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  1. Went out today in my Clam Voyager and a buddy and I cut a very large hole and sat side by side and speared. Only stuck a couple but the house worked well. I do put down some floor mats to darken things up and I am planning on putting more velcro on the windows.
  2. Hot water boiler question

    This seems to be exactly what's going on. I didn't think it looked that old but this explains my situation perfectly. So, I guess this is something I have to live with. Thanks for all of the replies! Mike
  3. Hot water boiler question

    Alright, so that confirms my thought that something wasn't right. I guess I'll call the property manager and see if I can get something done. Thanks again!
  4. Hey Everyone, I just moved into a different house and I'm not real familiar with the boilers. When I have the thermostat all the way down the boiler still heats but the pump doesn't run. It seems like even with the thermostat down, I can't get the house any cooler than 70 degrees without turning off the burner. Is this right? Seems to me that with the thermostat down it shouldn't run at all. I'm renting but I'd like to have some info before I call the property manager so I'm more educated. Thanks in advance! Mike
  5. new to spearing

    Axelman, you can use a sucker on a harness or an artificial. I'm new to spearing this year as well and it's been a blast. I finally was able to stab a few within the last week. As far as using the quicklip, you should be good. I'm using a Fatfish which is similar. One suggestion would be to get some rugs to put down on the floor. Today when I was out I forgot my mats and I had a couple fish come in but took off at the slightest movement. After that I grabbed the floor mats out of my truck and put them down around the hole. I have several fish come in after that and they came in great. Good luck and have fun!
  6. I'm in the same boat. See "Getting discouraged" thread. I have actually seen some little guys but takers yet. Good luck, we gotta score sometime right?
  7. Getting Discouraged

    That's funny stuff. LOL. About the ice block, I'm very surprised that the vast majority of people leave the block sitting out instead of marking the hole with a stick. Doesn't seem very smart.
  8. Getting Discouraged

    That's great info. Thanks everyone! I'll be out on Friday trying these new techniques. If anyone has anymore to share, feel free to throw them out. I'll make good use of them.
  9. Getting Discouraged

    Ok, you guys are great! This helps tremendously. I have just been learning from my buddy. He's doing well but he said he never spears in more than 6-8 FOW. Good to know. One more quick question about this if you don't mind. Since you are only fishing 3ft down, are you then not worrying so much about water clarity as long as you can see well enough for your spearing depth?
  10. Getting Discouraged

    If you're in 12-14 fow how deep are you putting your decoy? I would guess maybe 6ft? Are you working a breakline most times or flats? Thanks again for the help.
  11. Getting Discouraged

    So you're saying that I shouldn't spear my decoy yet? I'm glad to hear that I'm not he only one. My buddy who got me going has been getting a bunch, so that makes it hard. I'll keep at it. As far as my hub house goes, am I understanding that it's ok that I don't have the entire floor covered, just partially with some mats? My FatFish is much darker than the old Mankato so that would solve that problem. Thanks again. I'll post pics if I actually stick something other than my decoy.
  12. Getting Discouraged

    Man I'm really starting to get discouraged. I just started spearing this year. I've been out 4 times to places that others have been getting fish but I haven't seen any good fish yet. Just as it was getting dark once I saw 3 little ones but that's it. I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong. I've only actually been out with someone once so I'm not experienced at all. I'm hoping someone can give me some tips. I've been using a live decoy about 12" long, I put it down about 3-4 feet while fishing in 6-8 ft of water over weeds. 3 of the times out I used an old mankato that was given to me. There's no holes but the canvas is pretty thin and quite a bit of light comes through when it's bright. Can this be a big problem? The other time I was out I used my new FatFish. I would prefer to use that all of the time but I'm concerned about the lack of floor and clear ice. I used some rugs around the hole to prevent slipping but afterwards I thought maybe the fish could see the odd shapes and movement inside. Are these things that I should be concerned about or is going out 4 times without seeing anything normal? Please help, I'm getting very anxious to get my first fish! Thanks
  13. Do you leave your canvas house out?

    Thanks again Everyone! Great tips. I'll have to figure out some reflectors. Shouldn't be a big deal.
  14. Do you leave your canvas house out?

    Thanks guys. Something to think about. I'd hate to lose it but it would be nice if I'm going out the next day. We'll see how it goes. I sure wish we could be driving out. It would make things a lot easier wouldn't it?
  15. I was given a 4x8 Mankato that I converted to a spearing shack. I am kinda sorta thinking I might leave it out once in a while. I see canvas houses out sometimes, does anyone do that? Is it just a bad idea? Thanks