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  1. Running up the score

    Cowboys should have played better then...done!
  2. What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    magic minnow how do you go about finding weedlines? I have a vex, can I find it useing that?
  3. What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    Cool thanks, I guess we'll just have to search them out.
  4. What's working now-Post what's working for you.

    Are weed beds the best place to find sunnies this time of year? Is there a way to find weed beds using my vex? if there are weeds in a spot in the summer will there still be weeds there now?
  5. What GPS should i look to buy?

    What will happen to the h2o if I am on a lake that is not on the Lakemasters chip? Is the Lakemasters chip the best chip if I'm just looking for mn lakes?
  6. Lowrance h20c issue

    Are there any other hand held GPS units with maps that would work better than the H20?
  7. Beef jerky Recipe

    Anyone have a good Ground beef jerky recipe? Just got a dehydrator and made a batch using the seasoning that comes with the dehydrator kit. It was good but would like to venture out a bit. Thanks
  8. Gun Show at Pine Tech school???

    What kind of school is it..High school? I am a teacher and just find it funny that if a kid brings a knitting needle to school or have a box cutter from work in their car they can get expelled. I think it is all a bit rediculous myself, but having a gun show in a school, darn's gotta be in Wisconsin right?

    Really you can say that word? Sorry, hitting the stuffing out of the other teams!

    The last few weeks Clutterbuck has been doing it on both sides scoring goals, assisting in goals and hitting the [PoorWordUsage] out of other teams. I know that Nothing Compares to The Boogie Man when it comes to fights but Clutterbuck has been on fire the past few weeks. I do love when Boogie stands up on the bench and stares down the whole other team, give me a fuzzy warm feeling inside.
  11. They have left FLA

    Great Work!