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  1. Rut Activity Reports

    I stuck a doe last night and saw 6 other does. I know have 10 scrapes in the 50 yd area.
  2. Rut Activity Reports

    I've got 5 fresh scrapes within a 50 yd area all in the last 24-36 hrs and a few little guys on cam during the day and big boys still at night. Guess where I'll be hunting?
  3. Crop harvest reports Fall 2016...

    I would say 90% of the corn is still standing just north of the metro
  4. Crop harvest reports Fall 2016...

    I've seen a few bean/corn feilds being picked but not hard core yet just north of the metro
  5. Clown Down!

    Full body or shoulder mount?

    I've had luck seeing does and the big shooter I've been waiting for but he didn't come into my range last week. Also lots of pictures the last 2 weeks but only little guys and does during the daylight the big boys are still nocturnal. I'm hunting private land in the north metro. Still waiting for the farmer to pick the corn which will be a few days with all the rain we got.
  7. First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    We're Not Gonna Take It
  8. Let's see your Mouse photos!

    That's a dandy there Hoey! Looks like he's got some good meaty tenderloins
  9. HSO Deer Photo's

    Small? I'd like to see the big boys!
  10. Hunting reports....

    I didn't get out of work early as planned but ended up in the stand at 3:45. I had 2 does meander thru then at about 4:30 or so Apple of does ended up the picked corn field about a 150 yds out and they fed always looking back. I was hoping is was Mr. big but he never appeared instead it was the movie star Mr. Fork that appeared on my cameras about 10 times a week. He did some chasing but not real hard at all.
  11. Hunting reports....

    I was out tonight and had 4 does in the field 5 minutes after I got up in my stand. A few minutes later there was 2 more then another 5 minutes another doe and 2 fawn. They keeps looking to the wood line as if something was coming but it never happened. They slowly worked there way away from me browsing on the picked corn once they got to the 1 row of corn the farmer left I grabbed the rattle bag and gave a mild rattling. All of the does did an about face and started walking down the far side of the corn but toward me. Once they got to the end which is about 50yds from me they just started feeding again. Some here along there walk they pick up a few straglers no there was 11. Total there was 8 does and 3 fawns and they fed for about 20 minutes or so and slowly walked away from me. Which is fine it's a buck for me. Last week I saw a couple little bucks. I've hunted Sat. Sun. Tues. and today and haven't seen a buck yet last week I saw 3 little guys walking around. I'm.gonna give it another shot tomorrow hopefully I can get out of work at noon.
  12. Hunting reports....

    I was out last night and had 3 different pairs of does walk by with no bucks in tow. Sooner or later Mr. horny will be with one of them. I thought the wind was gonna knock my 3' oak tree my stand is on over. Never thought a big tree like that would move the way it did. Gonna give it a try again tomorrow afternoon.
  13. Looking for a new trail cam

    I bought 2 Primos (refurbished) 35's off of ?bay for half price. They work perfect the battery life is excellent going on 3 months and both are at 85% and that's with probably 5,000 pictures. There was a lot of pictures of nothing but where I had them set up was pointed toward a corn field and I believe the stalks were setting it off. Now that the corn is picked I don't get the blank pictures. Videos work great also. I would buy these again for sure.
  14. Hunting reports....

    I hunted yesterday and was shut out didn't see a thing til of course while pulling out on the field road there's Mr. Big on the other side of the main tar road. This seems to happen to me at least once a year. Tonight was much better had a 2 doe and a fawn come out across the corn field from me then 3 different doe came out from a different area. All 6 met up and meandered away to the west. Then right before sunset a spike and 2 doe came out in the field straight north of me. The buck pushed the 2 does around for probably 10 minutes then they split up and one of them was walking toward me and came within 75 yds then hit the trees and disappeared. The spike followed her to the edge of the field and I hit the rattle bag he stopped for a second then kept walking and I hit the rattle bag again and he stopped again to look my way but kept on after the doe. I still had about a good 20 minutes of shooting time left and thought I was hearing a buck grunting several times behind me but couldn't see him at all. At last light I was ready to go so I grabbed my bow and reached for my quiver and knocked the arrow off the rest and immediately saw a doe off to my right about 30 yds out never saw her at all. So I figured I'd give it a couple more minutes to see what happens because I could still see my 20 yd pin somewhat. Almost immediately I heard a buck snorting behind me to my left and he was love struck he must of snorted at least 20 times I couldn't see him at all and was ready fo Mr. Big to appear then I saw him and nope it was the fork that had been playing the movie star on my all of cameras for the past few months. Any way he grunted the whole time he made a scrape and tore up a couple innocent prickly ash trees. He ended up walking way towards the doe grunting the whole time. I bet that little forkhorn grunted a hundred times if not more.
  15. Rutting Reports

    I was out Friday night and had tons of action. I jumped 2 does walking to my stand at 3pm. Within an hour I had 2 spikes/forks pushing each other around and chasing a couple does then the 2 big boys came out and pushed the little guys away. The big boys eyed each other up but no action between them. They did a little chasing of the does and slowly walked away together. This all happened before 5:30. I saw 18 Friday night nothing shootable. I went out last night also and had a decent 6 come out with a doe and stuck by her side for probably and hour and left with her. I saw 6 last night nothing shootable.