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  1. Watermellon

    ​There`s about an acre of land here. I have a friend who has mega cucumbers in rows. I will snap a few more pictures one of these days.
  2. Watermellon

  3. Watermellon

    Mine are in the ground.
  4. Watermellon

    How did your watermelons turn out ?
  5. Watermellon

    In the first outdoor green house picture I had some tomatoes in 6 inch pots in the picture. Here`s a picture of the tomatoes.
  6. Watermellon

    Watermelons are growing good.
  7. Watermellon

    Here is a picture of my indoor green house that I germinate my seeds in And here is a picture in the outdoor green house today
  8. Watermellon

    I am down in Fairmont. South central Mn. 10 miles from Iowa border. The watermelons germinate the best at 90 degrees. I saturate the miracle grow potting soil with hot water before planting the seeds. On the left hand side of the photo is muskmelons Hales best.
  9. Watermellon

    I have good luck planting Cooperstown seedless watermelon. I use 3 different seeded for pollinators. I use one of the covered 4 shelf $30 green houses in my house with grow lights and a heater in it. The seedless watermelons will germinate in about 6 days if you maintain 90 degrees in it. Once they pop up its out to the green house outside for the natural light. I keep the outside green house 60 degrees at night. One thing I have learned to do is I use the 3 inch jiffy pots. I have had the plants over 4 foot long before transplanting. I just tear the bottom off the jiffy cup and have a 3 inch auger for my drill. the roots of the watermelon do not like to be disturbed. I bought my seeds from Osborn seed company online. $25 and you get 110 seeds. I plant 2 Cooperstown and then a seeded watermelon in my rows outside. They need sun all day.
  10. I solved this problem by splicing in a shut off valve about 6 inches away from the tank. I shut off the valve and then shut off the tank before I unhook the hose from the tank. It leaves the line filled with propane.
  11. Which Vexilar Do I Want?

    I have 2 of 28`s.Have had the 18 & 22 & 20.Gave my daughter the 22. They are all good.
  12. Which flasher do you like best?? In the market...

    Vexilar here. Flx-28
  13. Removing unwanted sound from recording

    Try audacity. Its a free program that lets you edit audio. You can splice and add and remove audio. Free download at
  14. Autum Color

    Could not miss taking this picture today.
  15. Charmglow grill won't fire up

    More than likely bugs clogging the gas tubes.