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  1. I'm sure you know that blck birds are protected. I think I would remove that from your post ?????????
  2. Take it to a Gunsmith and have spacers installed to just the length you want . I had Ahlmans do mine and works perfect.
  3. Sounds to me like you just 'short shucked it' when you got excited . Don't feel bad , it happens a lot . I have a few 870's and they work just fine , but lent them to friends who I know got excited and just 'short shucked' them , and whined about the gun which works just fine for me .........
  4. Game Fair - Guns

    Note from admin, Please read forum policy before posting again, thank you.
  5. TPLO Surgery

    I have a 90 lb male Golden Retriever and he tore his ACL the fall of 07 while we were hunting Pheasants . Like you stated , he came up lame and after a couple months of doctoring I was refered to a Vet in Faribault , Dr Katie . She checked him over and knew right away even without an X-ray what it was. She explained the procedure to me and I went with it. $2400 later , and a lenghty rehab he is good as new . She stated that in over half of the situations the dog will tear the other within a year. Max has not done that yet , hoping he won't , and it was performed june of 08.She also told me that it Can happen to Any dog , larger breeds more likely cause of the weight.Good luck with your decision.
  6. Reloading

    Excellent Advice , I've been reloading for about 47 years and I would NEVER load for another...............
  7. So I bought a pressure washer.......

    Most likely the pops are caused by shale in the aggergate.And yes even some of the big concrete suppliers can have that issue. Really doesn't hurt anything , cosmetic. I'm not sure where you are from , but lots of driveways in Mkto show these .
  8. Dog ate bone from eighteen pound ham?!

    My Vet told me to NEVER give a dog pork bones. I think I would take your pooch to the Vet ASAP
  9. Water in motor oil

    I may be old school, but I Always change my oil in the Fall that way my engine sits with clean oil in it. Then before I go out in spring it is checked again and run a couple times and changed again. I feel oil is cheap as compared to what it costs to fix them . By the way , never had a problem yet. knock knock...........
  10. uncased guns in mn?

    It is my understanding that this new proposal would also apply to duck hunting. If you have ever tried to get a cripple on the water from a boat you would realize handy it would be not to have the gun cased. I think it is a GREAT IDEA.........
  11. Anyone shooting Crows????

    When we were coyote hunting last week we saw a couple crows that were ABOUT to do damage. Well , they won't do anymore........
  12. Finally!

    Well , I'll just say that most of the ones we shoot are in southern Minn. I seriously doubt if the yotes up north are bigger , but since we don't hunt up there I can't be positive .Of all we've taken only one 40Lbs so far . Of course we don't weigh all , just an obvious big one.I still maintain that on a scale they shrink . Just like those 250 lb bucks LOL.
  13. Finally!

    Won't tell you specifically where we hunt , but will say this . Actually the total is 207 , about one third were shot in N.D.
  14. Finally!

    They might appear to be 40+ lbs, but when you actually put them on a scale they shrink.........we have taken over 200 in the past 4 years and the largest was just 40 lbs on a scale.Most are in the mid to high 20's and some males are in the lower 30's
  15. Tub and surround replacement

    Forgot to add . TURN OFF THE WATER.............. BEFORE you whack at it ..........