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  1. Chef

    CenturyLink Fiber Optic

    All residential providers use the cheapest delivery methods possible. The cost for any of them to install the equipment capable of delivering "business class" services is way too high. Most of what you're being sold/told on actual delivery speeds is pure B.S. Also, every one of their residential networks are over-subscribed. That's why you get latency after 3:00 p.m. during the work week and pretty much all weekend when everyone is on the same backbone taking up all the bandwidth. Typical offices today use Gig Ethernet on their LAN's right to the desktop. CenturyLink and other's don't even deliver true, full-duplex Internet into anyone's residence, it would cost too much. So 40Mb is a lie. It's probably 1-2MB at best if you're the only one using it on your block. Ethernet Another Internet access type worth mentioning is Ethernet - the most widespread wired LAN (local area network) technology, also used in wireless LANs. The Ethernet technology may ensure various speed levels and can thus be divided into several types: regular Ethernet, providing transmission speeds of up to 10 mbits/s, fast Ethernet, offering up to 100 mbits/s, gigabit Ethernet, supporting 1 gbit/s and 10-Gbit Ethernet, coming at up to 10 gbits/s.
  2. Chef

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    Big Bambu...Classic
  3. Chef

    Pork Chop Ideas

    Brine them for 2-3 hrs. then grill, regardless of thickness 1/2 C. kosher salt 1/3 C. Sugar 6-8 cups warm water to dissolve salt and sugar 6 sprigs fresh thyme Make brine in a large pot or stainless pan,add herbs and chops, let sit for 2-4 hrs. Remove, pat chops dry and grill.