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  1. Nice find!
  2. Thats my fear!
  3. I just need some more time, he has 14 farms so there are lots of hiding spots!
  4. Yeah, not sure why they want it so bad I am guessing because there are not many of them around that are all stock. Not sure and at this point really don't care.
  5. Nope not running, still finishing up on the new title with the state and I have it sold a few times over. Actually a Harley Davidson shop bought it in N Wisconsin, that is if I can get the title figured out. Hoping I hear back in the next couple of weeks. Funny story, I called up HD shop gave them the VIN to get stock keys and the mgr, said really you really have one of these? He jumped on his Harley drove over and made a offer that I accepted pending the title work. Ugly bike but man was there interest, mainly because it is 100% stock and it's had everything I guess.
  6. Nice work, any tips on temp and time? They look great...
  7. yum tasty, and the food doesn't look bad either:) Nice work.
  8. Congrats looks like a beautiful and productive lake! Nice work.
  9. Came back clean on the free online vin checking sites, we will see what the DMV says in the next few days.
  10. Great suggestion I got it! Now to check if it's hot:) hope not because I have a guy on each coast wanting this bike in a bad way.
  11. Makes sense, I can always stop the video if I get a clear image of a digit.
  12. I tired that, didn't work for me. I tried play dough and a paper and pencil to no avail. The numbers are there I just cant make it out. I think I need to take off the lower fairing to get a better view.
  13. I found the VIN but I just cant make out the numbers. It seems to be in good shape, so maybe I need to get my eyes checked:) I would love to post it here for all you secret decoder specialist, however I am not sure if thats a good idea.
  14. There is lots of stuff, but again he is a hoarder so he won't get rid of anything hence the reason he bought 14 farms and he's not even a farmer. It's a shame, he has a couple of Porsches from the 70s that are now part of the landscape on one of the farms. His bone yard of "n" series tractors is impressive, ther must be 20 of them just rotting away. Oh, I did find some sheds while I was there also. I didn't look hard, I was pretty lucky I have less than an hour searching for these 3. The one on the left is a pretty good one, should be a dandy next year if he's still around. He hangs out within 20 yds from a barn. That G2 is 10" and pretty thick around the base.
  15. One decent one.