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  1. Motor Buckin'

    thanks for all the help, after working with a guy that knows way more than me, we cleaned the carbs and all was better. thanks for the help.
  2. great, thanks for the responses. where is a good site for determining the boat value of boats? i have not been able to find a decent one. I will ask the guy about reducing it closer to your recommendations. thanks again, this is really helpful Dan
  3. Hi- I am looking at a used boat an am wondering if you think this boat sounds reasonably priced? New boat for me; besides being an older boat, the people selling appear to have taken care of it very well. asking: 6500 Boat Info: - NEW 2012 Batteries -- 1 cranking battery, 2 deep cycle batteries (for 24 volt trolling motor) - On-board Battery Charger -- Cabela's Dual Bank Advanced Anglers charger to easily to charge BOTH trolling motor batteries quickly and easily - Bow mounted, 2008 Motorguide Digital 82 lb thrust / 24 volt - Lowrance LCX-15mt -- Rear-mounted color graph and GPS, includes GPS puck and own transducer - Lowrance X-87 -- Bow-mounted LCD graph, includes own transducer - Livewell - Electric Start, tilt/trim - Electronic bilge and navigation lights (front and back) - Storage -- Rod storage locker, front bow compartments - Seating -- 3 swivel seats (picture below only shows two but we have a similar 3rd seat) - Custom canvas boat cover - Gas Tank -- 6 gallon tank, unleaded gas - Spare Prop for Mariner motor Trailer Info: - Easy load Karavan aluminum trailer - Breakaway tongue -- tongue shortens down the entire length of boat, motor, and trailer by 42", perfect for small garages! - NEW 2012 trailer tires - Bearing Buddies - Spare tire -- never used, side mounted for easy access, includes cable lock for added security - Trailer Jack thanks
  4. No more snapping trolling motor ropes........

    what are you using to connect it to the trolling motor? I have a motorguide and it is a bear to get at the actual not connecting it to the trolling motor. we are always doing a uni-knot to get the two lines to connect. great idea
  5. Motor Buckin'

    Is a fuel pump a pretty easy fix? looking online at carbs cleaning, it appears to be a lot more extensive in work. thanks
  6. Motor Buckin'

    Hey- My motor is bucking a bit when I open the throttle up. basically when I am moving forward at a minimal clip, it works perfectly. When I open the motor up, it feels and sounds like it is 'down shifting'. After decelerating and accelerating a couple of times we were able to get the motor humming at full speed. I have replaced the spark plugs, fuel lines and connectors to the fuel line. I was thinking that it was the spark plug but its not, we are getting good firing. Do you have any other ideas on what else could be causing this. The gas is new, with the correct amount of seafoam. We have gone through about 3 gallons puttering around. this is a 40hp Mariner. Thans
  7. GPS Networking

    This clears it up perfectly. thanks for the help on this. i will have this connected this weekend and ready to fish! thanks
  8. GPS Networking

    with this being said then, i would not have a connection into the actual GPS port on the second unit that is recieving the GPS signal from the first, correct? The GPS signal from the first unit would flow through the power cable on these unused lines and then using the menu prompts the second gps would 'understand' to pull the information from the GPS line, correct? So in general the 0183 line is the power cable? Thanks for the help on this, I got the wiring diagram from lowrance but it is tough to follow as it only should the front of the units. A
  9. GPS Networking

    So with that being said, I can just splice the connectors that I currently have and I should be good? I am surpised that there isn't a easy connectors that can do this without having to connect bare wires. also, does anyone have a picture of what they did so I can feel more comfortable doing this? thanks!
  10. GPS Networking

    Hello- I have two GPS enabled Lowrance units: LCX-15cl and LCX-17M. I have one GPS puck that I would like to use for both devices. I have been told by Lowrance that I can do this but have questions on the following: Do I need to get a special attachment to connect the GPS cable to both units or do I splice the data line to connect all three cables together? (based on the wording I've recieved from Lowrance it appears so below, but I imagine I am miss reading this) What else do I need to buy to make this work? The other directions sound simple enough I am just not sure what I need to complete the network. here is what lowrance sent me: You could actually connect the NMEA-0183 communication wires from the LCX-15MT and LCX-17M power cable in order to send the GPS signal from one unit and over to the other unit. On the unit that has the GPS Antenna connected into it, you would take the Yellow wire from that NMEA-0183 harness and connect it to the Orange wire of the unit that is going to receive the GPS signal. Then, connect both bare/silver wires together. You are probably going to have to purchase some additional lengths of 18 AWG Marine Grade wiring in order to connect both wires to each other's power cable harness. After the wires are connected properly, you then just have to go into both unit's menu setting and activate to send/receive the GPS Signal. On the unit that has the GPS antenna connected and is going to send the signal to the other unit, you will power your unit on, then press Menu twice, select System Setup and press ENT. Then, select Communications Port and press ENT, select NMEA-0183 Output and press ENT. Once you have a visible "X" icon in the box next to NMEA-0183 Output then this GPS is set to send the signal to your other unit. On the other unit, you will power the unit On and go through the same Menu sequence. Once you are in the Communications Port menu, instead of selecting NMEA-0183 Output, you will select NMEA-0183 Input and press ENT until the "X" icon shows up next to NMEA-0183 Input. Once this has been done, both units should now be providing you with a GPS signal. please help a poor bass fisherman who loves technology! Thanks,
  11. zumbra, lotus, steiger, and ann

    I am planning on getting out bass fishing tomorrow, first time in a while, and with the wind that is expect we are thinking about a smaller lake on the west side. The lakes that we are thinking about are: zumbra, lotus, steiger, and ann. Has anyone been out to any of these lakes recently and can give me an updated on how the bite was and the temps that you found with the water? I have fished ann and zumbra before, with some success, but not the other too. If you have any tips you would like to share all the better. The plan was to get out on Calhoun but with the forecasted weather, I think a smaller lake will treat us better. Thanks, A
  12. Any Bass Reports from Chisago/S. Lindstrom

    I didn't get out last weekend as some chores came up. I will post when I get out. thanks for the replies
  13. Any Bass Reports from Chisago/S. Lindstrom

    thanks for the quick response, did you have any luck out there? This weekend appears to be a very hot one