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  1. Ultra pack or Pro pack?

    I'm thinking of getting a Vexilar FLX28 this year. Should i get an ultra pack or the pro pack?
  2. Prop repair ?

    I have a Yamaha 60 hp tiller with an aluminum prop. Actually, I have 2 props for the motor and I dinged them both up last summer. How bad do they need to get before being rebuilt? Both function fine, but the leading edges are pretty badly dinged. Also any have a prop repair place to recommend in the north metro?
  3. 2005 lund explorer 1700 tiller

    I have a 2005 Explorer 1600 w a 60 hp Yamaha and have been very happy with it. I have had no issues (knock on wood) and it gets lots of use.
  4. Where is everyone

    Neigbor_Guy, I saw that fish house on Burntside last Monday morning. Trout fishing was slow for us too. We were shut out Sat and Sun on the N Arm. I tried the West end on Monday. It was still a fun weekend.
  5. Huey!!!

    Good to see you too Merk! Thanks for the invite. I'll you up on that sometime.
  6. strike lite ice auger

    +1. My only problem was the original plastic auger flighting. That broke and Strikemaster gave me a lazer mag all metal auger. Been great.
  7. Where is everyone

    See you out there.
  8. Where is everyone

    I went out on Big Marine. Very slow, but it was good to get out on the ice again. My fisrt time in the dark house in 2 years. Any one going to Fish tomorrow?
  9. Any have an electric boat winch? Good? bad? I am looking at them. Not cheap, but might make loading the boat easier.
  10. Portlis, It sounds like you got a bad house. Definitely contact Clam. I also have a Summit. It sets up easy and handles the wind fine. Zippers are OK. My only problem has been some bad stitching between the bottom of the house and the skirt. I had to re-sew one corner. Otherwise, I have been happy with the Summit. Good luck.
  11. Regret getting a wheel house?

    I like the idea of having the heater on all day. I had some medical issues last fall, now I get cold easily. The "polar vortex" probably hasn't helped that. Thanks everyone for the information.
  12. Regret getting a wheel house?

    Sunniewally, have you done any long trips with your zack shack? I am wondering what it would be like for a 5 hr drive to LOTW or 7+ hrs to central No Dak.
  13. Regret getting a wheel house?

    Taveler, do you have a zack shack too? I plan on using a wheelhouse like you and Sunnywally. The two houses that I am most interested in are the Zack Shack and Ridgeline. I would like to get a 14'. It would be long enough to fit 2 cots, end to end, along one wall. I also have 14' kayak that I use for duck hunting. I would like to be able to haul the kayak and decoys inside of the fish house.