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  1. franks rv and ultra shack auction?

    Did a search and found AAA auction advertsing a inventory and tool auction. Friend just asked me today how Franks health was doing and Ultra Shack. Both have bought houses from him in the past. Ultra Shack going down ?
  2. Skid house runner ?

    Have a 6 X 10 skid house on 4 X 6 runners. Want to attach some sort of plastic on the bottom to ease the drag. Like a Hyfax type application for a portable. Looking for ideas or direction from those who have done such a thing. Have a "free" bed liner laying around I was thinking of cutting in to lengths, or same use of empty 55 gal barrels I have serving no purpose. Thanks for any help.
  3. Changing Tranny Fluid

    Put a deep pan with a drain plug on my Tahoe when I bought it five years ago. I drain & fill two times, and the third time I drain, drop pan, change filter & fill. Do it every year in spring. Fluid remains clean and transmission shifts effortlessly. Engine runs cooler as well since I trashed the OEM pan for the deep after market pan.
  4. First Time ATV Buyer Help

    Size need is a unknown being I've never owned a wheeler. Initially I looked @ a Honda 420 Rancher 4 X 4 new for $4,300 but again unfamiliarity with my needs and function is something I need to decide. From a resale perspective do people gravitate towards "larger" cc machines like above 500 cc ? This unit will only be a early/late ice fishing unit to access the lake, pull my houses out and around when the truck cant be out there.
  5. First Time ATV Buyer Help

    Me neighbor told me that is more or less what his son did. He welded a tongue jack on the fish house trailer tongue with a 12" wide steel framed ski that was about 12" high @ the curve. He attached heavy duty plastic off a 55 gallon drum to the ski frame. Curved part of the barrel for the front of the ski frame and another foot of flat stock for the under side. Told me he would lower the house just until the tongue weight would start to stress the ATV suspension, back it off a bit and away he went. Worked slick he said and it would climb over 10" of snow no problem. I would not be dragging the house thru such stuff so that would not be a issue, but good to know if I went with such an idea !!
  6. First Time ATV Buyer Help

    I actually was looking @ a New 650 Brute Force (Camo)4X4 Solid Axle with full 1 year warranty for $5,600.. Just not sure if that is a good deal, or if I want to drop another 3g in financing just for a ice fishing rig.
  7. First Time ATV Buyer Help

    Looking to get a used 4 X 4 for ice fishing (pulling 1,800 house) and light plowing. Never owned a ATV before so I'm not sure of what make or model best fits the bill. EFI or not, IS or not (been told no for pulling/towing) Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki are of those in my mind. Should I be looking @ 500 cc and up ? Any thoughts and recommendations greatly appreciated. Looking @ a $3,000 budget and what to look out for in a used purchase. Many popping up for sale now day's.

    Had same issues with mine a year ago (Strikemaster) so I brought it in the house. Went to look @ it next day and when I started it everything was fine. Thought maybe it's linkage or throttle might have been froze. Something to try maybe !!
  9. Drop Down trailer axels?

    Try going through a actual builder of drop trailers, or Pioneer Wheel & Tire, they are a major trailer parts supplier of all types.
  10. LX-3tc Problem

    My (2007) LX-3tc screen rocks back and forth @ times. The bottom reading and lines will float back and forth to the equivalent of a foot or so on the scale markings. Bought (2) new batteries, nothing changes. Does not do it all the time but it will probably 35% - 50% of run time. Already have a new LXi that will not turn on 90% of the time, having a bad Marcum experience.
  11. LX-3tc Problem

    Appreciated the idea, it's still functions but with the water on the ice it's time for me to call it a year. Was hopeful I could still do the daily through this week. Wait till next year and hope it's not another 10 years before I see ice like we had this year. (and still have) This old boy cant run with the young guns anymore this time of year !!
  12. LX-3tc Problem

    I'm thinking the VX-1 I had three years ago had the same problem. I sold the house with all the electronics hardwired/mounted and the new owner didn't care as he had a Vex he was going to replace it with anyway.Was less then a year old and told him to repair it under warranty. Started thinking about that this morning and remembered it was the same issue. Screen was dancing like mad on that one
  13. Strikemaster Problem

    Mine pretty much pulls itself with very little pressure needed ever. Dull blades were the only time I've noticed more of a push effort required. Thought I had a pitch issue last time it happened. Turned out to be the blades. New set and cutting like butter again.
  14. LX-3tc Problem

    Battery was full charged as it is every day in from the lake. Thought it had a weak cell possibly as the charge varies it's duration from time to time. I have always had transducer 3/4 in the hole for years with no issues. Went to NAPA and dropped $32 for a new 12v 7 amp. Don't know why theirs are so expensive. Went to the lake to scout depths for my afternoon fish. Put ducer to bottom of all the 30+ holes I drilled. The Marcum did the same thing periodically. Bars and bottom reading were rocking back and forth. ** decided after slopping around a hour there is too much water collecting already on the lake. With the rain in the forecast and these temps holding the access as well went from good to poor over night. Calling it a year I guess and will just send the unit in to Marcum **
  15. LX-3tc Problem

    I'll give that a shot and see what it might do. Normally I let the ducer sit towards the middle and about 3/4 down the hole. Got a RMA from Marcum to send it in as they gave no solution to my described problem. On my last few days fishing so I'll bite the bullet and use as is before I send it in.