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  1. My Oregon 400T GPS has a cracked screen. First of all, any place I can have it fixed at? Secondly, I could barely use the touch screen to navigate on my GPS. I just need my waypoint coordinates. Don't wanna lose my waypoints as I can careless about the GPS itself. Anybody know how I can transfer the GPS Waypoint coordinates out at this point?
  2. Hey guys, This is my first year turkey hunting. Which season is best to apply for the lottery turkey hunt, A or B? I would like to hunt in Northern, MN area. Thanks.
  3. I am actually looking for ammunition with minimum expansion close to FMJ so there is minimum damage to the meat. Expansion means less tracking but a good chunk of the deer's meat is also destroyed.
  4. For my camera, it is weird, per the time stamp on the pictures, every 5 minutes exactly, it snaps a picture of nothing but the back ground. At first, I thought perhaps the branches in the background triggered the pictures, but that wasn't the case since I moved my camera to clear areas and it still snaps a picture every 5 minutes or 1 minute depending on my setting selections. My memory card would fill up with many pictures of nothing since it snaps a picture every 5 minutes and my battery would drain. There must be a setting I am missing to activate on motion only and not timer.
  5. I currently use Swhackers 100 grain. I am thinking about switching to Rage or another kind for better blood trails and hopefully, less tracking after the shot. What do you like to use and why?
  6. So, with my Moultrie A-30 Trail Camera, does anybody know how I would do the settings so that it will ONLY take pictures if activated by motion? Currently, I have played with its settings, and it kept taking pictures based on timer. So every 5 minutes it would take a picture or every 1 minute it would take a picture based on timer rather than motion sensor. Anybody familiar with it?
  7. I plan on hunting in an area that permits the usage of 30-06 rifle for deer. With that being said, what ammo do you recommend for deer hunting for 30-06? I would prefer something with minimum led exposure on deer meat and minimum expansion upon contact with a deer.
  8. Hi guys, I am a beginner and just purchased a Matthew Halon bow last year. However, I haven't waxed the bowstring and figured I should do it before this season starts. My bowstring doesn't seem to have any colors on it showing where to avoid waxing it. Can somebody explain or direct me to a video on where to avoid waxing on the bowstring of a Matthew Bow? I know the part about rubbing the wax into the string good, but I am unsure which part of the bowstring to avoid waxing exactly. Thank you.
  9. Does anybody know or have any information on where to donate an old boat too? I know for cars, you could call and have junk yards come and tow your car away for free. How about for boats? How do you get rid of an old boat?
  10. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help or point me to a recommended contractor that could help me with this. My house is leaking a tiny amount of water down in the basement in the bedroom that is directly below the kitchen sink. Water is coming out of the wall and onto the floor whenever water is turned on in the kitchen sink for 10 to 15 minutes non-stop it will start to leak a little water out, not much, but enough to notice. Any ideas on how to diagnose this leakage inside the wall without having to damage the walls too much? Do you also know of any contractors with experienced in this sort of stuff located in the Saint Paul and Maplewood area? Thanks .
  11. I have perfect vision. No glasses needed. Last time I got it checked was 2 months ago for my driver license renewal.
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if somebody can help me out by giving me some advice as I am new to archery and don't have any friends who does it. I have been having extreme issues sighting in my 30 yard and 40 yard pin. The difficulty lies with me not really able to see my target while I look through my peep sight. I can't see my target clear enough to align my pin at 30 yards or more to it. It is just to blurry. I can see my pin fine but not the target. I have a Gold Rush 3 pin as my sight on my bow. Could it be that my peep sight was installed incorrectly? Is my peep sight too small for me? Thanks..
  13. Hey guys, Which broadhead do you prefer for deer hunting and why? Anybody have had any issues with the Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads?
  14. Hey guys, I am new to archery. I have been researching online on how to measure my arrow length, but have been getting varied information. I know I draw back an arrow on my bow, but do I mark the arrow at where it meets the riser (where you hold your bow) or the rest? Do I add 0.5 inches or 1.5 inches to the measurement? I plan on shooting both fixed and mechanical broadheads, but unsure which one yet.
  15. Hello, I am new to archery and I just recently purchased a compound bow. My draw length is set at 27 inches, 60 lbs, and I have a 3 pin sight. What length arrow is best for Whitetail deer hunting with either mechanical or set broadheads? There are charts to explain on what kind of arrows to get but I couldn't find much that talked about arrow length. Also, before I forget, how heavy should the broadhead be for deer hunting? How would you know which weight to purchase?