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  1. You want the wider tracks. I've had tracks for years and the wider the better.
  2. I've only seen one toy hauler fish house that was big enough for a ranger/general and that was years ago down at the ice fishing show. Full hydraulic and that thing must have weighed 6000lbs empty.
  3. I haven't checked my draw yet, it will be on the list. Now that I know I need a fuse in that location it will be actually charging the battery. My house has not left the shop, still finishing it up.
  4. Yeah if you would, I thought I had read it should be a 40 amp? I think that is the size of the reverse polarity fuse. It never dawned on me until I read earlier that a fuse should be in that location, of course had I disconnected the lead and checked the output I would have discovered it as well, but still wouldn't have known why. The book/manual makes no mention of adding a fuse in that location.
  5. Just was doing a little bit of google research and I might have figured out the problem, I don't have a fuse in the spot above the reverse polarity fuse. From what I read a fuse should be there to send power out the red wire to the battery. The manual is a little vague on that or I just plain missed it. Now if someone could verify that for me it would be awesome? My house is up north at the farm so I can't just walk out and check. Thanks!
  6. I think it is the 8735 converter. Battery is a new group 27 Cabelas AGM (only 1 battery). I can't rewire my lights and stereo to the converter. I have an 8 gage power and ground from the battery running up the to wheel well storage where I have an additional 12v fuse panel for lights and radio. The sub amp is also wired directly to the battery. I have not checked the output from the converter, its brand new also but that doesn't guarantee it works. The furnace is a 30K suburban and it is wired to the converter. Reason I know there is a problem is on Saturday I was messing around with the radio, setting the amp etc. and noticed that the led lights would flicker when the bass would hit, and yes I was running the radio hard. Checked the battery voltage and it was down to 11.5 volts with the converter plugged in. Hooked up my Battery Tender charger set to 8 amps and the battery recovered and was fine after that.
  7. I've been looking for the amp hour charging rate for the typical WFCO converter, I can't seem to find any information on it. I don't think mine is keeping up with the battery draw. The only thing I have connected to the WFCO supplied dc output is the furnace. My stereo/amp and other fuse panel is connected directly to the battery. I'm thinking I need to add another charging source to the battery.
  8. I have the same furnace. It's actually quieter than I thought it would be. The Atwood 18k in my old house was noisier. I mounted mine under the front couch. The plan is to box it in & sound deaden the plywood like Lip Ripper did. I wanted it in the middle of the house to blow heat to the back and also at the door. My last house had the furnace in the front & 16' is too far to push heat.
  9. Nice storage spot! Good idea
  10. I'm not sure on how much foam it took. It has over 2" on the bottom. What happens with the cold surface is you have to "flash" the surface with foam then go over it again, it uses more chemical to do the same job. So the price to do a cold house is more. The foam comes out hot & creates more heat during the chemical reaction. The froth paks were more expensive than having it done in my case.
  11. Yes no reason for stainless in this application.
  12. Keep in mind its technically winter and by foaming it in "his" shop he is doing a service to you and you are paying for it. Your house will need to be at least 50 degrees to foam it. I just had my 8x16 floor sprayed in my shop this past sat and it was $220. The guys that did mine are done for the season, getting too cold to travel and keep the chemicals from freezing.
  13. Here is the p/n of the screws I used from Fastenal. #0148433 #10 flat head self drilling screw x1-1/4" long. I'm sure Northern States supply or other places can match them up as well, I have an account and paid about $0.09 each. Pre drill the wood so it doesn't crack. I installed with an impact driver. Try and keep your fir strips straight and at nominal dimensions it sure helps with the second layer of installation. For reference I used about 350 screws to fir a 8x16 Yetti.
  14. Thanks!
  15. So I haven't posted in awhile but thought I would update on the progress. Wasn't too much to show up until now. Cedar tongue and groove is finally finished and the bathroom wall is completed. I used the Minwax matte finish water based poly 2 coats sanded in between before it was installed. That process took forever, in between fall fieldwork and only being able to work on it weekends. Now it's on to the small cupboard for the oven & the aluminum tube frames for the Yetti pleather couches. Each wheel well will have a hinged countertop and storage below. All the trim is left to do. I'm not sure what to do with the outside corners of the wheel well. I know you can get pine 90 degree molding but I'm not sure I want pine. This is the second Yetti I've finished, learned more on this one than the last one. Its been going fairly well some setbacks like trying to shorten my thumb on the tablesaw... I won't show you the pics of that. LOL Anyways here are the pics. Typical IPhone and wrong orientation pictures, The empty shell, 8x16 in Matte black Rubber flooring sample Bathroom wall in the v front, bathroom door will be barn door style slider hanging on the inside of the wall. Need to build a box around the brake controller after the flooring is installed. Drivers side wheel well, built in storage on top, 30K btu furnace will be installed in front of the wheel well under the front couch with two ducts blowing back, one duct blowing towards the door and one to the v front. Passenger side wheel well storage will house the stereo, switches and 12V fuse panel. Battery, sub/amp and converter will all be installed under the rear couch.