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  1. Packers-Cowboys

    You mean like this?
  2. Tying Leaders

    Thanks, that's exactly what I am doing, but I was using a Palomar knot. Good to know that the Trilene knots have held up and you haven't had any problems. The ability to change quickly, efficiently, and with however I want to design my snells/leaders is the appeal. Thanks again.
  3. Android flashlight app

    I have the Motorola one and haven't had any problems with it. Don't think it asks for many permissions either.
  4. Tying Leaders

    So toying with the idea of making my own Flouro leaders. I have read about people using super glue on the knots in order to keep them tight. Has anybody done this and/or noticed any detriment/problems? Any difference in catch rate, vs non glue? Thanks for any info, just kind of floating the idea around in my head.
  5. Tablet suggestions?

    If you are tied into the apple ecosystem, it makes sense to get an iPad. Just pick the size you want/need. If you want to go the Android route, the Samsung's are good and any of the Google Nexus tablets are good.
  6. Linkin Park is free for me this week. Downloaded Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon last week. Kind of digging the free albums.
  7. Legit Ford Vs Chev

    I won't get into the Chevy/Ford debate, as there is always enough of that. Basically the 3.5L EB is equal to the 6.2L GM. Power specs will differ a little but they are pretty comparable in performance. Specs will vary depending on year, as both have been updating their engines and models. For the new F150 that is just starting to hit the lots, there is a new 2.7L EB that is equivalent to the 5.3L GM, but is a little quicker. MPG's are all within 1-2 of each other in 4wd models.
  8. Just use the Google Play Music App on your phone, and it should be there. You can also save it directly to your phone's memory by clicking on the little "thumb tack" looking icon next to it in Google Play Music.
  9. Packers 2014

  10. Interesting, Google Play is showing Lorde for free for me.
  11. Samsung Blu Ray issue

    I assume its just hooked up via HDMI, correct? I would check and see if there are different output settings for the different sources (Blue Ray, Netflix, Internet, etc...) on the Blu Ray player and make sure those are set to Dolby Digital or whatever is appropriate for the source. I would assume Netflix should be Dobly Digital. For the internet stuff are you talking You Tube, or more like streaming radio? Sometimes if a source is set to Dolby Digital, but the source is only out-putting stereo, it will route it through the Center Channel Speaker (my old Marantz Receiver used to do that, my new one doesn't as it switches to a virtual surround automatically). Probably wouldn't hurt to update the firmware/software if its needed, either. Hope this helps, sorry if I rambled a little. Without seeing everything and knowing what you have, it can be tough to figure out.
  12. ^ This. I haven't hunted it in a while (we have family farms there), but it was OK. I think its less than that now with a lot of CRP land getting plowed under. Just my opinion.
  13. Computer question

    I'd take it to a shop and get an estimate for what he wants, then compare it to the Christmas deals that are starting already. Might be cheaper just to buy new, depends on what he wants. If he just wants a little more performance, might be cheaper to upgrade the RAM and video card (assuming its s desktop). I've done both of those in the past and they aren't very hard.