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  1. Why not turn it into a play house / shack for the kids? You could move it around the estate when the kids tire of a location or get old enough to be further away from the house. Every kid I have ever known would love something like that. Of course some would want lights and WiFi nowadays. Or even a shelter for them to wait for the school bus. Very nice work.
  2. Today's decision involves buying a new lock and handle for the front door. Mrs. is focusing on one that has a deadbolt and then a separate handle that doesn't include a lock. Antique bronze is the finish she is attracted to. So will the finish hold up on the thumb thing that you use to open the door? I would hate to buy it and have the stuff wear off in a few years. Looking at a $130 set by Schlage so it isn't junk. They also sell setups where the deadbolt is a number combination thing. Anyone have ideas on the wisdom of those? I wonder what happens when the battery dies and you have to go to the head really bad. Thanks for your time. Tom
  3. What about the ease of working with either as a DIY? Is one harder to cut, more prone to breaking? Need special equipment to work with? What do you recommend in terms of buying - 10% extra, 20%..? Prep differences?
  4. My experience from a long time ago leads me to believe that you don't want to have those lights on constantly. I was using fluorescent grow lights but had them on a timer and only had them on 15 hours a day. The setup was in my basement so that was all the light they got. If you left them on too long the plants got spindly. I also tented the setup with poly to keep the moisture up and hold in the heat a bit. Anyway, that is what I did with tomatoes and stuff 1,000 years ago.
  5. The contractor aimed us at the Therma Tru. Went to two stores to check things out, one a big box and the other a real honest to goodness lumber yard. Sort of bottom line is that it seems that Therma Tru, Pella and one more I can't remember are close to the same price as best you can tell and close to the same construction. It gets a little nuts when you start to add the sidelights, the leaded glass look, finishes. Seems nailed down to a particular style of Therma Tru with a bit of leaded glass for around $3500. Next is going to be endless fiddling with the issue of lack/handle/knob/hinges. Between the issues of style and color it shouldn't take more than 20 hours or so for the other half to figure it out.
  6. Heading towards replacing a new front door. The current one has a window on either side and the door is solid wood. It was recommended that we consider ThermaTru door with a fiberglass construction. We haven't even begun to go to any stores or anything. Anyone have some ideas on ThermaTru? Fiberglass construction? Other manufacturers. I want a door that will last. I am not looking for the cheapest door but I also don't want to spend a fortune. Thanks for your time. Tom
  7. I have gotten the info from the DNR on boats entering the lake. Inspections were done mostly during the 8-4 time frame during the week. In 170 hours of inspections 690 boats entered the lake and those boats had been in 104 different bodies of water before entering the lake I am concerned with. Of the top 43 of those lakes 32 of them (68%) had invasive species. 3% didn't have their plugs out. The head zeb educator at the U told me that a piece of aquatic vegetation the size of a dinner plate could have 500,000 zebs on it. He said by far the biggest mechanism for spreading invasive is by boat launches. The boat inspection thing is about the only way to slow down the spread. I agree that the camera thing is a long shot and probably not worth the money. The DNR was not going to install it. I was asking because the local lake association was considering it.
  8. I am thinking about dumping the land line and changing my cell phone number to that number. But I have had that cell number for years and don't want to lose calls. By any chance does Verizon forward calls to a new number or run a recording indicating what the new number is? Any other ideas on how to deal with this? Thanks for your time. Tom
  9. Should have made this more clear. The house was built in 65 and so what it is is what it is. The section that is a problem has been a problem for 30 years. When the home was first built this piece was the apron to a garage and so has a slant away from the building. The garage was turned into a family room and the driveway area was turned into a garden. I suspect that the removal of the asphalt and gravel loosened things up and allowed the concrete to tilt. It is still at grade and tight at the wall which surprises me a bit. This isn't something that has to be done ASAP. I am considering having it fixed when we do the work on the house later this year. Thanks again for your time. Tom
  10. There is a section of a walkway up against my house that has tilted about 3 inches on the outside edge. The piece is about 20 feet X 4 feet. Would you recommend jacking or R&R? Any idea on the relative cost? I am thinking about a residing job using either Hardi Board or LP. Which would you use and why one over the other. Thanks for your time. Tom
  11. I have had excellent luck at Northland Appliance back off of White Bear Parkway south of 96 a couple of blocks. Every time I have gone in there to buy a part I explain what the problem is and they say exactly what I need. It may take them a few days to get it, and you may pay more than you would on-line but getting the right dope ASAP is worth it in my book. There is also an appliance parts place on Willow Lake Bvd west of 61 a block or so. Maybe Dey? Good selection of parts but not good with advice on what you need.
  12. LED's require a newer dimmer than anything available in the past according to my electrical engineer son. If you have them in a circuit that has a dimmer that could be what the problem is. I don't know exactly what it's all about but if you have one in a deal with a dimmer you should got and replace that switch. Be sure to get a dimmer that specifically says it will work with LED'S
  13. Just got caught up after being out for a while,  It has become a pain in the one-just-like-silly-me to log on as I have to go through the lost password thing every time.  I have tried to get it squared away with the help of a moderator but no luck.


    Glad to see that things are looking up for you.  I had a total shoulder replacement on Dec 16 and so I've been stuck inside and getting bored.  helped me realize what it's been like for you the past year.


    take care


    tom  if you want to write back - I only get on FM every couple of weeks.

    1. Bobby Bass

      Bobby Bass

      ouch on the shoulder, but what better time to b in the house then witer as for stories yo can always keepup on the web site, I do believe u are a member? good luck and fast healing..

    2. Tom7227


      I have had a great result.  Off the oxy in a few days, pain manageable after that.  PT is going well, range of motion picking up every week.  Doc on the 24 with an indication that pain should be gone by then.  I wish I had done it a year ago.

      I hope things are going well for you.  I honestly can't tell from your writing what is talk and what is real as far as your daily routine.  But it seems as if things are turning around and you're getting out.  I have been cooped up as falling is my biggest risk and I just won't chance it until after the 24th.

      Keep at it.

    3. Bobby Bass

      Bobby Bass

      Glad to hear you got it done and are healing well.. Me. the skinny is cancer is gone for now and am dealing with side effects of treatment. Biggest one is I can't walk unless I use a walker or I am in  wheelchair. Hands hurt at an 8 out of 10 side effect of cancer drugs I was taking. Hoping time will reduce effects and I am working on making my legs stronger but it looks like I have lost the nerve feeling in my feet which are a big part in my balance for walking. Yup it sucks but I am working on it. As always thanks for reading and asking, Bobby

  14. What you need now is a device that gives you a reading on the humidity in the house. Easy to find and relatively cheap. The level of humidity varies with the outside temp and you should pay attention. If you don't you could end up getting moisture in the walls and creating a mess.
  15. My son who lives in California just called asking how he could clean the gunk from his motorcycle engine. I told him that back when i did those things it was with a product called Gunk and a hose. Apparently the hose is a no no out in california. Any ideas how to do it while being able to prevent oil residue running down the street? He's a lot more concerned about this than I would be as it is probably less than a couple ounces of oil. Thanks for your time. Tom