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  1. Cover for winter trailering, diamond chains for ice

    Unless the roads are bone dry, mine gets covered. I have the cabelas cover on my wheeler and its lasted very well.
  2. 4 stroke care

    Clowncolor, I'm not even sure what milianal is.....I'm a 1958 model if that helps. all I know if once a year to change oil is too expensive, maybe a boat shouldn't be in the cards.......
  3. 4 stroke care

    Once a year? expensive? I hope you're kidding..
  4. Nice boat, great motor. Garmin 550 c, 3 seats, minn Kota autopilot, lots of storage, live well, new trolling motor battery and new trailer tires. Travel cover. A little dock rash, shown in one photo. $5000.
  5. Twins Hot Stove talk

    I am very well versed in this (former 6th-8th grade girls softball coach) As for hitting, see the ball, hit the ball Fielding, see the ball, catch the ball Throwing, see your target, throw to your target Simple, right!?!?!
  6. New Vikings Stadium Progress

    Oh yeah.... This stupid design of the snow system will be a problem for 30 years, until they whine for a new one
  7. Bmw or Mercedes or Honda

    Not a real luxurious car, but the Subaru AWD system is awesome. The legacy can get dressed up pretty good.
  8. Playoffs

    ^^^^^. This!! As the commercial goes "priceless"
  9. Viking 2016 News and Season

    4 SB losses, a few wide lefts, maybe one to many in the huddle, 41 doughnut, a Hail Mary the wrong way, countless blown leads and bonehead decisions. the Chicago Cubs of the nfl. but I'm still a fan, with realistic expectations. 8-8, maybe 9-7. They may even beat a team with a winning record, not likely, but it could happen.
  10. Vikings/Seahawks

    Typical Vikings, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Walsh took responsibility for the loss, which is more than Peterson will ever do. I think if the game is on the line, get 28 off the field, he cannot handle pressure, or the ball for that matter. Hopefully we've seen the last of 28. just my 2 cents.
  11. 03 Silverado wheel wells

    When I had my 01, the same thing happened. I just ground out all the rust, sprayed bedliner on and bought the factory plastic wheel well opening to cover it up.
  12. Who dose their own carbs

    I used the ultrasonic from cabelas on my honda boat carbs(3), auger, snowblower, any small engine carb of mine that needed cleaning. All I can say is FANTASTIC!! Right around $100
  13. Viking Surprises

    I'm not at all surprised they lost, they are the vikings after all....