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  1. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    I took my boat to a boat mech. He told me to try and change the oil sensor module. I think is what he called it. So that is comming in tomorrow and I will try that but if that doesn't work he said that it is the oil float. But that doesn't make any sence cause I filled up my oil tank then trolled for 8 hours before the alarm went off. So you would think that if the float was stuck it would have went off right away. I am going to try and run both props at top RPM then give a report back. As for the water pump. The pump is spraying the water out very well. But I have never changed it and I have owned it for 3 years so I guess I will look at that too.
  2. You grab the pike by the back of the head. So your hand is over the gill plate. If you put the death grip on him it will be no problemo. Just make sure you grab the tail when you get her out of the water. In one day I caught a 39, 40 3/4, 41 1/2, and a 43" pike. Only the 43" I went to shore to land him.
  3. trock84

    Looking for vacation ideas

    Rainy Lake. Kettle Falls hotel!!! Very Cool I used to work there.
  4. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    the alarm was continous. So I guess I am bringing the boat in to get fixed. No I was not at full RPM. Yes I was trimed up.
  5. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    I tried out the 17" on saturday. the 19" would go 2.8 to 3 mph at idle and 41mph at 5000 rpm. The 17" would go 2 to 2.2 at idle and 34 to 35mph at 5000 rpm. The 17 did very well for a long day of trolling. I have a 1990 merc 115 on a tyee 1750. As for the fishing I did very well but very small eyes and sauger. I did run into a problem though. On my way back to the landing a alarm went off in my boat. My first instinct would have been low oil but I filled it that morning. So I checked it and I did use oil that day. So now I am at a loss. Any Ideas?
  6. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    I believe I am around 5000 rpm with the 19" and I believe the max is 5400 rpm
  7. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    thanks lmitout I am just going out for a day of trolling. Not much running around. I will pay close attention to the motor when I am running anywhere.
  8. trock84

    17" VS 19" prop

    I have been trolling with a 19" prop on my tyee and I was wondering if changing to a 17" would slow down, Speed up, or have no change to my trolling speed?
  9. I am looking at a used Old Town Discovery 174. I have never used one so I am looking for a little info on how people like them. I understand they are a little heavy. I will be taking it to the b-dub so I had better get in shape. Other then that how are they?
  10. trock84

    BWCA trips for '08

    I guess I will have to stay in the US. I guess canada doesen't like my buddy
  11. trock84

    BWCA trips for '08

    I am looking forward to seeing those pictographs. I was able to see a few on alice. But that was a few years ago. Is there a lot to go threw about going into canada to fish on a border lake. I would love to go up to moose bay but is it worth it?
  12. trock84

    BWCA trips for '08

    I will let you know how it is I am going durring the last week in may
  13. trock84

    BWCA trips for '08

    Putting in at mudro. Going up to basswood then down basswood falls into crooked. I have been wanting to go down that river for a while now. I have been to crooked and basswood but not both on the same trip. Finally have a good group(I think). I think this will be my 19th trip to the B-dub. Anybody been this way?
  14. trock84

    Best "trick" you taught your dog

    I have taught my 100 Lb Red Bone to stand for a little while then give me a one or two handed high five. I haven't seen many dogs that big stand for that long. And he will give me either a loud bark or a quiet bark for a treat.
  15. trock84

    Name These Rigs and Win !

    Blood red rigs