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  1. 9" Tires all around?

    Thats how we run them on our race machines. They are noticably faster through the pits and IMO its due to less resistance. the fronts have already cut a path,if the rears are wider they have to cut/squeeze into the narrow path cut by the fronts.They work well in snow until it gets deep enough to high center. Then I prefer a wider tire to get better float.
  2. Just got a Droid last week, lots of cool Apps being mentioned. One I loaded the other day was "wheres my droid" . If you lose your phone with the ringer off, all you do is have somone text wheres my droid to your number and it will ring at full volume. Also heard there is a "gps my droid " app. if you lose it, you can get the coordinates of it. Havent checked into it yet.
  3. Front Brake Line

    I figured out a long time ago that brake lines are no place for hose clamps. The line pressure is to high. It may work short term,but eventually its going to blow apart. HOPEFULLY not when you need brakes because you will have none when it happens.
  4. October 5 New Product Launch

    You bet, I have talked to John on more than one occasion. His stuff rocks. I have the same machine as you. 07 black SRA 650. Here is the short list... Dynatec CDI 750 flywheel/stator( about 3 lbs lighter than stock 650 flywheel) Dalton O/B spring 12 hole Mod X-over intakes (6-7 HP at the wheels as shown by Dyno) VFJ sells these, or I can tell you how to do your own. carbs slides are polished K&n filter LRD pipe Jetted accordingly for pipe/intakes. I run Holshot ATR fronts on the rear because they are lighter than rears, they still bite hard enough that I have to chain the front suspension to try to keep the front down on launch.I run stocker on the front. I have a buddy with the same machine that is bigbored to 765. Its BAD A^$ !!! It will spank 1000 cats with ease.
  5. October 5 New Product Launch

    Stock Outlanders pose no threat to my machine with my mods. It will run right on the tail of a Renegade thats piped ,clutched, power commander ect. IF I put a lighter pilot on it. With me on it I t will still take the stock 800's but its more like 3 lengths behind the Rennys. We race about every 2 weeks throughout the summer. I have prety much done every mod I can without getting inside the motor .Any internal mods will bump me out of my class and keep me out of the 700-800 class.
  6. October 5 New Product Launch

    1000 miles? Just got it broke in, I would keep it another yr. Mines just shy of 4500 miles of tortured miles and dont miss a beat. Still eating Popos and Can ams for lunch.
  7. Demolition (Demo) Derby

    I used to run ,but got out of it yrs ago. Now I got the itch REAL BAD!!! My ability to heal just isnt what it used to be, so I may never do it again.....But yah never know,LOL. Im actually going to a Demo tommorow afternoon....
  8. pictures of your wheeler

    I got him by 1 1/2 lengths in 300 ft. It was a brand new 850 ,so it wasnt broke in yet..I have been wanting to line up with one all summer,finaly got the chance. Gotta luv the Kawi V-Twin!!!!!
  9. pictures of your wheeler

    In action Grass drags Mud races
  10. pictures of your wheeler

    Here is a shot of my Brute ofter the last race of the season.. Time to start setting it up for ice. Im running 28 inch Mud Zillas.
  11. Trailing Deer with Dogs

    My old Lab helped in the recovery of more than one deer as well as helping me find sheds. On more than one occasion I watched him as he lay watching deer walk past him in the yard and not so much as bark at them. To say that using dogs to do this will make them deer hungry is rediculous. I have seen dogs allowed to run wild become deer chasers because it becomes a game to them. A dog trained properly to obay its owners commands will not be a problem. Obviously there will always be exceptions, but The greater good will come from allowing the use of dogs,not condeming it.
  12. ATV grass /dirt drags

    Anyone know of any ATV drag races located on the western side of MN or in SD?
  13. flat tire was replaced w/ tube

    Depends alot on the tire. How strong the tire is will determine how much wear the tube sees. My tubes in mine are going on 2000 miles and not a problem yet. My buddy tubed one this spring and the tube is now shot from the bad area on the tire rubbing on it.
  14. How thick of wire to trolling motor

    When I say hot I mean it was smoking.
  15. How thick of wire to trolling motor

    Do NOT use 8 gauge. 6 will work, but I would recomend heavier. I had 6 get hot on me running full power on a 55 lb V2. Whatever you decide ,make sure you use a good breaker.