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  1. Any experience with the humminbird 899

    I've owned a 798 and now a 999. When I bought the 999, my buddy bought the 899. The screen size plays a big factor, especially between the 798 and the bigger models. Not as big of a deal between the 899 and 999, but I would always say buy the biggest you can afford. My 798 and buddy's 899 run the compact. The 999 runs the HDSI transducer. There is a noticable difference, but if you're new to SI, the 899 is better than no side imaging at all. You can still find fish. Bottom line is know the differences, know your budget and buy the biggest you can afford. If you buy the 899, I believe you can exchange to the HDSI for something like $70 if the transducer is still new and not previously installed, so you could consider that too.
  2. Marcum lx6 or lx7 summer use

    I added the high speed transom ducer and it's pretty sweet. The 2d sonar is as good or better than my humminbird 798. Now i have more real estate for sonar, side image and map. Well worth the money in my opinion. Have it mounted on a ram mount.
  3. Smokers, what kind do you have??

    Big green egg. Awesome and versatile.
  4. BGE gasket help

    I've had mine since last christmas, and I'm about ready to need a replacement. I do both pizzas and high heat searing (650-700) somewhat frequently, and I too have chalked it up to cost of a use. It's a fantastic grill/smoker though. Just did ribs last sunday, and I'm starting to drool thinking about them.
  5. New Grill?

    I cannot speak highly enough of the product or the company. After a couple years of debating on dropping the money on one, my wife surprised me with a large BGE for christmas. I've always been a gas grill guy, and I will never go back. I was always concerned about time to heat, temperature control, etc. It's actually easier with the Egg. I got the nest, the folding side tables, and the placesetter, which is essential if you're going to smoke things (creates indirect heat). I use only BGE brand charcoal. You have to use lump, no briquettes. I've only tried a couple other lump charcoals, and I would not recommend the cheap stuff they sell at Menards, labelled "steakhouse" lump. It doesn't burn as hot, leaves more ash, and burns down faster. I can fill the egg with BGE charcoal, set at 225, and do a pork shoulder for 15 hours overnight with hardly any adjustment to the vents, and it leaves a surprising amount of charcoal left afterwards. Get some good chunk smoking wood, not chips, and you're good to go! Service is top notch too. I bought mine from a local store that delivered and assembled. Good idea because of the weight of the thing. They didn't properly assemble the handle and I lost a screw holding the wood handle on. I emailed BGE and they sent a whole new assembly (I just needed the screw and nut) within a few days. I sound like a pitchman for the company, which I am not. Just a happy customer. They aren't cheap, but they aren't much more than a nice, stainless Weber gas grill.
  6. Trolling line counter reels

    I have both, although I haven't used the Daiwa yet. Just got it over the winter. I like the Cabelas. Both seem to be well made. One thing I like about the cabelas over the Daiwa is that the Cabelas has a silent retrieve when the "clicker" isn't engaged. The Daiwa still clicks, albeit quieter. Otherwise, I don't think you can go wrong with either.
  7. Preferred Tackle Box/Bag

    I have Cabelas largest advanced tackle bag and it's been bulletproof for two years now. It's fantastic.
  8. New prop pulling to the right?

    I haven't found anything out of the ordinary with the skeg being bent or out of line or noticeable damage to the front of the lower unit. I ran the boat again tonight and I found that if I trim the motor up much higher, the hard pulling goes away. Could it simply be that the new prop, despite the same specs, would not require the motor to be trimmed down as much? I used to run the motor with the trim all the way down and it ran straight. Now, it's up about as high as the fine tuning will go and it runs just fine. Anyone else experience something like this? Cribbageboy, I did notice that the prop shaft is not perfectly straight. When hand spinning the prop, it's a TINY bit off (maybe 1/16 to 1/32 of an inch). If this was off more than a tolerable amount, wouldn't the symptom be vibration (which there ins't any) more than pulling to one side? Thanks again for all the advice guys.
  9. So, I've only owned a boat for a little over a year, so I'm still a professed newbie. Over memorial day weekend, I bent the heck out of my prop, so I bought another until I can get the old one repaired (and it's always nice to have a spare). Both are aluminum. Motor is a 2003 Yamaha 75 four stroke tiller on a 94 1775 Pro V. I don't believe the prop on the boat when we bought it was the OEM since it was black. However, after a year and no complaints in performance, I replaced it with one with the same specs (13 1/4 x 17). The replacement I bought was a Yamaha OEM. Got it on the motor and took it out and it now pulls HARD right. I've made no other changes in the boat or motor. I tried the trim tab in multiple positions and it still pulls hard right. Any other thoughts on how this can be, or suggestions on how to adjust? The props LOOK identical, except of course the new one isn't bent up.
  10. Where on Opener?

    Leech Lake for the first time on opener for me. Just wish the week would end.
  11. what do you pull your boat with?

    I have a 2003 GMC Envoy. Got about 19 hwy last week to/from South Dakota not towing. Towing a 17ft Pro-V, I got NINE to Ottertail in June. Nine. Next vehicle will be a big V8. I agree with 53orbigger that I feel like I'm working the vehicle too hard at times.
  12. Lowrance H2O reccomendations w/ lakemaster chip

    I have had no issues with my H2O. I agree with Magnum though. Check the list of lakes. I used both the old Lakemaster and Navionics until the new Navionics added a couple local lakes I like. The Lakemasters have always been pretty accurate. I wasn't happy with the accuracy of the old navionics for some of the lakes I fished. However, a few funs this year and the new navionics 09 chip is just as accurate.
  13. berkley gulp alive tackle bag

    I sent mine in a couple weeks ago... They cashed the check, so I'm expecting my sometime soon...
  14. Side Image Sonar...Worth It?

    I ended up going with a 798C SI in the boat this year. I've only had it out twice, but yes, it's a little hard to see the side imaging on a smaller screen on the water, especially if it's in split screen with GPS or the downward sonar. The dual memory slots are nice though (one for the navi, one for recording). The nice part is that I will record on the water, then replay it at home where I can study it and pause. The best part is being able to then mark the spots at home, so the next time you're out, you can hit those. Yes, they are pricey, but man are they cool. One suggestion is change the side scan setting to 50 or 100 ft (mine was preset to 148ft on each side). This will help blow the images up a bit.
  15. This site is an economy stimulator!!

    Agree with you completely. Between the money I've spent on new gear/toys and the amount of time I've "wasted" online, it's really unbelievable. The sad thing is, I'm not only like this with fishing, but golf too. Another expensive hobby when you're buying new clubs all the time. They're like fishing rods; the ones you have get the job done, but a new one will obviously catch more fish/lower your golf score, right? ha ha ha