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    Fishing Lake Superior and snowmobiling the Taconite and NSST
  1. Underwater lake trout strikes video

    You can find them for $129 on hsolist ,,,, I use mine on Superior ,,,With its clear water it works great ,,, Inland lakes shorten up the leader
  2. Remember Leech ,,, I was the one who came back looking for you and pulled you out ,,,, Maybe I will get help when I go off the trail again
  3. The Trestle isnt real busy during the week so getting a table isnt hard ,,, Your day of the big R will come !!!
  4. Yup,,,, took the big R in july ,,, No more planning to ride ,,, just wake up look outside and go
  5. The guys at deer camp asked me to make my meal with some steelhead fillets I got from a trip to Isle Royale ,,, Ive grilled a lot of salmon but never steelhead ,,,Any one have a good recipie??? I plan to steam some broccoli to serve with it unless there would be some thing better
  6. Im optimistic,,, We have had lots of moisture over the last few months and hope that pattern sticks around when it gets colder ,,, I will be pulling the sled out of storage later this month to prep it for another season of solo riding during the week on the NSST,,, With a quiet 4 stroke and riding solo you sure see a lot more wild life on the trails ,, Now if I could only get used to taking picture when out riding
  7. Isle Royale 2017

    MM we did bleed out all of our fish ,,,, Notice the fillets that are on the cleaning board and there's no blood on tthe board,,,, LOL Wont post it on GLA to avoid Hawghunter from commenting on it
  8. Our latest trip to the park ,,, Grab a beer and enjoy
  9. Steve ,,, Check your pinecontesa email,,, I sent you the link to our IR trip 

    1. leech~~


      I did great video.  Man it looks like you guy are having a great time up there.  Nice fish.  Looks like the lake was a bit rougher on the way back?  Wish I could get in on a trip like that! :)

      Just heading out of town up to our camper for a nice long needed weekend! 

      Thanks for sending that. 


  10. Isle Royale

    Just got back from our second trip to Isle Royale ,,,, Weather wasn't perfect (glad I now have radar) but we got lots of steelhead this time with a brown and lakers mixed in ,,, Hope to have another video of our trip in the next few days ,,, Didn't see many other boats out fishing around us but lots of trailers in the lot at Grand Portage
  11. Got to Algoma to end the july fishing ,,, It wasn't lights out fishing but never got skunked in 6 outings one the lake ,,, Lots of steelhead and a fair amount of Salmon with the biggest going around 24#s,,, done fishing Lk Mich but concentrating on the next trip to Isle Royale
  12. Teaser!

    The boat is getting lots of use,,,, Heading to Algoma july 29th and back to Isle Royale later in august
  13. Teaser!

    I might have to jump on the Harley and take a ride to the trestle some time soon
  14. Slide divers

    I read a thread in WC yesterday about s-binder dipsy set up ,,,I have fished with slide divers with poor hook up success ,, Lots of trips of the diver but no one home when reeling in
  15. Isle Royale

    Made the trip out to the island in some fog ,,, Fishing was rather slow till we put a pattern together ,,,A fellow fisher man had a waterwolf camera and showed us some underwater video which helped us put our pattern together,,, Weather was cool but calm seas helped ,,,, We didn't get any salmon or steelhead and from the chatter on the marine radio neither did any one else but the lake trout cooperated ,,, Making plans for another trip later in august but this time I will have my own waterwolf camera Hope to have another video to post when the Capt has time to put it together (I didn't take any pictures) I was surprised that it wasn't busier being the holiday weekend ,,, We had other boats at the dock but getting a shelter wasn't an issue