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  1. Death of a dog

    I good friend of mine just had to put his "best friend" down the other day. He was an old lab and one of the best hunting/companions I've ever seen. My buddy is having a hard time with it, which I understand. I was watching bird hunting on tv, unsure of the show. Anyways it was a hunting resort and they had lost many dogs over the years. They had some really nice graves for the dogs. On one of the favorite hunting dogs grave there was an engraving of a (as i would call it) a "loss of a hunting dog poem." Well I'm looking for the poem and hope to get it engraved for him. I figured I'd start the search here. Thanks everyone!
  2. First hunt help!

    Wow, just thinking about this hunt is getting me pump! Thanks for the replies fellas! We plan on paddling out into a swamp, so we will be in water most of the time. My dog listens pretty well, Heel, sit, not bad on stay. Only problem is he LOVES water. I can hardly keep him in the boat while fishing. I'm thinking I won't be using my gun much, I will just work with the dog alot. I'll let the other guy do some shooting. I"ll report once I get back! Thanks again!
  3. First hunt help!

    Thanks Surface Tension, what kind of stuff are you talking about. I'm leaving friday and thursday is my day off before we leave. My email is: Thanks! Thanks Jaymack, Those are the same thoughts I had!
  4. First hunt help!

    Taking the dog for his first duck hunt in N. Dakota this weekend. Any tips for working with a first time dog. He listens pretty good, but at 15 months, hes still very much a puppy! We've been out for grouse, but hadn't had any luck. Thanks fellas!
  5. Passing a sock

    My 13 m/o lab has eaten 2 of my wifes socks. I've seen them pass from both ends! Amazing! I do know a friend that dropped 3Gs on surgery for bowl obstruction.
  6. I've got a choco lab 10 months and he rarely barks. He whines ALOT! His mother died at birth and was then bottle fed. I'm wondering if he's got some seperation problems. He doesn't whine in his crate unless he's gotta go pee or eat. Any ideas how to get him to stop?..or just young yet. Just thought you guys would like to see a few pics of my best friend!..(next to wife of course)
  7. Limping dog?

    He's 10 m/o and almost 70lbs. He's not chubby at all. I'm hoping for the best! He brings so much laughter and fun to the both of us!
  8. Limping dog?

    So recently my dog has developed a limp. He's a 10 m/o choco lab. We had him out with a yellow horsin around in the woods. He must have stepped on a stick wrong, cause he yelped loud. He seemed fine after awhile. A week later we went on a long walk and I noticed on the way home he was limping slightly on one side. Visited the vet and was told to take it easy for 2 weeks. Well after a few days, the limp became more frequent and prominent. Mind you the limp has never been continous, only once in awhile. So we went in for xrays, they came up ok, they've been sent out for a dif. opinion, which we are awaiting. The vet told me about 10 m/o labs some times can get what I understood as pitting on there joint bones. Which would require surgery. I'm hoping not, cause I'm paying for my wedding and I do not make that much money. My main question is: Do dogs have growing pains??? What could be the problem? Thanks for reading this novel!
  9. Another training question

    My choc lab is 8 months and 60lbs. What a barrel of fun...never a dull moment! H'es still in puppy/dumb mode. He knows sit, stay, come. But only likes to listen when he's on a leash. I walk him everyday and would like to walk with him off the leash. I'm thinking of an e collar, I feel this is the next step. I could put him on a check cord, but I don't think that would make a difference. He knows what I'm saying but I feel is testing me. Any advice? Thanks!
  10. Heading to Lake wissota this weekend. Any advice on where to fish..or what there bitting on. Thanks
  11. New pup!

    Just got back from a pre season pheasant farm hunt in SD. We had a blast, shot tons of birds. I also came home with a 3 month old male cho. lab. He's got some awsome blood lines, all his relatives grew up on the farm 50ft from the birds! At what age should I be taking him in the woods and using a gun. And when is a good time to introduce a shock collar? Basicly I have never had a hunting dog, and have very little clue. Where do I start? I will be looking for a good book.
  12. You don't need a boat...or even a pole!

    Those 4 kids gotta be on cloud 9. Good for them. Its a big fish dead or alive, caught, our found dead, who cares they're happy. 4 new fisherman for life. I'm guessin they didn't have a nice live well to put the fish in. People will always find something negative to say about everything. My 2 cents
  13. Best bobber stops?

    I got a new one for ya! This is one I thought of. I just tie a very small slip knot in the line where I want the bobber to stop. I just wrap the line around my fingers once and pull through. If you pull on the lines the knot comes out. It stops the bobber, and rarely gets in the way of casting if you keep the knot small. When you hook a fish, the not comes undone, yeah you need to re-tie the not but its very quick. I mainly use this knot on my lighter rod. I may get ripped apart for this by the "pros," its kinda the lazy mans way, but it works really well for me. I've never lost a fish due to it. If anyone really wants a better description, let me know.
  14. Boat Landing Etiquette

    Quote: I am speaking of the people that fish off the dock at the boat landings and refuse to move while launchers and loaders need to use the dock and surrounding water to load and unload their boats. My Bad man! I agree with ya its not a fishing dock!