lake. I did did some reading and seen quite a few different views. The one I found most compelling and seemed to make the most sense after reading and looking at data was the view of a walleye population being mismanaged with slots, allowing for way to many large fish that have basicly eaten themselves out of food with the baitfish they prey on. Which in turn turned them into predators of their own young walleye. Hence the collapse of the walleye.
  9. So what is going on with Mille Lacs?
  10. Anyone have any experiance with these?
  11. Anyone have any experiance with these?
  12. They were on right. Just rusted up. I took a sander and cleaned up the blades and auger touched up the flighting with some rustolem gloss black. What I'm trying to figure out is if the blade mout on this jiffy jet is bent or normal. I'm thinking they are fine/correct. They look like they should be a flat blade, but are curved slightly......It looks like a hybrid between a shaver blade & a lazer blade. Once I cleaned up the blade I turned them on a sheet of plastic and it cut in well. Guess I'll have to wait until ice to see.
  13. No just got stickers and stuff sent when I bought stuff. A few years ago I emailed some companies asking for stickers and they sent them free of charge. Used them on my Ice rod case, vexilar pak, and stuff so I could tell which one was mine since others had some of the same gear. Those were leftover stickers so I put them on the Mini fridge. Salmo sent some sweet stickers that were measuring tapes. Put one of those on the counter to measure fish & has a lot of info on it.
  14. I Was given a Jiffy Jet. are the blades on it suppose to be like this. They seem different from the flat blades.