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  1. Inline reel reviews

    I have 2 BB6061 (black 2nd gen) 1 BB6061 (silver) 1 frabill 371 1 Descent 1 bb fly 1 No 8 fly 1 frabill fly The frabill 371 and the BB6061 silver are the two best build IMO. I looked at the free fall......looks like a cheap $30 reel they charge $110 for. For a good solid priced one the descent seems like it will be good for the price.....the button to remove the spool will be nice. Do yourself a favor and if you get any of them, put some Lucas reel oil on the parts it really helps make them smooth.
  2. Inline reel reviews

    I have the Black Betty fly reel, the No. 8 Fly reel, a cheap frabill straight line, an expensive frabill straight line, 2 Black Betty (black 6061), black Betty (6061 silver), and a 13 fishing descent. I had an eagle claw wright and McGill.....the drag was terrible and the reel wouldn't engage correctly a lot of the time so I returned it. I found the fly type reels to work really well in 10 ft or less for blue gills. I always had a lot of line twist with the spinning reels. The black Betty reels all worked well for me and I've been happy with them, a little Lucas reel oil goes a lon way in making things smooth. The free fall just felt so cheaply made for $110 that I won't get one. If I was buying more I'd more then likely get the BB 6061 silver reel do to it being constructed of the best materials. I run them on panfish rods, perch rods, and walleye rods. No issues here.
  3. Inline reel reviews

    Inline......13 fishing have 3 and like. Tried an eagle claw drag and stuff sucked on it.
  4. Best Fish House

    I have an 8-16 foot ice castle. It has a U dinette, two top bunks, and flip couch. It will fit my 3 boys myself and the wife. The two older boys sleep on the top bunks, I sleep on the flip couch, and my wife and youngest sleep on the dinette that transforms into a large bed. Fits the needs well & we use it in the summer for a camper. Boys also like to use it has a fort. Found the wheel house works much better for everyone involved, but I've also got cable tv in it. Keeps the boys occupied, and interested. The power of cartoons should never be underestimated.
  5. Recent purchase for the wheel house

  6. Recent purchase for the wheel house

    What's the best tasting hot dog in guys opinions
  7. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I'm not saying my way is perfect or anything Hawg. I just put the slush bucket down turbo drill the hole, pop it in reverse blow out slush, move to the next & repeat. After the nine holes are cut dump the slush bucket outside. Floor is nice and dry no slush or ice anywhere from flying chips. Then for the storage, I flip it over and put a 5 gallon pail in the hole then shove it under the toliet. Keeps the bucket from tipping & stores out of the way.
  8. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I'm using the blue one with the red power point head. Works great. I got a nils blue flyted extention for on it and it's like 52in (4.3ft) from the tip to the top part of the auger when the extention is on it. If you have the orange one, I believe the blue flyted extensions will work on it, and any nils cutting head should fit on it. To add the nils extentions or cutting head they go on the bottom. You just remove the cutting head and insert. You should be able to add any amount of extentions, and you should be able to put any style nils head on, red, or power point. Mine had just a standard red head and I got a power point off of hsolist for $40. Last season with the extension I was able to leave my wheel house up and drill through the ice with it raised. Was nice I was able to drive around and scout out of the wheel house before dropping it to the ice. I also like how nils seems to be built a little heavier then the normal hand augers. I posted some pics to give you an idea. I think I got the extension from Fish USA
  9. Yellow Bass bonanza

    I don't disagree. However with them being prolific spawners they will over populate a lake very fast. They tend to hurt the other panfish populations like perch.
  10. Used wheel houses?

    At that price you can buy a new one. Why look at used? call around enough and you can find a dealer that will deal.
  11. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I agree the Ion is a good auger, but is it really anything special? I mean if Hawg really wanted to I'm sure he could get an adaptor and run the Ion auger bit with his Milwaukee. I think we all give to much credit to the different types of augers being "better" . All they do is cut a hole in the ice, and they all do a fine job of doing it. I would imagine that since hawg has a wheel house he wants something to reopen holes and something with a guide point. If that's the case the Ion bit, Kdrill, or nils with a power point are pretty much the options with electrics. I run a nils with a power point on a clam plate/Milwaukee setup and it works great. The drill setup would turn a lot faster then the Ion even in the low speed setting. This would cause a touch more shavings to be thrown at first (it does with my nils). However once you get into the hole a bit the shavings don't fly like when you start. A simple slush bucket will take care of the issue by catching the shavings. I've got the fish hole buddy slush bucket and put that on the hole when cutting and it catches the shavings perfectly, and prevents the mess. Personally, if I was in hawgs shoes I would sell the Ion off and get the Kdrill. He'd save money, and be able to do what he wants without having a bunch of extra gear. Plus a battery for the Milwaukee is about 1/3 the price of a battery for the Ion. I don't think this has anything to do with the Ion not preforming, just more of an efficiency move for hawg not having to have a bunch of extra stuff in the wheel house. Plus the Kdrill might reopen holes a touch better with the point and chipper type blades. The only down part of the Kdrill is the 8in is actually a 7.5in auger. Which might be a downside if it is really cold with holes freezing down. The nils I have with the power point cutting head is actually 8.5in.
  12. Yellow Bass bonanza

    Please don't put any back.
  13. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Leech, I think this is what Hawg is contemplating...... He has to have a Milwaukee to run the IC nuts to crank up his hut. So if he could go with a drill setup like the kdrill he would. 1. Not need to have a charger for both the drill and ion 2. Save space not having the ion and ion battery charger 3. Be able to sell his ion and pick up an 8in kdrill and be money ahead 4.Just be happy because his new toy actually put money in his pocket. From selling the ion and getting the k drill.
  14. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    K drill is ok, but worth $250? Hawg what the K Drill would be nice for is the wheel house. You can use the drill with an EZ up bit to crank the house up. Then put the drill on the k drill to cut holes.
  15. Honda Extended Run Tank Setup

    It should work with the Honda. The Honda has a fuel pump so it will pull fuel to the Ginny out of the tank. If you have a yamaha, champion, or other brand they are gravity fed and would need an extended run tank and hose you could gravity feed fuel from. Just a regular red gas can with the hose touching bottom is all you need with the Honda.