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  1. I just did an online search for "How to interpret sonar images" and came up with a lot of results. I guess that's where I would start. Can also be helpful if you have a lake in which you know the bottom structure well and then can see how the sonar reacts to each condition such as what it looks like when you know you are over sand vs mud bottom, etc.
  2. I doubt it makes a lot of difference. It'll be at room temperature in a short time and long before it's done recharging anyway. In fact, the charging process will warm it.
  3. Not sure about this time of year but in mid to late summer I have some success speed trolling shad raps over about 10' of water. Of course weed depth plays a role but in Lake Osakis I have found a few pockets devoid of weeds this time of year in the 8'-10' range and find eyes in there. Spinner rigged with minnow or leech can be effective too.
  4. Just thought I'd share an experience we had last week. We booked a trip to Brown's Clearwater West Lodge north of Atikokan, ON for a weekend chasing lake trout. Strike one! With the recent warm weather the guy that organized the trip called up to the resort to find out what the snow conditions were like so we could decide whether we should use snowmobiles or ATV's. He was told that there was plenty of snow on the ice so we loaded up the snowmobiles and headed up only to find that there was no snow on the ice making it very difficult to run the machines without overheating the track rails. Needless to say, we had to change plans and rather than running up to White Otter lake where we wanted to go we had to stay close to the resort. Strike two! When we arrived we went into the office to register, shoot the breeze with the resort owners, and pick up some beverages we had requested ahead of time. There was nobody in the office so, thinking they were somewhere around, we stood in the office for about 20 minutes before one of the guys noticed a note on a door telling us to make ourselves at home in to cabin 3. No big deal but it became a little more as I continue this report. Strike three! One of the amenities of the resort is the use of the wood-fired sauna. After we unpacked and had been out fishing we were looking forward to relaxing in the sauna only to discover there was no firewood cut for it. Now it is usually a little bit of a self-serve meaning we expect that we may have to split some wood but there was none to be found. I looked around but could not find any other supply plus the owners were nowhere to be found. This was about 5:30 pm so not real late and their operating hours do run later. We never were able to take advantage of this service for the entire time we were there. Again, not a show stopper but when added along with the rest of the story it becomes a bit more significant. Strike four! Another feature of the resort is that the bedding is supplied so we are not required to bring our own. When it came time to go to bed we discovered there was no bedding at all save for one thin blanket and a mattress pad. Fortunately some of the guys brought their own just in case. Others such as yours truly did not think about that. Strike five! When it came time to check out we went to the office to pay our bill. This was about 8:30 am and there was nobody around. Some of us waited for a few minutes in the office while others took a walk around the place to try and find the owners but they were nowhere to be found. We had no choice but to leave and the organizer would try to make contact later by phone. In fact, at no time during the four days we were there did we see any activity from the owners around the resort nor did they make an appearance to just stop in and say hi and check with us at all. It was like going to our own little fishing shack except we would have been far better prepared if that were the case. Strike six! When we finally made contact to obtain the bill they were not willing to negotiate for the lack of amenities and services they didn't provide. It is painfully obvious to us that they don't really care if we come again in the future. I will give this resort a 1 star rating simply because we still managed to enjoy ourselves anyway.
  5. Thanks a bunch for the info. Very useful and appreciated.
  6. With my decision to upgrade our desktop PC I find there are a lot of options available. Weeding through all of them is a bit taunting so I have some questions. Processor: I'd like to hear what others recommend and why. From the searching I've done I seem to be leaning toward Intel i5 or higher. With that said, should I go all the way to i7 or ...? We don't do any online gaming. We use our PC for internet surfing, some video streaming, and otherwise offline work. Could possibly consider video chatting at some point but not on the radar at this time. Memory: My past experience has been to get the largest memory the system will handle. It seems memory is one of the first things that begins to be compromised as time goes on. With that said, what about dual channel vs single channel? Hard Drive: We currently do not require a huge hard drive. Our current drive is 140GB and we've only used about 110GB. Plus I have a 1T external hard drive that I can use. It seems most packaged systems such as Dell or HP offer 1T HDD. Any reason I would need anything more? Monitor: Our current system came from Dell. I had to uninstall some bloatware and trial software but otherwise we have been very happy with it. The monitor still works fine so I'm wondering if there is any benefit to replacing it with something newer? Productivity: We do use our PC for spreadsheets, documents, and presentations. Back in 2007 through my work I was able to buy an extended license version of Office2007 Enterprise which we have been using. It's legal as long as I'm an employee but at 58 I'm considering early retirement so I may not be able to legally use that package for too many more years. Besides, with my uprgrade I figured it is a good time to upgrade to the latest office package. With Windows 10 it looks like Office Online may be a worthwhile consideration. One disadvantage that I see is that Office Online does not allow for offline reading or editing of files. Of course, 99.9% of the time this will not be a concern as our PC will be online unless the server is down. Aside from that is there any advantage to buying an office package? I have a lot of respect for the knowledge you all have so I'm looking for thoughts and ideas. Thanks,
  7. I looked at upgrading to 7 but from what I understand our processor will be a potential issue. I figured on just upgrading the whole system. It's a pain in the neck decision because no matter what I upgrade to, it'll probably be old junk in about two years again.
  8. I'm sure some of the loss is the advancement in technology. The amount of data that must be downloaded just getting on a website these days I suspect is probaby a lot higher today than it was just a year or two ago. I suppose video streaming is not any different. I contacted our service provider yesterday and asked them to check my modem connection and they replied that everything looks good. No loss of data recorded over the last couple months. I did inquire about possibly upgrading the connection to a higher speed. If the modem is compatible it sounds like I could double to a 10Mb connection for an additional $2.00 per month. If not, I could upgrade the modem but it would cost almost $200.00 for the upgrade. I'm waiting to see where that goes. At any rate we seem to have narrowed my bottleneck to most likely being my router so I'm going to be looking more seriously at upgrading, especially when I upgrade our desktop. Something that I have noticed in the last week or so. As I mentioned, we're still using Windows Vista 32-bit which is no longer supported. This is also causing other compatability issues with apps such as Google Chrome no longer sending updates and other applications but about two weeks ago I received a notice from Microsoft that Security Essentials is no longer supported for Vista systems. I decided to look for another anti-virus software. I previously used AVG before switching to SE. I liked it but noticed that it too was starting to give me some issues with compatability. I found that Avast still supports Vista so I uninstalled SE and installed Avast free. Ever since doing that I have discovered a noticeable improvement in our system performance. Waking up from sleep mode, boot up, and just all-around performance seems much more responsive than before. I'm suspecting that AVG and SE were high performance hogs. Anyone else experience anything like this?
  9. By high speed I guess I was speaking about more than 5Mbs, which is what I think ours is. I'm not sure I fully understand the results from a speed test. Which value should I be looking at when verifying my connection to the advertised 5Mbs - ping, download, or upload? Thanks
  10. Our DSL Modem is a 17-year old BEC. Our wireless router is about 10 years old. I figure it's time to upgrade the router for sure and possibly the modem. Would like your thoughts. I don't pay for high speed internet but I strongly suspect our router is a certain bottleneck. We used to have no problem streaming video (Netflix) on two devices at the same time but in recent months it seems we experience issues streaming with just one device if a couple are just browsing the internet on their smart phone at the same time. Am I on the right track that our 10-year old router is just not capable anymore? Could we also be struggling due to the 17-year old DSL modem? I am considering upgrading our home PC this spring (we are still using MS VIsta Home Premium 32-bit). We hard wire our desktop but wireless connect our printer, Wii console, a laptop, and up to three or four smartphones. We don't do any online gaming but we do use the WiFi for streaming videos from Netflix via our Wii. Our daughter will also stream videos wirelessly via her laptop. Any suggestions for a good upgrade without breaking the bank? New modem and router or just the router? Is there a combination modem/router that might be a good choice? Two story home. Thanks for your thoughts.
  11. Sounds like the other guy was full of wind.
  12. Is Grain Belt a whiskey? I thought that was beer. Maybe I drifted into a new thread?
  13. Something else to keep in mind. When I was bow hunting I learned judging distance is not as easy as one might think. The bow I used was not super fast so judging a deer to be at 30 yards when it was really 40 yards would mean missing. In my experience, we over-estimate distance sometimes by quite a lot on open areas such as open fields or on a lake. On an open area one doesn't have anything to provide a size reference so we tend to think objects are closer than they really are. Sometimes we can be off by quite a bit. It works just the opposite in the forest where we have lots of references for size. Most of the time when a guy says he shot his deer from 50 yards it is probably a good bet that it was not quite that far. Personally, I don't like to get too close to anyone else. When on open water I rarely fish where others are. This can sometimes work against me as there is probably a reason for them being there. When ice fishing I try to stay 50 yards or more away from others. At the very least, I don't want to be close enough that our lines could become crossed when handling fish.
  14. I don't have anything against permanent houses but giving it some thought, something could be said about leaving houses on the lake. A guy puts up a permanent house and suddenly there's a part of the lake that is off limits because nobody else can fish that area. I know there's a lot of lake but why was that place chosen for the house? The same reason that another guy may want to fish that area. What's worse is when a permanent house is only used once a week or once a month. Nobody can fish the spot for as long as that house in in that location. Add to that a group of houses put up over a known structure. At least, with a portable, once you leave you leave the lake open for others.
  15. Condensation will typically appear first on windows because they are going to be colder than the walls so I would suspect that is a good place to watch. I read that it should be kept down to less than 1/4" of moisture along the bottom of the windows. Any more than that and you can figure your inside air is getting more humid. While it might feel nice it can be damaging to the structure if it remains that strong for lengthy periods of time.