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  1. Nissan Armada or Acadia Reviews

    I can't really say much about the Acadia as I have limited experience with them. I guess I have seen a few go through the shop and they had some odd electrical issues and one had head gaskets on the way out. Armadas are actually pretty solid. Fuel mileage isn't the best but its got plenty of power and little really goes wrong with them. Occasionally we see the exhaust manifold/catalytic converter crack and leak but other than that they are really pretty decent. Not many trouble spots I can think of. They also hold their value really well (if you ever wanted to trade it in that is good to know). Guess I might be biased working for Nissan but I can say there is plenty of their stuff I wouldn't drive too. The Armada is one I would drive though. If was between the two I would go with the Armada for sure.
  2. Hauling an F150 with a Ranger

    F.O.R.D.x2 XD Sorry, but I had to... I love my friends and all but if I was asked to do something like that I would say no way. Just because it is technically rated to haul that much weight doesn't mean it should. Not worth hauling a old heap and ruining your nice truck.. Dragging a 500$ truck is not worth your $3000 transmission. You would be better off renting a uhaul truck, burning couple hundred bucks doing that vs what your going to spend later fixing yours. Also, as mentioned, I don't think your hitch is going to be rated to do that. I might be wrong and you have a heavy duty class 3 but I think that hitch is probably going to be rated at 3k.
  3. Towing with Subaru Outback

    It will do just fine. The CVT's in those are actually pretty solid (one of the few in the industry that are). I tow a 14' Lund fishing boat all summer with a 25hp Johnson loaded full of gear with my Outback (04' 2.5 with the 4 speed) and it actually does better than my old Blazer did. You are nowhere near the limit with it so you will be fine.
  4. I have two of those for running parts at work and they both have eaten the ball joints a couple times (granted they also each have 150k+ but still). Had the same problem with the tires and all. My money is on those being shot.
  5. Short of the engine issues the damage to the rear sounds pretty bad. If you have a quarter panel that is wrinkled, hitch bent down and suspension issues the frame is most likely bent up... Given the age of the truck, yeah...
  6. Mitsu should have a button type switch in the pillar. They like to rust out and cause all kinds of fun stuff. Radios in those are always suspect too though.
  7. 04 Outback 170k 95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 145k
  8. I am pretty open to tires really. I sell a lot of and I get good feedback about Yokohama, Goodyear and Michelin. They seem to last the longest and more importantly keep traction throughout the life of the tires. We tend to see poor feedback about Continentals, Dunlop and occasionally Hankook (I think people expect to much out of a all season high performance 19"/20" tire with these though). Don't really sell a whole lot of the other brands. On my own personal vehicles there currently is quite a mix; Yokohama Avid, Goodyear Silent Armor, Kumho Ecsta, Nokian WRG2, Kumho A/T KL78, Firestone FR380 and Cooper Weathermaster Snows. Out of the bunch currently on a car the only ones I don't like are the Firestones as they don't stay balanced very long. Have also owned with good success BFG A/T (probably the best truck tire ever made, good traction all the way to the end), Cooper S/T M&S (sad to trade truck in with these on it, they were awesome), BFG Traction T/A (great tires for a smaller car and did well in winter), Yokohama Geolandar ATS (did well all around for a SUV). Ownwed, not so good, Goodyear Wrangler RT/S (always bad, really bad in snow), Bridgestone Dueler A/T good for the first 4/32 then bad winter traction after that plus noisy), Goodyear Eagle RSA (never really good from the start in rain or snow). Gotta say if you can swing it for your truck go for the BFG A/T's. They are fantastic. If your looking to save a few bucks get the Yokohamas. They do really well for the money.
  9. Any fellow tuners out there?

    Yeah. I even worked there for a short time. Good bunch of guys but that biz was not for me lol. Last I heard they are working on doing a twin turbo lsx swap in the fdsm. No more 4g64. I'm sure its probably been up and running for a while at this point. They are moving the shop out to inver grove too. Kinda sad. Glad to see someone is doing work on a Ford that's not a Mustang!
  10. Any fellow tuners out there?

    95 Eagle Talon TSi AWD 2.0, Wiseco Pistons, ACL bearings with thrusts, Stage 2 ported head, HKS 272 cams, Big front mount intercooler with all hard charge piping and K&N intake, Mitsubishi EVO 3 16g turbo, Lipp O2 housing, 3" turbo back exhaust with HKS catback, Walbro fuel pump, Precision 550 injectors (kinda small I know but Im working on that), Zeitronix datalogging and gauge, Autometer mechanical gauges, Apexi Neo air fuel controller and some assorted energy suspension bushing at random around the car. I am lagging in the air/fuel delivery department but this last winter I had to replace the passenger strut tower so I was happy just to drive it as is this past summer. Pretty sure there isn't any parts on the car that I haven't had to fix or replace. The previous owner didn't know about the metric system so that has been real fun too. It used to go out in the winter time as I have snows for it and it is AWD with limited slip but I decided I didn't want to add any more rust so shes parked for winter. Gotta say I do miss tearing up the lakes with it though. Lots of fun to drive and give the expensive cars a beat down on occasion. GTR say what?
  11. I hate to say it but most of the cars now are pretty expensive to do keys for like that. At Nissan a iKey is somewhere in the 250$ to 350$ range depending on what model you got. No replacing the ECM as we program the ECM to the available keys but the keys themselves are just really expensive. Crazy. When I was on the hunt for a car a couple years ago I was considering a V8 XC90 Volvo and I about fell over when I saw what a key for that ran. I think it was somewhere in the 700$ range. I ran away from that mess fast. Yikes for having to replace the ECM on a Toyota for a new key. I LOVE Toyotas but that is just nuts.
  12. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you guys as well! Hope you can get out and do something fun with the family!
  13. Anyone here...

    For what its worth I have been using T-mobile for a little over a year now and have been really happy with the data speeds. In the metro area I have seen peaks of 22mbps and average somewhere around 10. Pretty solid for HSPA+. As mentioned LTE is supposedly going to light up in the first half of 2013 here too... OnAFly that would be faster than the 3mbps you got now for sure. As mentioned you can use data and still talk too so that is pretty nice. I guess I would still go in and talk to them and make sure its for you.
  14. Great Danes as Hunters/Scouts

    Hungry carnivorous spring deers! Oh deer... I heard they like to go for your ears first.
  15. 2002 Chevy Suburban

    A quart for 3000k is pretty normal. Its been a while since I was really into the chevy stuff but I thought at one point they (chevy) said normal consumption was up to 2 quarts for 3000 miles.
  16. I guess I like ZBAG if I am getting stuff done for myself. Proven Force has always been good too. My thought is since the places that specialize in running gears see a lot of them they might have more knowledge of what trouble spots to look out for and in turn beef that stuff up...Also, I have found that a lot of times they are cheaper too.
  17. Toyota Camry Convertible?

    They are really pretty solid. As Airjer said they have minimal problems. I had my mom get one of these and she's nearing the 200k mark and it has been just had simple maintenance and wear items. Really a pretty nice solid car.
  18. All I can say about CVTs is that I wouldn't own one. I have sold 4 so far this week for assorted Nissans. They do have a halfway decent warranty on them but still, it's a matter of when you need to replace it. I know other manufacturers have gotten it right but still.. I guess if you don't need a ton of space for commuting then go the 2 car route. I have done that in the past and it works well. Kinda nice to have a second car when the first one breaks.
  19. The new Pathfinders are really nice but I would wait a year or two to see what kind of demons lurk in that CVT... I guess if I was going for something like that I would be looking at a new Durango or Grand Cherokee with the v6. The new Explorer looks pretty decent as well.
  20. New Dodge Hemi MPG?

    If they actually do that little diesel with the Ram I will get one. I have been waffling the past year with what to do for a truck and that would be money. For what it's worth allegedly Titans are going to be getting a baby Cummins motor here soon too. (not that I recommend one of those to anyone LOL) Its awesome they are able to do so much with the MPGs AND power now. Compare horesepower/mpgs from now vs 10 or 20 years ago. Crazy.
  21. "Stop Changing Your Oil"

    It all depends on what your comfortable with I guess. Besides that, what kind of oil and filter probably can help too. At work I see LOTS of timing chains, timing control solenoids ect (not supposed to ever really go bad) due to lack of oil changes. Yet people who change it religiously never have problems (well documented with years and years of service records). Our recommended interval it 3750. They hybrids running synthetic run 7k. I know it's considered wasteful or whatever to change oil at 3k or 5k but all the oil we use/dispose is recycled so take that with a grain of salt. IDK, if you live in California and its constantly 75 with little humidity then its probably cool to go forever. Here, especially in the winter months, condensation makes stuff kinda nasty too. So beyond normal contaminants you have that to deal with. The oil life monitors make me LOL. Really, do you want to trust that stuff??? I work in OEM parts and yeah... About that. I am not trusting anything like that with my motor. I see every single sensor on a car fail. ALL of them. Not saying that they don't work but it is a factor of WHEN it fails. Its a big responsibility for a sensor. Personally, I watch what my oil looks like. I mark my sticker for 4k. If its looking really nice at 4k I will go another k. If I have been pulling the boat or ripping through the woods its probably looking really nasty so I change it. I do run really good oil and filters (Eneos synthetic and Purolator pure 1 filters) too so I have confidence in what I use. I just feel better when it gets done. One less thing to worry about.
  22. The Great SUV Debate

    LMAO at that.
  23. The Great SUV Debate

    LOL at that! I guess my Outback speaks more than I thought it did about me LMFAO! I don't really care what people think though cause its been the best vehicle that I have owned to date. least I am not compensating for a lacking in 'other' areas with a gigantatruck. HAHA Anyways, I think to the manufacturers, it all adds up to what the fuel economy and cargo capacity is for them to classify it as this or that. If I remember right Chrysler call the PT Cruiser a truck and GM calls their copy of it the same. LOL at that. Personally, I think a "truck" has to have a full frame for me to call it a truck. Whether it be a Ranger or a Superduty. SUV's and have a fully enclosed passenger/cargo compartment. Trucks have a passenger cab separate from the cargo area. I will call either a truck cause I will put a dead animal in the back of either without worrying about it.
  24. Where To Download Music

    I use iTunes alot and I like it for the most part. It is what it is but it seems like the easiest way to get music right now. I put off the whole iPod iTunes thing as long as I could but this past spring I gave in when I could not find one CD I wanted at three different stores. Google music is pretty decent too. I like how my music on it is available at anywhere I got internet. It works good on my android phone and is nice cause you don't have to store it on the device as long as you got a data connection. If you know your going to be somewhere with no data you can load it onto your storage too. It also has a option to sync with your iTunes too.