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  1. i have seen more useless products succeed, but I can't see a practical use for this thing. I do agree with the icing aspect as well as the battery life. U better have a option to free spool this.
  2. Not nails but worse, they are self tappers from the metal roofing:) Sorry, I need to take the angle grinder out there and zip those off this weekend. Funny you bring up the name kabob, that is actually the name of one of them if they don't produce:) Here is a short list of the names my kids came up with: - Kabob - Soup - Nugget - Fried - Drummie - Pot Pie I cant remember the others but you get the point...
  3. the complete ridge line of the roof is a vent.
  4. The ladies are loving it, they were a bit upset at their 6 am wake up call however I don't allow dependents to sleep in!!!
  5. The tenants will be in there this weekend. I pick them up on Friday, I will keep y'all posted if they like it or not...
  6. Way to stay on them, looks fun!
  7. You may be on to something there leech, good suggestion... if you're ever in NE Wisc, stop by for some eggs...
  8. Had a old 4x8 trailer that was in rough shape and turned it into a coop. The cedar was left over from a sauna build that I had milled off my hunting land. The coop turned out pretty nice better than I wanted/anticipated , planning on 10-12 birds in a 6 foot high fenced in garden that I have no time for. Their run will be 50x80 feet so they will have some room to run. The coop has 4 nesting boxes, chicken door and a person door for cleaning. My though process is the kids will lose interest fast, this way it's easier for me to get rid of, just hook it up and drive away to the new owner:)
  9. yeah this is going no where, way to go leech:)
  10. Let me ask, how would one go about searching for such an article? Cuz I just went to WP home page and didn't see anything regarding this. Although when I search "I love vags" from work I get called into the Presidents office:) Plus males do this all the time, below are some examples:
  11. I picked up a 1 month old empire dv215 for 75 off the liiist. I had to convert it from nat to lp but that was also pretty cheap. It's heats my 8x12 that has been foamed pretty good. It will be better once I get a 12v celing fan to push the air down
  12. I have a Empire 15K vented
  13. Timely conversation with me, I am working on finishing the inside of my 8x12 skid which is primarily a day house 99% of the time. The 2 items that I want to supply power to is lights and fan(s). Just not sure the best way, I don't want to have to rely on a generator, I have one but don't want to bring it out with me all the time. I think 12V may be my only option, but with a handle of "Electrical Jesus" I may be wrong and will be following your thought process closely!
  14. Shrimpo's and ratfinkee's, mostly in bright color arrangements with fairly aggressive jigging. It was a blast!
  15. Me and the boy really got into them yesterday. We kept a couple good meals but let most of them go. They averaged 10-14.75", plastics outfished minnows at least 5-1. Ice is still holding out good in our area, we only moved once and in both areas still had 15+. Great day on the ice, plus had a little time to play with the Star Wars figures when he got sick of reeling them in.