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  1. Your first sled?

    my first sled my dad bought for me from my uncle, ski-doo Nordic 371, not sure about the year. my first new snowmobile that I have bought was a artic cat couger 500 1988.
  2. Does anybody else hate basketball?

    I prefer watching college basketball over the pros, but the end of the games are way too long, your down 10 points with 20 seconds, stop fouling already. baseball is getting much worse, they put you to sleep. and they tried to speed up the games. ever watch a red sox game, they must average 3.5 hours each, that team is the human rain delay. hockey and football are the fastest and most enjoying to watch, even though football has many commercial breaks, they leave the clock run when you go out of bounds now, but the game has not gotten any faster. they just have more time for commercials.
  3. Twins 2017

    it sure seems many players have a career highlight against the twins.
  4. Twins 2017

    back on the road again, nice! if only we could play .500 at home, we would be doing awsom.
  5. Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    its just keeps getting worse. I think this team has given up.
  6. Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    back to the slump. they looked terrible.
  7. Wbc

    USA makes the final 4, great game against the favorites to win it all DR. I wish it wasn't Ervin Santana that gave up 4 runs, but its all good.
  8. Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    how many 2 on 1 does it take just to get a shot on goal? WOW! and when they get a shot, we miss a wide open net. by far, the wild are the worst team in the NHL now, not even a close second. they need to fix this problem now, or else if we make the playoffs, we will have to play the blackhawks again.
  9. My first and last ride of the season

    sorry about that mn mike, got you mixed with someone else, it happens.
  10. Wild 2016-17 Regular Season

    just thinking here, since the trades, the wild cannot win, and Arizona is now winning. food for thought there hey! I was hoping the wild did nothing during the trade deadlines, as it was working, so there was nothing to fix. have the guys we got in the trade ever played a playoff game in there careers?
  11. My first and last ride of the season

    hey mike, one of the stipulations about buying my old pontoon was you had to include me in any great snowmobiling adventures.
  12. My first and last ride of the season

    well my sled all but almost put away for the year. took it to the car wash today, most gas has been removed, ran the stabile through the gas lines, and put it in its storage spot. only thing still needed to be done is fog the cylinders and tape up the exhaust to keep the little critters out.
  13. Anyone been riding?

    that looks great, you will love them.
  14. Anyone been riding?

    you should put down tracts for the skis, the plywood will also hinder movement when trying to move you sleds. since most sleds now have reverse, the tracts will help unloading also. I put these on my aluminum wheeler trailer, and the sled goes on and off great, with no damage. put the tracts on the ramp as well. I have a picture of my trailer in the background, you ca see the tracts on the ramp.
  15. Anyone been riding?

    got out in aitkin county Friday, trails were nice, and plenty of snow. rode from palisade to hill city to Jacobsen to big sandy, then back to palisade, put on 110 miles. trails were all groomed good, plenty of snow, as much as 18 inches. the warm weather made the trails a little soft, but it still was a good ride.