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  1. Our lilacs, here at the lake, have just started to bud out.
  2. Is there a windshield wipers union in Mn ?
  3. Yours look a lot better than any of them I rode in.
  4. Remember riding in some of those. They could really go & with that steering were kind of dangerous Especially towards the end of the round when the driver had a couple more than you thought.
  5. Try a search for "Sausage Heaven Outdoors". A lot of good info there.
  6. You might want to look into a transducer board too. They can save you from drilling more holes in your transom if you want to move it or need to replace you unit. I've heard of people using cutting boards to make their own instead of buying them as long as they are thick enough.
  7. The owners manual on the last 1 we mounted said to put it on either side, starboard for us, depending on which way the prop turned. I think the distance from prop & how high can vary with the different units & different hull designs. Ideally trying to keep it away from as much cavitation as possible in order to get optimum performance. What brand of unit do you have? I would try to contact 1 of their techs to see what they recommend. Might even try the boat manufacturer or some place where you do the majority of your business for buying fishing equiptment that might sell your unit.
  8. Nice work!
  9. Sound like an expert to me
  10. Ice

    I know a guy who was up in the Marcel area last weekend. He fished 5 lakes, including Bowstring, & said he drove on all of them. There was some water on top but with this cold spell that should be froze again, Another warm up coming mid week so that will change again but ATV and / or walking should be OK.You might try posting over on FM in the Fishing Reports forum for more replies. A lot of us who fish this area use the Grand Rapids / Deer River / Bowstring forum. Google Geiger's Trails End for live webcam or call to see how their landing is holding up
  11. Kevan Paul is a guide on the lake & organizes the yellow bass tourney they have every year. I see he now has a bait shop over there too, another is The Crazy Minnow. Just google Clear Lake bait shops. One site has fishing reports or maybe just a email or phone call. Welcome to FM / HSO., TW
  12. We managed to sell all( 3 or 4) of ours. We'd just tell the BIL we wanted to get rid of it & he would. Putting a price on it that was about what we thought the motor & trailer were worth helped, I'm sure
  13. What type of wood are you putting in for the new floor. Might look into another way to paint, stain, seal it.
  14. The 1 causing us trouble is in the bottom of our livewell. Somehow somebody managed to get it crossthreaded & it's a real PITA to get the overflow tube started right. I've just been plugging it, but that leaks & letting it go out the side.
  15. So how did you get the livewell overflow out? We've had some problems with ours & have toyed with the idea of replacing it. We don't really want to tear all the floor up though.