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  1. Another good day today out on Superior ,,,, Had my first double and triple in the new rig today ,,, the day didnt start out with perfect weather but the fishing more then made up for it ,,, The mud covers a lot of water but fishing the tea colored water and edges of the mud paid off ,,, the cohos grew 5 inches from eating this years smelt,,,, had some go 23 inches today
  2. Got out and fished Yellow for the mn opener weekend ,,, No hassles at the landing like I would have seen on Mn waters,,, Picked up a few fish friday ,,, Lots of short fish and the nuisance pike,,, Still lots of short fish saturday but we had our 2 man limit by 9:28 am with the average fish being 18 inches add to that a few bonus crappies and not a single pike
  3. Got my Lake Superior fishing started back on Feb 18th ,,,, Launched out of McQuade yesterday and had lots of other boats fishing the Lester River area ,,,, Not a stellar day fishing but every one we spoke to at the landing caught fish ,,, with most of the fish coming at sunrise and then shut off by 8ish ,,,, Lots of shore fisherman by the French River ,,, Didnt see as much bait like we did in previous outings but the water is still 34 degrees ,, Cant wait for the smelt to start running BTW the cohos are running on the small size compared to last year
  4. I record quite a few weekend shows and get to watch them when my wife lets me use the remote ,,, I used to watch Butch Furtman but I struggle with his fish handling skills ,,especially those he releases,,, Since I got hooked on greal lakes fishing I watch Salmon Showdown and other YouTube videos about salmon fishing just so I can figure out the acronyms of the lures they use
  5. I only got about 1400 miles on my sled this season ,,, Most of them solo ,,, but the trail conditions were better then past years
  6. I have the cable type on my renegade ,,, Needed to use them twice this season ,,, Got them at Dennis Kirk ,, Not over priced in my opinion,,,,but nice to have them when you need them ,,,I dont regret getting the cable type scratchers,,,, they do tuck out of the way when not being used
  7. I'm thinkin the trails in the Duluth area are done for the season ,,,, there is still some good trail riding up around Grand Portage but we need some good snow to cover the ice in the corners and creek crossings
  8. Well we got a few inches of snow last nite with more forecast for tuesday ,,,this may help the trails up here some
  9. Got up to 42 here today ,,,the forecast is sayin below freezing for the next few days but warming up for the weekend ,,,, Like I said I wont be riding,,,, but living up here Im kinda spoiled having what you want in my back yard
  10. Got out for a short ride this AM ,,, Short due to dirt, ice and moguls,,, the trails up here sure took a beating this weekend and I wont be riding till we get some more snow ,,,Like 4-6 inches would do nicely ,,, Im old enough to know sledding should be enjoyed not endured
  11. I got out and rode from Duluth to Bawabik/Giants Ridge today ,,, got 170 nice miles with smooth trails and 2 inches of fresh snow ,,, Seen 19 deer on the trail ,,,one was rather close ,,Too close for my comfort ,,, Only seen a handful of other sleds but Im sure the NSST with see plenty of traffic this weekend ,,,those of you ice fishing and waiting for ideal riding conditions ,,YOU are missing out on some very nice sledding conditions
  12. The NSST was just as flat as some of the other trails I rode today ,, Dont think they groomed sunday but week days are the way to go in my humble opinion
  13. Got out early this AM and put on a quick 110 miles doing the Pequam/Brimson/Yukon loop,,,, The trails were a 9.5 out of 10 for conditions ,,,, Must be getting some lake effect snow up by Two Harbors and along the shore as it was snowing like crazy and I was putting the first set of tracks on the first 70 miles ,,, Seen 2 other sleds out on the trail,,,, things sure are peaceful during the week,,, I think I could get used to these 6 day weekends
  14. Ive worked in the security camera business and a quality camera that would pick up weeds would cost too much for the DNR to put any to good use ,,, But knowing our DNR they would probably try
  15. I wont be sledding till sunday ,,, will let ya know then ,,, we did get 4 inches last monday and forecast to get 5-8 on this coming tuesday