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  1. Might get one last ride in

    I thought about it, but decided I didn't want it full of snow to melt in my garage.
  2. Spring Is Upon Us

    not a good sign when the snow geese are flying south today.
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    well the redwing blackbirds are back. making all kinds of noise on the frozen pond today.
  4. Spring Is Upon Us

    lots of sandhill cranes flying over today.
  5. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    I work nights, so don't see any weekday games, but of the weekend games I have seen, tonight was the best of the year.
  6. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    here comes the tough games, vegas tonight, whom we beat at home, and the tougher game against a last place coyotes tomorrow who we are 0-1-1 against the year. I will say it again, we need 3 points this weekend, all the teams on our tail are winning.
  7. Spinners for stream trout

    I have great luck with mepps with the black fly.
  8. We could be riding the nsst

    did a quick trip up to isle, great trails, only put on 40 miles, but the ride was great, might have been the last ride of the year, and did not want to gas up, that's why only 40 miles.
  9. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    if we can get 3 points out of this weekends games, the wild will be in a great position. the tougher games coming up doesn't bother me, as we seem to play our better hockey against the better teams.
  10. Slush and water on ice.

    sounds like another foot of snow in that area on Monday.
  11. Slush and water on ice.

    I almost went to grindstone today, good thing I didn't. still want to get out before the season is over.
  12. Slush and water on ice.

    very little slush palisade area, most of it was near shore, out in the middle was fine.
  13. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    here we go again, struggle against bottom dwelling teams. if we could win the games against last place teams this year, we would be in 2nd in the division.
  14. We could be riding the nsst

    I joined a club also, (palisade supersledders) need to help out as much as we can if we expect good trails. I rode today, just got to warm, the trails were nice, but my 137 wasn't getting enough snow dust for cooling, it was overheating. ditch and lake riding it was fine.
  15. New Snow, Groomed Trails

    rode Friday in aitkin county, trails had lots of loose powder on top after the 8 inches Thursday, very good riding. ditch riding was even better, plenty of deep snow to play in. getting another 6+ inches tonight, next weekend should also be good riding even with the warmer demps next week.