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  1. Fall skid house build, all aluminum. Need input on runners

    What about vinyl planking? 100% water proof and won't mold. Man really like the house you got going, would love to see some pine on the walls to finish the inside.
  2. Best place to buy Honda 2000i generator

    I know your wanting a Honda. I picked up a used Honda and fixed it up. Had about $500 into it. Everyone was bragging Honda up so I thought I was missing out on something with my Champion 2000 inverter. After I tested them both out, I sold the Honda for $650. I paid $425 for the champion new, and the only difference I could tell was that the champion generator is gravity fed like a yamaha 2000, vs having a fuel pump like the Honda. So I just have to gravity feed from the extended run tank. On another note about the best price I've seen on a new Honda 2000 is $799.
  3. Direct to Dish

    If you have the tailgate dish from King or the other brand they both are easy to get signal. If your talking using an actual dish you'd mount on your yourself a favor and get a tailgater dish.. What it comes down to for most people is having the NFL ticket with direct tv or not.
  4. Direct to Dish

    Really? I told them I will Only Agree to one year if the discounts are for one year and no problem. About two years ago I did call Direct TV and they wouldn't throw a deal. So I canceled my service then left for the weekend. I came home called them and said dish didn't show up to put it in and asked if they wanted me back has a new customer or if I just needed to let dish install it. They flipped it back on and gave me the deal. You will never get the "deal" with the first person you talk to. You have to talk to at least 2 people and the second one always gives in. I could really care less which one I have, but learning the channel number lineup sucks big time. I had dish about 6yrs ago and what made me go to direct tv is I had my dish get out of line on the roof of my two story house. They were gonna charge me $50-$100 for a tech to come set it right so I'd get a signal. I left and went to direct....The games they play are stupid.
  5. Direct to Dish

    Between these two companies the grass is always greener on the other side. I found that once your original contract is up with Direct TV you just need to call in yearly to get the "12 month promotion" which brings your package down to where it should be. Every September I call to get my 1yr "promotion" which is worth $40 a month off the bill. Last year I got the $40 a month off and the NFL ticket. This year they wouldn't give me the NFL ticket, but with the $40 off it is priced right at the levels Dish would be at for a new customer. The only complaint I have with Direct TV is that I went out and bought a King tailgater for direct tv, and then bought a cheap direct tv box off of the Internet for $50. When I had it connected over the phone they guy tried telling me that when I discontinued my service I'd have to send the box in......hey wait a min....I bought and own this I ain't sending dump back to you I OWN it.
  6. Best hook for live minnows?

    A live bait hook.
  7. Wheelhouse flooring help

    I believe it is an upgrade for flooring for a lot of companies now. Cheap and easy to use, and looks great.
  8. Wheelhouse flooring help

    why not just put in vinyl planking? water proof snaps in nice, and is decent on wearing. Best stuff for kitchens and bathrooms. also won't mold.
  9. Nils Slush

    So. Are those who are seeing a lot of slush in the hole using the 6in? I have an 8in and don't see the slush problem.
  10. Ice rods.... What's your pic and why

    I love my custom Adam Bricker rods. The guy just makes rods that look, feel, and preform well. Plus he has some really great options like a rod butt that pops out the back with a fish hook remover. You can also get the option of being able to change out blanks if you want. Which comes in handy if a guy goes from panfishing to walleyes. Plus he stands behind his work. The guy is an artist when it comes to building rods not only with looks, but preformance & function. Nothing else comes close to what he builds. With that being said, I do consider them a luxury item. I have a slight addiction and have about 50 open water rods and 40 ice fishing rods, that range from cheap to expensive. rl_sd pretty much said it all though. For $30 or less a guy can get a solid ice rod combo that preforms just fine. One of my favorite ice rods is a south bend Rod and reel combo I picked up for $25. It has an 8 ball Bering reel and a ML Rod that works well for perch and walleye.
  11. Remote electric jacks worth it?

    I've never used electric jacks, or hydro. I've heard they are pretty nice, and guys like them. It will be interesting to see how you feel about them after a season or two. I'd like to hear your input on them after you've used them awhile.
  12. Fall skid house build, all aluminum. Need input on runners

    did you try the amazon
  13. 14th Annual Portable Modification Get Together

    Get dipole good pics for us. Always like to see mods guys do, and tend to barrow a few of the ideas.
  14. Rails for fish house bunk bed

    That would work. What I'm thinking is if you look at the bunk above my couch in the bottom picture you can see two silver metal brackets. That the RV Ladder hooks into. My plan is to just to hook a bungie off one bracket then over the rail then back on the other bracket. I got to get two more of those ladder brackets for the back bunk for the ladder. If it doesn't hold the rails down, I'll be going to the latch like you've shown.
  15. Strikemaster discontinued electric augers.

    Yep looks like it. I emailed strikemaster and other leading companies asking about the cutting edge and secondary edge angles on auger blades so I could sharpen my own blades. The response was buy new blades they can't be sharpened. I'm sure they'd love me to spend $35-$50 on a new set....that is not gonna happen. I'll find a new blade and measure the angles myself to figure it out. I never got a response when I asked if the knifes they made of the same steel couldn't be sharpened.