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  1. Does anyone know of a good battery charger for the gel batteries like the ones the vexlar uses? Looking for one that will cycle the battery automatically and then maintain the charge while I leave it plugged in. Thanx in Advance
  2. While up in Canada fishing with the faimly, a 'small accident occured and I'm looking for some help in fixing it. My daughter acceidentaly spilled about half my trolling lures in some water that had gas in it in the back of the boat. I can't afford all new lures, so I have to clean these. Any ideas on how to get the gas off of them, once that happened. the fishing just stopped for those lures. Thanx in advance. POvern
  3. Lake CO

    Can anyone tell me the web page where I can get a Lake Co tip up? They are a cool unit, they even have a drag mechanism. Thanx in advance PO
  4. Ice pod

    I don't have one but I use the cover to my 5 gallon pail, with a groove cut in it to the center, then I put one of those rubber balls that goes above the foam on my vexlar on the aqua view line to hold the camera at the correct depth. Seams to help keep the hole open, and it was cheap. Povern
  5. I love my otter, I doubt if I will ever by anything else. PO
  6. building rods

    I've been building custom Ice Rods for about 3 years now. and if you really want to get alot of good information go here: This site will tell you anything you want to know, and all you have to do is remember that to these guys, an Ice Rod is just a short normal rod. PO