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  1. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    From Strikemaster..... This size blade has been discontinued since 1981. my auger is at best only 37 years old.......If it could only tell stories.
  2. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    Yes...yes it is.....way cheaper then a 10in Nils at $360.
  3. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    Got a set of old new stock mora 10in blades to put it on, and drilled 5 holes in 18-20in of ice no problem with the Milwaukee 1200in/lb-clam plate-mora 10in. Didn't skip or jump. This is gonna be nice for the wheel house. When I had the HT Polar Fire shaver/chipper blades the drill would cut out because they were to agressive. So so if anyone comes across some mora 10in shaver blades or 10in shaver blades in general let me know.
  4. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    With the HT blades it cut in, but my adaptor was loose so the auger would bind in the hole......going to fix the adaptor then it should drill no problem.
  5. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    I cleaned it up, and put some 10in HT polar Fire blades on it. I did send the old ones to get sharpened & found an actual Mora 10in set online. Also Had a guy come across 3 sets of 10in mora blades in an old bait shop he is getting for me.
  6. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    That was a picture they guy I got it from took. I measured it when I got it and it is 10in......not sure why the photo looks like it does.
  7. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    Well I called both Strikemaster service centers.......One had nothing. The other ended up finding a "very" old 10in mora blade cover. It was the last one she said. They are sending it out. So thatnks to anyone who was looking.
  8. Looking for a 10in Mora blade cover

    like the title says looking for a 10in mora blade cover.
  9. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    I'm trying to be smart or power point head cuts at 8.5in..... I'm just wondering if my cutting head is an odd ball.
  10. Have Ion-Want k Drill

    This is a sweet setup.....I actually got the drill disc adaptor for mine......I do love my clam plate.........but with the disc I can put on or take off the drill to raise lower my wheel house. Just a question how wide a hole does your nils cut?
  11. Engel bait coolers a wheel house where u need to keep minnows alive for days they work great and plug into the wall for the a day trip with a flipover a small strikemaster minnow bucket is hard to beat.
  12. Locking your fish house?

    I think this is pretty simple....if you want to lock your house do so. I don't think it will be that big of a deal to a DNR guy if he stopped to check. He might take a bit longer and look a bit more, but not like a guy would really care. For the most part if a guy was out in the middle of the lake and a vehicle was pulling up.....your going to have a pretty decent warning time. Usually from my experiance if the DNR is out going door to door on wheel houses..........something is up or a tip was called in about a certain house or group. The other "random" checks were for show. If they are trying to just catch poachers simple search and checks at the ramps are much more successful for them. Another red alarm is when you've got a wheel house that's been on a lake for days with people coming and going from it like its the local Walmart with those people bringing limits or a bunch of fish off the lake.
  13. Amount of lp used in subzero weather?

    Hard to really know/ many times are guys going to go outside to pee or do other things......Is anyone gonna be smoking causing for a window to be cracked? Are guys comming & going fishing out of shacks or the area? I've got an 8x16 house. I figure About a lb per hour ruffly, so I figure a 30#tank will go about 30hrs. Which so far has covered me fine and been on the conservative side. Plus 30hrs per tank makes for pretty easy figuring. In your case I'd have either an extra 20# or 30# tank, just for a backup....not saying you'd need it.....just nothing worse then running out of LP and having to make a run....especially when sleeping. Plus a guy never knows......A filled 30lb extra tank can bring a very nice "exchange" fee if the neighbor runs out of LP and wants to exchange his empty one with your extra full tank......Just because of this I'll throw in that "extra" tank I don't really need. I've got 4-30# tanks though and a 5th at my MIL if I want it....
  14. Wheel House build

    My uncle runs a yamaha 2000, I have a champion 2000' and my cousin has a Honda 2000. I had a Honda for a small stretch this summer that I picked up for $400. The only difference I can tell is both the Yamaha and champion need to be gravity fed with an extended run tank. The Honda has a fuel pump so it will suck up fuel.... from testing that we did they all handled the same load pretty much. The one difference was with the Honda having a little bigger motor it took about 30sec longer for the overload to kick off the Honda generator. I bought a champion 2000 new and ran it for a year, then picked up a good used Honda I fixed up.....tested them both to see if I should sell the champion or the Honda.....both worked extremely well. So I sold the Honda for $650......only had $400 into it lol.....kept the champion that I bought new off amazon for $425 shipped. I went with the champion when I got my wheel house, because I had to make this decision......... I could get the champion 2000 generator and a Direct TV tailgate dish for about $1000......or I could get a Honda 2000 for about $1000......hmm.....lets see a Ginny & cable tv or just a Ginny....was pretty simple choice. I've ran the Champion at upper Red the past two years in sub zero temps and used an extended run tank with it.....Ran for days no problems in sub zero temps.....started easy...was quite....Also have done a number of trips to NE SD no problems yet. I run tv, direct tv, a minni fridge, and sometimes coffee pot & a hot dog roller. To me the Generator debate between yamaha, Honda, champion is like vex, marcum, Humminbird or ford Chevy dodge.
  15. Kdrill or Nils

    So Eye guy did you try your nils after frank adjusted it? was thinking about dumping my 6in lazer and my 8in Thunder Bay blazer and picking up a 6in nils.