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  1. Crow Hunting? I want to try it...

    Some eat the breast meat..not sure why, not me, no way.. Hunted just for the sport of it...just toss the dead crows in the woods, critters need to eat too.
  2. Crow Hunting? I want to try it...

    Yep, been there many times, however I am interested in more local information..from the folks here that crow hunt...
  3. Hello to all, been a while since I have been here, and it was always fishing related...but now as the 1st Crow hunting season approaches (March 2011) I am wanting to give it a try...maybe I will be successful, maybe I won't. But none the less I was to give it a pun intended.. Anyway, I live in the South East Metro..I am looking into purchasing some electronic crow calls, some manual calls and some decoys. I have a pump 12guage. I have found a few sites online with what seems to be good info. But I am hoping to hear some feedback from the folks around here on what I need to know, where to find them, public land vs private land (Yes I know I would need to ask permission)and what do ya do with them once you shoot em? Sure as heck aint going to eat them... I know they are a destructive bird, and it's free to hunt... So, all you crow hunters out there, would you mind helping a newbie to the sport out? I sure would appreciate it. This site has proved to be successful when it comes to my fishing times, now I am hoping for the same on my next adventure... Just looking for what I need to know, and hopefully some helpful tactics on the sport. Thank you for your time...and Happy New Year... Alan
  4. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Nice fish MPLSFisher, thanks for sharing. Are you using a digital scale or the length/girth for the weight ? Just curious..nice fish...nice fight I bet.
  5. Metro Carp

    I have had pretty good luck on the Mississippi in St Paul park...Lions Levee park...right out in the main channel..corn on a #4.with a 1oz sinker..then's kind of a slow bite, but once they hit, hang on...
  6. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Nice aren't they?
  7. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    One of three today.. Man I hate cheap cameras...sorry for the poor quality.
  8. I am thinking about trying my luck at fishing for Channel cats on the Mississippi. I never targeted them before, but I want to target something with a little more muscle than a Carp.. I was thinking of walking up close to the ford d*m on the St Paul side. Does this area hold channel cats? Just below the D*m.? I am going to Fleet Farm tonight and getting some circle hooks...what size should I get? And should I stop at the bait shop and pick up some fat head's and cut em up? Or could I get away with hot dogs...or crawlers?
  9. Metro Carp

    A bait holder hook helps too...size #4 maybe a #6
  10. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Quote:Alan, new spot?St Paul Park.. was a little slow...managed four fish, landed three of them, one got off the hook..
  11. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Couple from what a beautiful day it was to be fishing!
  12. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    One from today...thought it was bigger from the way it emptied my spool...
  13. Carp Fest?

    I have heard much talk of this. Does this happen in Minnesota? If so, where can I get information on it? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide...
  14. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Nice fish...especially that Quillback...Thanks for sharing...
  15. 2009 carp and other Rough fish pics

    Quote:kept peeling line and eventually ran to a downed tree and SNAP.In which pool, North or South? Should have jumped in after it, instead of watching her fight it then snap! LOL Quote:Maybe guilie suits are in order... lol Ha ha...had no idea what that is...did a search...funny...I can see it now, waiting in ambush to catch a Carp...LOL Keep the red hockey jerseys at home, might have something to do with it... I figured you were out's cool how that warm and bright sunshine just brings them out to the surface.