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  1. Ice show

    Anyone stop and take a look at the ultimate rattle reels? I ordered a few yesterday and should get them early next week. Just trying to get opinions on what u cats thought about them?
  2. Would You Sell It All For Your Own Pond?

    Nope, way to predictable. I like the idea of a pond but no way would I give up public lakes. Being out there all alone is boring:)
  3. Good find

    We have local grocery stores that carry it in Norther Wisc, but you could also buy it on one.
  4. Good find

    Nope, I grind the pork and venny only once then mix in the seasoning and hand mix it all together. I then let it sit for at least 24hrs, I add the copped up cheese and mix it again by hand right before I stuff it.
  5. Good find

    Yes, I invented a patent pending suffer tube that does that.... Kidding of course, that was totally luck which was the reason I took that pic:) The cheese is basically just chunked up, I chop them with a chefs cleaver until they are the size of a eraser head on a pencil any bigger I have issues with it clogging my stuffer. It fairly easy with a dry crumbly extra sharp cheddar any thing else is just to sticky and doesn't stay together during the process.
  6. Good find

    Sure, I used about 21 lbs of venny, 4 lbs of pork shoulder 2.5lbs of extra sharp cheddar (I like high temp cheese but don’t like the price) and PS seasoning. I think PS seasoning is as good as it gets and it comes with everything so it’s real easy. I used collegen 21mm casing. I dried them out at 120 degrees for an hour or so then 4-5 hrs at 160 with heavy smoke or until internal temps hit 140-145. Let them cool and vacume seal them the next day. This is my go to recipe that is hard to screw up. My kids chew these sticks up!
  7. Good find

    Cleaning out the freezer, I ended up finding about 25lbs of venny from last year. So if course I smoked up some venny and extra sharp cheddar snack sticks.
  8. Agreed! Tell mother nature to drop the temps a little!
  9. Any feedback on the ultimate rattle reel? I like the size and the idea they are aluminum.
  10. There is a support, it’s actually extremely sturdy I just don’t have the strap tightened.
  11. Took everyone’s advice and stopped being stubborn, the tank is now housed on the exterior and the furnace and thermostat is hooked up and running fine. Only item left is rattle reel selection, my chair, and bench seat.
  12. Morgan's first deer

    Way to go Morgan, that is one big deer!
  13. Got my mounts back

    It's where Highway 51 ends and the fun begins! Most people go to Hurley for vacation and and leave on probation.
  14. Got my mounts back

    I currently live in the Rhinealnder area, but mostly hunt in SE Wisc (Washington County). I am very familiar with Iron River and Ashland as I grew up right across the river from famous Hurley Wi.
  15. Got my mounts back

    For N wisc, this guy was not the cheapest in town, they all run from 375-500, I picked this guy based on word of mouth and my Conversation with him regarding completion dates. Maybe you am just to picky? Again, they are not bad but I wouldn’t call them great. So what the heck, did Minn cancel deer season I don’t see any threads showing those huge bucks I was accustomed to drool over in the past 10+ years.