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  1. Vexilar has reconditioned ones on their site for about .60 on the $1.00
  2. Weed whacker issues

    Unleaded gas / ethanol & sunlight dry them out pretty quickly, so they crack easily. I think Reb's right on the gasket as I recently had our small rototiller apart to replace a primer bulb, it too had cracked, & that gasket was sticking out a bit as well.
  3. Hummingbirds

    Just filled our feeders, here at the lake, again last week. They weren't completely empty either time but it's the 3rd time we've added to them.
  4. Sonar Interference

    That's very possible. We have 2 units on our rig but the 1 on the console has the transducer on the transom & the other is on the bow with the transducer on the TM. The pic of your screen looks very similar to what we get on our on our Elite 5 when I get too close with my Marcum flasher when we are ice fishing.
  5. Hummingbirds

    Seen another, around the garden, this morning. Looked like he was checking out the red cones on the tomatoes.
  6. Hummingbirds

    Had 1 at the feeder on the shore Monday, when we got here.
  7. Sonar Interference

    I would try putting the ping speed on manual & turning it down a little. At WOT you may need to adjust it back up. Is there settings for surface clarity & or noise reduction? I assume there is, you may want to take them off the factory default settings & try adjusting them manually as well.
  8. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    We haven't
  9. 96 mercury 75hp rpm problems

    We have the same issue at times with a '02 Crestliner FH & '02 115 Yamaha. Other times it will work perfectly for extended periods of time
  10. Sonar Interference

    I might try playing with the sensitivity, ping speed, & chart speed settings. Is everything set on Auto? How fast were you moving. If that doesn't help I might give Lowrance FAQ's or where you checked for transducer placement.a look. Nothing in the manual? Any new software updates?
  11. Our lilacs, here at the lake, have just started to bud out.
  12. Windshield wiper motor

    Is there a windshield wipers union in Mn ?
  13. American Restorations

    Yours look a lot better than any of them I rode in.
  14. American Restorations

    Remember riding in some of those. They could really go & with that steering were kind of dangerous Especially towards the end of the round when the driver had a couple more than you thought.
  15. 96 lund floor replacement

    My guess would be that when it's a little windy & the boat is bouncing / rocking a little more the 1 on the side probably helps keep it from splashing over the top. Keeping the inside of the boat a little drier.