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  1. Prop repair ?

    I have a Yamaha 60 hp tiller with an aluminum prop. Actually, I have 2 props for the motor and I dinged them both up last summer. How bad do they need to get before being rebuilt? Both function fine, but the leading edges are pretty badly dinged. Also any have a prop repair place to recommend in the north metro?
  2. 2005 lund explorer 1700 tiller

    I have a 2005 Explorer 1600 w a 60 hp Yamaha and have been very happy with it. I have had no issues (knock on wood) and it gets lots of use.
  3. Where is everyone

    Neigbor_Guy, I saw that fish house on Burntside last Monday morning. Trout fishing was slow for us too. We were shut out Sat and Sun on the N Arm. I tried the West end on Monday. It was still a fun weekend.
  4. Huey!!!

    Good to see you too Merk! Thanks for the invite. I'll you up on that sometime.
  5. Where is everyone

    See you out there.
  6. Where is everyone

    I went out on Big Marine. Very slow, but it was good to get out on the ice again. My fisrt time in the dark house in 2 years. Any one going to Fish tomorrow?
  7. Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    It looks like a good day to be in a darkhouse. Nice fish. Congrats on 1st fish mrs. Mrklean.
  8. Low profile reel

    I'll put in a vote for the Curado EJ. I got one last summer and it like it lot. I mostly use it for small bucktails and topwater. It is also nice for jerkbaits.
  9. Low sodium recipes?

    I've lost over 50 lbs already. A lot in the hospital and more at home. No beer, healthier eating, and smaller portions is working. Here one recipe that I figured out; Sirlion steak kabobs and red potatoes. Cut steak, onion, red and green pepper into 1 " squares and make kabobs. Sprinkle on extra virgin olive oil and no salt Greek seasoning then grill. Boil red potatoes. Red potatoes are naturally creamy. I skip the butter and eat each bite of potato with a piece of grilled onion or pepper for flavor.
  10. Low sodium recipes?

    Guys, Thanks for info. It's reassuring to hear that other people have gone through this and figured out good things to eat. I never paid attention to sodium before and it is amazing how hard it is to avoid. My diet has changed a lot, for the better. Lots of veggies and fruit. My tastes are starting to change. Two weeks ago I made a no salt version of my venison chili. Yuck! Yaeteraday I took some out of the freezer and it seemed OK. I'll let you know if I figure out any good recipes, especially for fish or game. Huey
  11. Anyone have good low sodium recipes to share? My doctor just put me on a low sodium diet. I have to be watch my blood pressure. I,m finding out that sodium is hard to avoid. Most of my old recipes will have to go. Thanks in advance for any info. Huey
  12. Thanks for the info. I am going to try making a few Texas rigs and see how they work. I already have 100# mono (muskie leader material) and some heavy weights (sturgeon fishing). What do you do with the decoys between trips? Do you still put them in a decoy bag?
  13. Has anyone tried these? I am not sure of the name but there is a swivel clip that attaches to the decoy and the weight slides on the decoy line like a Lindy rig. There some on sale now at FF. For any one who has used them, do you like them? Is it worth spending the $ to replace strap weights and braided decoy line? Thanks in advance for any info. BTW, good luck tomorrow morning.