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  1. Places for new tires

    Search for the Tirewiz in Rockford, MN. Good prices and service.
  2. Rocker protection

    I have had the 3m clear bra on the last couple of new trucks, this time I went with the Xpel self healing clear bra. Check out the online videos, you can scratch it with a brass brush and it will return back to clear in a few days. Once installed its virtually invisible. I have a black painted front bumper on my '14 and the film is a necessity.
  3. Sportsman 500 oil change

    Yeah if you would have mentioned it was a 550 I would have recommended the correct filter wrench. You need a 14 flute 64mm cup wrench. I'd look for a steel one since it is thinner than the plastic ones.
  4. I'd check discount tire also, the "free" rotations/balance and tire fixing seals the deal for me. I've had good luck with the one in St Cloud.
  5. tonneau cover and bedliner

    Access cover I've had them since '98 on my last 5 new trucks, its worth the few dollars more over the cheap ones. I wouldn't waste my time with the DIY bedliner kits especially on a new truck, if it doesn't stick you end up with a real mess. Any of the brand name spray in liners are good, just find a good installer. Generally I just use a thick bed mat, my new truck came with a GM bedrug its fine if you don't haul anything greasy but I can see that being an issue for me.
  6. Fair price on a 2011 Rzr 800?

    Trade in value would be about $5600, so I'm guessing retail would be $6000-$6500, used 2011 Polaris tracks are worth about $3000. I just sold my Polaris tracks for $2800. The other accessories are tough to get money out of. $9,500 would be a pretty fair price. Keep in mind a new 2011 800 standard rzr sold new for about $9500 & its 4 years old now and one body style behind the current models.
  7. Fair price on a 2011 Rzr 800?

    Need more information to give a better price. Is a standard 800 or an LE? Is it an "S" model? What brand of tracks?
  8. New Tires for ATV

    Check out the tirewiz in Rockford, his prices are pretty good and almost local.
  9. ATv tracks

    Not going to find any tracks for $1000, not even used are that cheap.
  10. ? on atv trailer.

    I am a big fan of Aluma trailers. What size are you looking for? The cheap trailers are cheap for a reason.
  11. 100K 5.3 Service

    I did my 100k service 40k ago on my 08, I did both belts, spark plugs, fluid change on both the front and rear diff, transfer case and just a fluid/filter change on the transmission. I am not a fan of transmission flushes. Now at 140K its time for front brakes and I need both front CV shafts.
  12. Side by side use?

    Almost all new trails are class 1 and class 2 and many of the older trails are being upgraded because they know SxS are the future of the sport. Get the SxS you won't regret it.
  13. UTV Heater

    If your sketchy at all about install just get the kit, the rangerware kit also comes with a aluminum adapter that pulls water right from behind the thermostat, much better than just tapping into the line. The rangerware heater mounts under the hood in the place made for the second battery. It looks totally factory when its installed. Motoalliance in Rogers also has heater kits for rangers, I have no experience with them but they are a little cheaper in price.
  14. UTV Heater

    Just bite the bullet and get the actual water heater, the rangers leak enough air in the cab the 12v heater is worthless on a cold day. Check out the rangerware heater they have defrost ducts. You've already spent $15k on the ranger & cab don't cheap out now.
  15. Put the new tires on this evening

    Looks good, should be a huge improvement over Honda's stock tires.