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  1. Ham

    Deep weed edge

    I had a 2006 Navionics chip in my 797 that I saved recordings and screen shots with. Try it
  2. Ham

    Side imaging question

    I have found on mucky bottoms I have to crank mine to 20. I have two units 797 and 997 both act the same have to crank up to 20 on deep mucky bottoms.
  3. I would like to say thanks for sharing Wayne, Deitz, Ray and Rob....and thanks to Thorne Bros for the sales you had.
  4. Ham

    Biggest bass you ever caught?

    That pic looks like it was a big one....How much is that boat worth and all your your self a boat camera! Just messin with you
  5. Ham

    When standard search techniques arent working?

    I have a Cumara CUSDX68M for drop shot. I should try that rod for Jig worming to see how that works. Thanks for the help!
  6. Ham

    When standard search techniques arent working?

    When using a 1/16- to 1/4-ounce jig the rods I looked at were med light. The med were 1/4 to 5/8 I think. So I was looking at the Med -light rods. So I go check out the med for lighter ounce jig sizes.
  7. Ham

    When standard search techniques arent working?

    Ray or anyone....What rod action and line do you have when Jig Worming
  8. Ham

    Side imaging on the bow

    I have 797 on Minnkota when fishing rock I can see and tell its rock and keep boat on the spot! I think its worth it. I started with 797 in back then put 997 in back and 797 went to front.
  9. Ham

    Prop help

    Yes trimmed and wide open..I did try a friends 20 in chopper prop and I hit rev limiter a lot harder.
  10. Ham

    Prop help

    I have a 2001 Smokercraft Millentia Full windsheild with 125 merk 2cyc. I have prop that says 19p stock prop I get 44mph top speed and just ticks rev limiter on top end at 5300 or so. Do you think thats a good top end? Thinking of a stainlless prop what would you think I should get? Thanks
  11. Ham

    Bass Photos

    We always say big fish gets you a cookie. But today Dietz watched Mitch and myself eat home made cookies!! Thanks Margie Dietz was given Cookies (He is great guide and we had many laughs that makes fishing that much better) Thanks again!!
  12. Ham

    Bass Photos

    Great time on Martin...had a great time and great laughs. The no cookies for Dietz still make me laugh!!!
  13. Ham

    Any One heard from Deitz?

    Dietz is on the way home with his new ride. He is leaving Ohio and entering Indiana as I was speaking to him at 4:15PM
  14. Ham

    BASS PICTURES 2008!!!!

    Nice to make a kid smile. My daughter said to me now I know how you can tell it a biggen before I see it...because they really pull!!!
  15. Ham

    Best 3 hours of fishing for me ever!!!

    I'm sure glad you shared it with me and others!!!