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  1. Kind of a Nordeast fan. Gotten some strange looks asking for a friendly beer too
  2. Derby pie? Now you got me curious
  3. The biggest offenders on the lake we fish are the locals too. It's common in the fall to see the same boats, 3 or 4 times a week, for 2 or 3 weeks. The sign posted at the PA asks that people put anything > 10" back. Most of the people that I see practicing C & R shouldn't be as they are fishing so deep that they are dead anyway
  4. Your weekend case is what I have, $20 @ L & M on sale
  5. The Graduate for me, not sure if it was R or X now.
  6. Most years they start getting scarce about Labor Day. Gulp leeches?
  7. Same here. A cheap Plano gun case on sale at L & M for $20 is what I use.
  8. Many here talk about the cheap little computer fans. They don't take much power & can be hooked up to a flasher battery. I'm not sure where they get them, the bay, maybe. Any local place that repairs/ recycles computer parts might be able to help
  9. After I had sampled Laphroaig a few times, I got curious & had to read the label. Interesting stuff, the way they describe how they get that taste
  10. A local watering hole where I spent some time behind the bar had a bottle of your scotch sitting around Wanderer. A few tried it & then it sat around getting dusty. I've tied a few different scotches & Laphroaig is quite different from most the others that I've had.Very very smokey/earthy. A good buddy was a avid Glenlivet consumer & I got to where I liked that on occasion. What about Jameson & some of the other irish varieties, not like the others being mentioned here IMO
  11. Oh yeah, good ol' MD 20/20
  12. Had to dust off a bottle of Beam Black a while back & most of that went down neat. Most of my Beam regular is done with water or on the rocks. Some Coke ,Dr. Pepper in there now & then. Had some Makers regular & liked that too. Like Opie said a lot of different ones out there & you don't know until you try it. Boones Farm brings back another name from the early years for me, Annie Green Springs, I think it was
  13. Mostly Beam regular here, through in some Evan Williams now & then.
  14. According to his profile he visited HSO last week, so it would be worth a shot IMO
  15. Same here eyeguy, we like sweet baby ray's too