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  1. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Just make sure he watches out for the "bearded hen". Nothing but trouble there. Although I guess they are legal.
  2. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Toms are kicking my butt this year. Just jakes and hens. Now things have really gone quiet. Did come accross some morels though.
  3. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Congrats Anyfish That is a healthy looking Jake.
  4. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Good luck Anyfish2. Saw quite a few out in the rain driving home today
  5. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Got out Saturday morning. Perfect weather. Jakes and hens. Had a new group of 6 hens come in with no tom or jakes. Did have a yote come out of nowhere right into my dekes. 12 yards. Just as I was drawing on it , it must have scented me and booked. A second yote crossed about 50 yards out. Sticking a yote is on my bucket list. All in all a great morning.
  6. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Congrats on the double. Lifelong memory. I have got out for a few sits this last week. Seeing jakes and hens. Seems like the jakes have pushed the local tom away. These 2 thugs keep coming into my DSD jake and pound on him. You would think after 10 minutes they would figure out it's not real. Punks I have all of the Minnesota season and the C and D Wisconsin season to hunt so hope to score. The last few years I tagged out opening morning so actually enjoying some time in the woods this year.
  7. Team 5

    You sure have some big birds out there. Congrats
  8. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Strutting to First sounds good
  9. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    This guy was hanging around out back this morning with a couple of hens. Might need to set the blind up on the deck.
  10. 2017 hso Turkey Quest Teams/Scores

    Way to go Ryan. Now maybe you can get your dad on a bird. Congrats.
  11. Team 1 "Strutting to First"

    Hugonian here. I will be archery hunting the Minnesota season and have season C and D tags for Wisconsin. Saw a nice beard dragging tom cross the road onto my property last evening. Hope he sticks around.
  12. Have not been around here much but always enjoy the "Turkey Talk" Count me in. Hunting Minnesota and Wisconsin. Archery for both.
  13. Team #5

    Congrats Benbosh. Sounds like a stud bird. I struck out. First time in 8 years since I caught the "bug" I did not fill my tag. Still a right of spring that is truly enchanting.
  14. Team #5

    My Minnesota season starts tomorrow. Excited to get out and hopefully get us on the board. Most of the "dumb" birds should be culled out by now.
  15. Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    You da man Donbo. Way to go. Does not get any better than that.