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  1. Driftless

  2. Wheelhouse flooring help

    Reb that is my thought also however, I would love to hear replies also as I plan on installing mine in a couple of weeks.
  3. good suggestion, I will do that.
  4. Holes are cut, next steps include: Internal painting (planning on just a water based latex interior paint, unless I hear otherwise) Install of coin rubber flooring, then secure hole covers Install heater and thermostat Install solar or stand along battery powered lights Install rain splash guards over (3) windows and exhaust so the sliding snow doesn't effect operation Install furniture Install cedar accessory backing for rattle reels, hangers, etc... I am sure there are items I am missing, if you know of something please alert me!
  5. That what I thought also, this heater is vented and the reason I bought it was because it was a bit safer per the reviews and to eliminate the condensation. I have a empire direct vent DV-215.
  6. Do you recommend them leech? I do have 3 windows and the empire Heater will be vented.
  7. Finally got the spray foam done, turned out ok. My goal initially and still is to just paint the inside to keep the weight down on the shack. I had him spray about 3 inches on the floor and 1.5 on the walls. There is a few places where the foam bulged but it's not to bad. Once the painting is done, I will put up cedar boards up for coat hangers, rattle reels etc... I think I am doing a light gray on the walls with a bright white on the celing. Then I just have to install catch covers, kids bunk, heater, etc...
  8. Dozer issues

    You are right, not sure why I initially took the blame. Maybe to many Busch lights while weaping when it first happened. My 70 year old buddy was driving who is also my camp cook. Great guy and he did indicate to me it wasn't running long after it happened. Really doesn't matter at this point, it's my dozer he was helping me out while I was cutting the trails with the tractor and brush hog. I found a mechanic locally and it getting dropped off as soon as I pull it out of the woods with my tractor hopefully next week.
  9. Dozer issues

    It's a 1981, with a fairly new undercarriage. They typically go from 12-18K depending on maintenance records, blowby, blade configuration, and most importantly undercarriage percentage left. I think when I get mine rebuilt, it would now be on the higher side.
  10. Dozer issues

    I don't think it's going to be all that bad, a rebuilt engine installed is about 5K or so. I am hoping to have about 3K into it once it's all said and done. But time will tell.
  11. Dozer issues

    Not good, it's seized. I dont think my friend is telling me the whole truth on the amount of time it was running after the incident. I only pulled out about 1/2 qt of oil when I changed it this weekend. Regardless, it's my dozer, its my problem, and I allowed him to drive it. It is getting hauled away next week to see what my options are.
  12. I did, but didn't find anything. Not sure I am doing a proper keyword search however. I believe it is called a termination cap.
  13. just the outer shell,
  14. Trying to source a vent cap for a Empire DV-215 and I was shocked that they wanted $75 for this little flimsy part. I went to Menard's and they have plenty of them for under 15$ but they need both intake and exhaust which they don't have. What is everyone else using? In the big picture it's peanuts, however if I can save a little I will. Sorry for the double pic, not sure what happened.