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  1. Polaris Motor Swap

    My nephew wants to swap motors between a 1999 440 xcr and a 1996 600 (triple) xcr. Is this doable? and if so how much a pain is it?
  2. Trailer size question

    the 29' it is, will never regret having a little extra space.
  3. Track tension

    I believe Polaris typically recommends 1/2" of sag in the track with a 10 lb weight hanging from the track. (check specs for you specific machine)You can use a fish scale to put 10lbs of pressure on the track.
  4. Trailer size question

    I'm looking at enclosed 4 place 7' wide inline trailers and trying to figure out what length I need, 22' box + the V or 24' box + the V. Worst case I see 3 136" track sleds and 1 144" track sled being hauled.
  5. Torsion vs. Spring axles

    Thanks for the info guys, Torsion it is.
  6. Looking at an enclosed 4 place snowmobile trailer, either 7'x27 or 7'x29 with tandem axles. I have the option of either spring or torsion axles and looking for some opinions on which is better.
  7. App for snow trail report?

    Redpine mapping has an app for your phone or a download available for your GPS unit for a fee, the polaris app is free. I have both, just need some dam snow so I can use and compare them before I make recommendations.
  8. downrigger suggestions?????

    Before you buy something you should figure out where on the boat you will mount them, you may want something with an extendable boom depending how far from the back of the boat they get mounted. I have the cannon uni-troll HP with the extendable booms and love them. Cannon is the way to go IMO.
  9. Figure I own the downriggers might as use them in Minnesota too. Looking for suggestions on rod/reel combos for downrigging walleyes. The salmon gear just seems like overkill.
  10. Trailer tire PSI

    I also have a G3 with bear trailer, which I had major tire problems with - but that is a different story. But in getting those problems fixed I did learn, from Bear trailer, that you should always fill your trailer tires to the max recommended air pressure.
  11. Livewell Additives

    Do any of you use livewell additives to help keep your fish alive? Do they really help or are they a waste of money?
  12. Question about Duluth area

    I was going to ask this same question.
  13. ? for fellow humminbird owners

    Thanks for the info, I will have to give them a call.
  14. ? for fellow humminbird owners

    What plug are you talking about? Is this on newer models? Mine is 3 or 4 years old now.
  15. Does anyone else get alot of spray and even a roster tail coming from the large side imaging transducer or is mine mounted too high or to low?