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  1. Aoy Mille Lacs 2017

    Be careful what you wish for, as they say! I already have much less desire to go there.
  2. Bass Photos

    I got a good one today. 6lb 6oz.
  3. Aluminum vs Glass

    I'm in the same boat as Trout26.... no pun intended haha. I've been trying to decide if I should go glass or aluminum when I buy a new boat hopefully next spring. My fear with glass is scratching the bottom of it and fuel efficiency. It sounds like glass has more storage and is heavier so wind wont be as much of a pain. Then there's always the "cool factor". Aluminum seems like it would be more worry free from hitting rocks etc. and maybe better on fuel.
  4. Bass Photos

    Happy 4th of July!
  5. Bass Photos

    One yes, one no.
  6. new swim jig video

    Nice video, good info, great bait!
  7. Bass Photos

    My best two so far this year. I wish I could have found these two pre-spawn! 5lb 11oz 21.5" 6lb 2oz 21.75"
  8. How was your Bass Opener?

    My opener was frustrating. I hit a lake early and fished the areas I wanted to fish for about 4 hours. I caught several but nothing very big. I decided to head to a different lake. This was a mistake. I ended up going to 6 different lakes before I found a place to park. One open spot on a lake that I don't really like that much. I didn't even catch a fish for probably 2 hours before I finally got on to a few. I ended up catching a couple nice ones around 5lbs. That was the highlight of the weekend because I went out on Sunday fished 4 hours, caught 3 small ones, got cold and left. I didn't see much for beds, but the bigger fish I caught looked post spawn.
  9. 2015 State Record

    If I'm not mistaken the state record was 23.5 inches. It WILL get broken this year... by me! Haha, I wish! A 6lb 13oz 22.125" largemouth is my best. I'm hoping to break the 7lb mark this year.
  10. When do the ice out predictions start?

    The forecast after Thursday looks promising. I'm going out on a limb and say I'll be on open water by the end of March. Of course it's weather and it could go really bad, but I'm going to take the optimistic route.
  11. Looking for a Lake this weekend

    Did you find anything?
  12. Bass Photos

    Done for the year now. Here are some from the last few weeks. Unfortunately I couldn't manage any more over 6lbs. It was an amazing year and I smashed all my previous records. A new PB of 6lb 13oz 22.125". 5 bass over 6lbs. 33 over 5lbs. 2178 bass total. I'm not sure what to do with myself now. I guess I can start organizing tackle and cleaning reels. I may have to get out on the ice a little this year. 5lb even 5lb even 5lb even 5lb 1oz 5lb 4oz 5lb 6oz 5lb 10oz 5lb 10oz 5lb 11oz 5lb 12oz
  13. Fall Returns

    Went today, did ok. Not a lot of fish but one was a 5lb 12oz pig, so I may give it another shot tomorrow if the shorelines don't ice up too bad tonight.
  14. Fall Returns

    If you look at the air temps over the last couple months, it makes sense. A week ago we had highs in the mid to upper fifties. Yep, inside turns near deep water with good deep weeds seem to be where they are hanging. I will be feeling your pain soon. Winters are way too long.
  15. Fall Returns

    I went out yesterday and today and did really well. Yes, everyone thinks I'm crazy. One over 5lbs yesterday and four over 5lbs today. Water temps were still 44 degrees today. The forecast is looking grim though with even colder temps and no warm up in sight. I may try again tomorrow, but that may be my last chance. I'm bummed as I usually have another 2-3 weeks left.