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Take 'Em

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  1. Take 'Em

    Abu Garcia Rebate

    I reroofed my house last summer I got about $300 rebate for the singles i bought at Menards. Well worth it.
  2. Take 'Em


    Not surprised at all. Extreme habitat loss over the last 5 years along with disease in portions of the state. Whitetails are pushing out mule deer in central and western SD as whitetails follow the expansion of fall crops like CORN. I hope they actually start drawing for archery mule deer tags in central SD. Way too many people along the counties near the Missouri
  3. No snow on the ground in Pierre for a month and no snow geese either. We get very few snow geese. Tons of birds from Yankton to south end of lake thompson
  4. Take 'Em

    2012 BWCA Moose Hunt Story

    Great story. You were living the dream. Congrats
  5. Take 'Em

    Mule Deer hunt This is likely effecting your area
  6. Take 'Em

    2012 Pheasant Brood Survery reports

    Was it a corn feild? That is my father-in-laws feild. He wasn't real happy to say the least.
  7. Take 'Em

    west river draw is complete

    haakon area deer.
  8. If you plan on hunting ducks in eastern SD plan on being limited to public land many days. I would say I get turned down on 75% of the fields and water I ask permission for Oct-Dec. It isn't all pay hunting just really tough to get on land and track down landowners during harvest season.
  9. South Dakota can be real tough to be on land in the good waterfowl areas of the state. In North Dakota you can hunt private land that is not posted without getting permission. South Dakota you need permission from the landowner no matter what, huge pain during harvest.
  10. Less. But if you put in the work you'll be fine. Going to be an early harvest which I think is more important for a quality hunt than bird numbers.
  11. Take 'Em

    Deer tags

    While NR dollars are welcome less than 1% of the general population benifits from NR $ in any way. It drives me nuts when I hear we are saving the state and small towns [PoorWordUsage].
  12. Take 'Em

    Deer tags

    Cost me $900 for a montana elk tag. I don't cry about it. If it is that big of deal I'll just move into the state. I think states should charge as much as possible for NR tags and license. Reward the residents of the state who make the sacrifice to live here year-around.
  13. Take 'Em

    Deer tags

    They increased them $90. Just trying to stay even with the surrounding states. What's $90 in the overall cost of a trip?
  14. It needs to be raised. Long overdue!!