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  1. Nodak

    I wouldn't even bother going to NoDak before Nov 1. Too many yahoos. There's still plenty of guys up there later, but at least most of them are legitimate hunters
  2. Arkansas 2017

    Awesome way to finish the season! Too much green for me though. Gotta through a little variety in there!
  3. Probably my last birds of the season. We shot a 5 man limit yesterday and had an absolute ball. Gwt, bwt, ringers, gads, & all 4 of the guys that drove down got a mottled. We hired an airboat service to give us a ride out there and back, since I didn't trust my boat going through flooded timber and weed flats. Sadly I had to leave early and wasn't able to get in on the group pic, but it was an awesome day hunting freshly flooded timber. Finally got my bwt drake and it was perfect, so he's wall-bound. All in all, every guy that came down is bringing birds home for the wall and we had some great hunts. Already can't wait for next year
  4. Well, today was both awesome and extremely disappointing. We hadn't been hunting my pintail, wigeon and mottled duck spot because I had heard it got beat up pretty bad over the weekend and I wanted to let it rest for a few days & build some birds back up. Got all set up & had enough pintails work to make it interesting, but the wigeon were pretty much a no-show. The majority of the pins (a couple thousand!) landed to the west about 1/2 mile away in an area I've never seen birds work. Buddy shot one, and we had a flock of 8 buzz us while we were picking dekes (as they always do). On the plus side, we were only 1 bird short of our pintail limit (2 hens didn't make the pic) and 2 of them shot their first pintail. One guy that has been hunting for 25 years shot 2 gorgeous pins that are wall bound, the other guy that shot his firsts got a drake and a hen. All had sprigs but some were pulled before the pic to save for mounting as we didn't want them to get broken during transport. Also not pictured are 2 drake shovelers and a drake and hen red. All in all a slow day but my buds were ecstatic. Tomorrow, we head to a lake that I've never hunted but has had a lot of cinnamon teal (as well as bwt, gwt, wigeon, gads, fulvous and whistling ducks, pins and mallards) shot out of it this year. Wish us luck!!
  5. Buddies from Michigan, MN, ND and WY got here Sunday, started hunting yesterday. Yesterday coulda gone better and coulda gone worse. We had 2 spots in a marsh that we were debating on setting up. Chose spot B. Had we chose spot A, we woulda been absolutely covered up in birds. There was about 1500 pins, teal and a few wigeon sitting there when we came by. at least we shot a couple nice bwt. Total take was 17. One drake bwt was already in the freezer when the pic was taken. Day 2 was a diver hunt. Mainly had redheads come in, with one nice flock of scaup that we dropped 7 drakes out of. Had 3 flocks of buffies buzz the edge of the longlines but not commit to
  6. Arkansas 2017

    You know that saying, "anything good is worth waiting for"? Yeah, that's dump. I hate waiting
  7. Arkansas 2017

    Hard pass on the ipa's, but everything else...yes please I finally found a good stout down here just a few weeks ago. I miss MN brews
  8. Arkansas 2017

    I hear that. The lack of a hangover that you get from better stuff when you're waking up at 0330 is worth every dime
  9. Arkansas 2017

    I thought your "how's your liver" remark was a joke about salt damaging my liver. As far as booze, man, I'm a lightweight these days. I only drink more than a couple beers at special hunting trips. Long story short, I'm a cheap date, tomorrow starts my five day trip, and I'm gonna be hurtin the next couple days What's your firewater of choice?
  10. Arkansas 2017

    I see what you did there...
  11. Arkansas 2017

    One of these years im gonna talk you into trading a day or two in the woods for a day or two on the salt
  12. Arkansas 2017

    Nice work man. How were bird numbers this year compared to others? Seems like reports are all over the place up there this year. Some guys are crushing em and some are struggling
  13. Nope, just me and the family. I mean, I've only shot I think 38 ducks this year. I have a 4 day trip coming up next week though. Hopefully I can add another 24 to that number, but that's still around 38 light than my goal number and waaaay lighter than the 2 years I was in North Dakota. Doubt I'll ever beat those numbers though. I can't remember exactly, but my last year there i shot well over 200 waterfowl and pheasants just in the fall season. No idea how many snows were turned into jerky during the spring hunt
  14. Yeah, that's all over the Texas waterfowling FB pages. Incredibly sad, but so avoidable. It was absolutely brutal out there this weekend. Perfect duck day and man were they flying, but if I wasn't walking to my spot, I wouldn't of gone out in big water in anything less than an 18' Lund. These bays are huge. Around the size of upper Upper Red, or bigger. I don't know of many sane people that would head out on URL with 40mph gusts