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  1. Went to pre fish a lake yesterday and my ignition switch was locked. I moved my gear lever forward and backwards a few times and it felt like it was in gear as I did not have that natural open space in neutral. The key looks like it is angled a bit now and do not know what happened. The switch is a bit "catchy" now when you turn the ignition switch on and off. The day before it was fine. Any ideas?
  2. 2008 Yamaha 75 4 stroke primer bulb

    I get in the high 30's mph depending on wind and load. Mid 30's with a guy or two and live boxes full of h2o. I have my rig packed with coats life jackets anchors etc for guiding so I have no idea on how much weight I am carrying.
  3. 2008 Yamaha 75 4 stroke primer bulb

    thanks guys for help.
  4. I was sent a new one by my dealer and this one does it too. It sucks in when motor is opened up going across a lake and will start chugging because of no fuel. Tank is full! Any one know of what is going on? Should I get a primer bulb for a larger hp motor to fix this? Gas valve not open some place or air valve to check on boat? I have a 1725 2008 lund pro guide. Thanks,
  5. Snap on Boat Covers

    If in central MN may I suggest Leroy Thieschafer in Little Falls for a snap on boat cover. Leroy made my last boat cover and he used better components than the factory ones, and makes them specifically for your boat so you have to bring it to him. My younger kids could snap it on themselves and it held up to wind and traffic speeds on the interstate highways without coming unsnapped. He is on the south end of LF where hwy 10 meets with 123 rd. "Boat covers that @%*%$%# fit" is his motto! Does them right from my experience.
  6. fuel gauge lund pro guide not working

    Thanks guys, back to the dealer it is! Hoping for an "easy" fix but that was not in the cards.
  7. 2008 Lund pro guide fuel gauge does not work and did not work brand new. Dealer thought it would start working with some wave pounding but it does not work yet. All electrical in boat works fine except for fuel gauge (night navigation light will come on though). On second tank of gas and was wondering if anyone knows how to take off gauge from the front (if possible) without having to tear apart the new electronics command center. Old ones you could reach it from the electronics hole and the 08's have gauges self enclosed. If there is some place else to try fixing it please advise me of this also. 75 Yamaha tiller(FYI) All fuses are good unless there is a hidden one some place I do not know about. Like to try fixing it myself before having to drive it back to dealer on warranty. (another fuel issue!$$)
  8. vexilars

    I used a FL-18 on my old boat and used it for jigging a lot. I bought a Lowrance for my new boat and it has a flasher built in it. I have the old transducer if interested? Like sakazulu said above, you must have your two transducers apart from each other; or only run the vex, otherwise you get interference from the vex on your other graph.
  9. Lund Pro guide 1725 vs Alumacraft 175

    I decided to go with the lund pro guide and yamaha 75 four stroke! It was a hard decision when it came to quality, I just felt for the money I had to pay (not as much as I originally thought), the extra features in a lund pro guide over the navigator were well worth it. After reading all the posts, I felt either boat would of been the right buy! Thanks for all of your help.
  10. Lund Pro guide 1725 vs Alumacraft 175

    If anyone owns one of these tillers, could you elaborate on the things you love and the things you would change on them? I was hoping for some expert advice! I have talked to three dealerships and they all handle Yamaha and would put one on. Staples has one with a Honda and I would have to order. I found out you can get what you want if it will cost Brunswick only one sale verses two!
  11. How would you guys rate these two tiller boats? Yamaha(75hp), Honda(75hp), or Suzuki(70hp) motor?
  12. Best walleye lake in Minnesota

    They may of been really biting the day they "ranked" it!