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  1. Aqua-Vu Scout II for $12.99

    i fish, therefore i lie.
  2. Aqua-Vu Scout II for $12.99

    The coolest thing is these cams have a link function where if you drill say 4 holes, and you can get a 4-D view of the fish... its gonna be nuts!
  3. Who are we? Post your Bios here!

    hi jason heidi doug, and deedee!
  4. A Fishing Story in Pictures...

    thats about as cool as it gets... awesome man... awesome.
  5. Aqua-Vu Scout II for $12.99

    picked up 4 for $52
  6. the beastie boys

    i agree.
  7. Who are we? Post your Bios here!

    Sounds good, especially when my motors broken, like now. I live near the menards on university, prior and university ...
  8. What bed do you sleep on?

    I hope to have a 30 when I'm 65 too!
  9. problem with merc 9.9

    I really appreciate all you guy's help... thanks, i'll report what i find, and either look for more answers, or tell you how the repair went.
  10. problem with merc 9.9

    I noticed that when I pulled out, the lower unit was hot, and leaking lower unit oil our of some drain hole towards the upper end of the lower unit... looked milkier than when i put it in... the lower unit was hot, but the engine wasn't...
  11. problem with merc 9.9

    I think the gears in the lower unit are shot because the motor runs well, but dosent kick any power out. Runs ok at a very slow speed, but its like the more juice i give her, the higher the rpm of the motor is, but i don't move faster, and i'f i keep reving it, the motor will probably blow. Anyone know what I should do?
  12. Where ya finden' em?

    so how do walleye fishermen catch fish in wisconsin if they can't troll? Is it illegal to take a drift and use lindy rigs and stuff like that?
  13. Where ya finden' em?

    i deep trolled raps, jigged, top watered in 6ft, topwater in 9ft,wormed, senko'd, shallow trolled raps, drifted walley rigs, and didn't get a darn thing till about 830 tonight when a northern finally hit my silver rap, and then i switched to a top water buzzbait and got two bass in 2 feet of water..... w.t.heck? Crazy fishing on bald eagle this friday night.
  14. Where ya finden' em?

    naw dude, try it sometime, get a 3-6ft(normal) or a shallower running rap or something in the likes of that, and troll it slow. Troll in about 14 and less feet of water along the shoreline, I've been getting decent 16-18inch bass, as well as northern, and musky. I still havn't picked up a walleye this summer at all... i do have to admit, when i go with my friend brad, we gotta try for the walleyes, but its a decent break from casting, and I never mind eatin' a walleye... but i havn't caught one yet... not since this winter.
  15. Where ya finden' em?

    I've been out the past two weeks, and seem to have caught most of my bassies trolling 8-14 ft de agua... i picked up a couple on the edges of lillypads, in about 6ft, but man-o-man I'd love to hear where you hombres and chica's are picken' em up.