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  1. good to know. I'm wondering if those stray hens were just feeding or were they with no tom? Do you have to just be more aggressive to try to stray the tom to your call?
  2. I picked up a late surplus tag so I'm deciding to go out tomorrow. We scouted a few spots and found a stray hen here and there but no toms. Is it too late to bag a tom? We found single hens running around with no group. Was the hen just feeding solo or is she part of a pair or group? Are they done or can we still call the toms out? Any help before tomorrow would be awesome.
  3. Katman

    Help me choose a new rod.

    All great rods! But I would sway towards the Shimano! The Clarus, Compre, or Crucial would do you justice... with an OVER THE COUNTER warranty! But.. just not from Joes.
  4. Katman

    Bass fishing after the rain

    some of my great days have been during or around storms.
  5. Katman

    chartreuse what a wonderful color

    I love green/chart mix and black! Most my plastics fall under these two colors.
  6. thanks guys... Insurance will take the hit on this one. Thanks!
  7. Friends called me from the water after finishing a tourney. They were cruising slowly to the lauch at Tonka but hit a rock. The prop is bent pretty bad and won't spin. There is no oil leaking but it won't shift out of the forward position. What can be the problem?
  8. Katman

    Senko worms

    There are wacky rig specific hooks, o-rings, etc.. but you can do the same thign with just a hook through the center of the senko. The rings will save you a few more fish and the specific hooks sometimes have weights and/or a weedless hook.
  9. Katman

    Senko worms

    There is no wrong way to fish a senko! There's a reason why ppl love them... THEY CATCH FISH! Most popular would be to texas rig them or wacky. I'm sure the guys that use these more often then me will shine in.
  10. Katman

    Got my new Core 50! Reviews?

    Ease of pitching and casting distance. The ceramic bearings are lighter and are smoother but are a tad bit louder. If you haven't tried them before.. give them a go. They're about 15-20 bucks and very easy to replace on reels. Shimano are super easy. Daiwa has it on the spool so it's just a bit more work. Made improvements on my daiwas so I tried them on my core. They were just a little louder then the normal bearings but boy did they make a difference. I have them in all my baitcasters! I can give you the info to the reel guru on tackle tour forums. He's an awesome guy and will tell you what's best. He'll even tell me where I can find the bearings cheaper then what he sells it for.
  11. Katman

    Got my new Core 50! Reviews?

    ergo and shape. Skimmed off about .5 ounce or so. Much more over the flipping version. I'm not sure if the gear is still brass or not though. Added 3 more bearings.. I take it, it was to the worm gear and knobs. Much more palmable then my other core.
  12. Katman

    thick cover

    I'd use it for the docks, frogs, jigs, etc. It only doesn't work if you don't think it will. I remember there was a time when I had 1 medium 6'6 fast action rod that did EVERYTHING!
  13. Katman

    Got my new Core 50! Reviews?

    they made a difference in my daiwa and other core. I wouldn't doubt it. I'll report back tonight. Maybe I'll hookup to a monster!
  14. Katman

    thick cover

    I use my 7'2 med/hvy fast action with just 20lb braid. Depending on the jig size.. I sometimes would love to have a 7'6 hvy fast action.