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  1. Bait fish?

    The other thing it could be is a huge bug hatch coming off the bottom of the lake. I read about this somewhere where the zooplankton do this at night. I had the same experience with my locator and not being able to follow my jig, frustrating. I did manage a few crappies though the bite was slow. When I took them home and cleaned them there bellies were full of tiny clear worm-like bugs less than a 1/4 inch long with black spots on their heads. In some instances when bringing the fish up the hole they would burp out those bugs in clumps.
  2. whats a good rod/reel for northerns?

    The power handle is awesome, it made a world of difference for me on the higher gear ratio.
  3. whats a good rod/reel for northerns?

    I bought some of the 30lb Terminator titanium by mistake last year, meant to get the 75lb. Needless to say they didn't get the workout that the 75lb ones would have got. So I personally could'nt give you a good report other than they absolutely will not kink no matter what you try to do to them. Now my friend that turned me on to them has literally caught 100's of 30" to high 40" northerns up on Great Slave and has never had one fail or kink. He actually only used the one leader during the whole fishing trip. Yeah they're expensive but you may only have to buy a couple as long as you keep a fresh knot.
  4. Crappie Cronicles

    Nice post. Thank you.
  5. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish everybody! Here's a few more of my fishin kids from yesterday.
  6. Panfish Photo Gallery

    From the last couple times out wih the kids.
  7. Tell us about the type of lake your fishing (basin or lots of contour). Size, depth, bottom content and structure (bays, creeks, points and flats). A generalization would be to keep it shallow. Sight fish them in shallow (5' or less). If the water is to dingy to sight fish find a muddy bottom bay or flat on the north end.
  8. Super Dog!!

    I love it! So is it like the sharpshooters that throw up a bunch of clay pigeons and take the shot or did you have someone else do the throwing and catching.
  9. Shallows?

    Every lake is different but for the most part no.
  10. dropper rig variations for crappies

    I've seen this as well. I think it all depends on where the fish are holding. Sometimes you have the tight school that's suspended up and roaming (my favorite scenario) and other times they'll be scattered along the bottom. In either instance getting your bait to the spot where they chase, moving your bait at the right speed and being able to keep it in their commit zone is key to triggering even the tightest lips to bite.
  11. Crappie Rod/Reel

    Sorry for the delay. I've got a Fish Eagle combo that I picked up two seasons ago. It's one of my goto rods for jigging crappie spoons. It has nice drag, is sensitive and loads up well. I looked at the Fish Eagle II's this year but the quality isn't quite as nice considering the prices are the same between the Fish Eagle and Fish Eagle II. AS for the XMLTi combos I don't think you could go wrong, but there a little more money.
  12. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Did you get a measurement on that one? That thing is thick.
  13. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Nice fish! Sorry for being repetitive, but it's true.
  14. Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Great fish everybody. It's cool seeing pics of all those beautifull fish through all the seasons. Hopefully I'll have some contenders for next season.
  15. crappie bite

    Fishing in 30 FOW suspended at 20 to 28 ft. The crappie school would move 40 ft north and south along the break.