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  1. Renting a House Boat??

    Ive done both Rainy and Vermillion and would recommend both. The best trip I had was on Vermillion I pulled my 16' boat behind the houseboat for fishing from and the first day booked a 1/2 day guide trip with Cliff the info I learned from him on techniques for fishing that particular lake made the trip.
  2. What should people watch out for during the cold snap?

    Don't leave your beer in the garage.
  3. canoe, kayak, or jon boat?

    One boat that can do it all? For strictly fishing I would never pick a kayak over a canoe. I just got rid of my tandem kayaks (Old towne loons) because as was previously stated they're just a pain to use solo they also don't fish well and don't portage at all. The Pungo 12 by Wilderness has proven to be a good all around kayak for fishing and river running/overnights but not for multi day trips and not for portaging and no way the storage for the BWCA. The scanoe is a good boat for fishing small lakes and it can handle up to a 5 horse but paddling it distance you can't keep up with anyone in a double ender mine is strictly relegated now for duck hunting. My go to boat has turned out to be a 17' old towne penobscot canoe in royalex (about 65lbs) It can be portaged, it fishes very well, you don't have to worry about damaging it, it has the same profile front to back so 1 guy can paddle it facing backwards from the front easily, it can handle all the gear you would ever want to bring.
  4. Black gun ban?

    ". I too see no reason for high capacity clips. Nor do I see a benefit for AR's. Also, 50 cal? do we really need people having the capability to shot down a helo at 1000 yrds" I have two .50 cals one is 120 years old and shoots a lead ball same as when the constitution was drafted. But saying 50 cal sure sounds scary just like in the movies.....
  5. Pheasant sticks or Jerkey?

    Take your pheasants cut them in 1/2 to 3/4" pieces, marinate them in italian dressing, wrap them in bacon with a slice of green pepper and grill. I guarantee you will never waste them on jerky again. Goose jerky, moose jerky, venison jerky, duck jerky, goose jerky, turkey jerky but never pheasant jerky, thats just not right.
  6. A little embarassing....

    "Does anyone else experience this strange phenomenon?" Why do you think old school bikers had full beards and mustaches?
  7. Insulation

    Closed cell foam in a garage is completely overkill. You don't have the moisture problems that you do in the house and you have huge air leakage around the overhead doors. Not to mention the fact that everytime the door opens you get a 50% air exchange. Standard batts with a blown in attic is more than adequate at 1/4 of the cost.
  8. ATV Tracks

    I tried a wheeler with tracks once, the thing I disliked the most was the amount of snow that got thrown around it was like driving through a blizzard every time you got the speed up.
  9. Furnace Venting in Basement

    You're over thinking it! Simply cut off an extra inch from the bottom of the door and you won't have any problems.
  10. Furnace Venting in Basement

    If your house is breathing fine now (most easily defined by minimal condensation on your windows)simply cut the bottom of the door to the utility room off an extra inch and you will be fine.
  11. snowmobile tie down bolt on utility trailer

    A backer in the plywood would be more than adequate, keep in mind it takes much less strength to hold down something securely with no movement than it does to stop something that is allowed to move a few inches.
  12. Critter Chewing Through Wood

    You live in a neighborhood where you can't "legally" discharge a firearm. One shot from a 22 with birdshot would be awful tough to prosecute. IMO
  13. Garage Heat

    The first step is to determine if you have a standing pilot light or ignighter. Is there a fan that pushes the exhaust out of the furnace?
  14. Another diagnostic challenge (answer posted)

    [PoorWordUsage] gremlins again, no question about it!
  15. drywall screws

    I have run across a few guys that try to squeak buy with 1 1/4 mainly because when you're going fast they tend to tip over less, with that being said a 1" penetration is always the norm with screws stick with 1 5/8" you will have less pops and a better job.